Morning Makeup Routine For Traveling


Wengie teaches us how to maintain a morning makeup routine while traveling. Begin by investing in a makeup travel bag that compartmentalizes your makeup and skincare products.

Wengie always travels with moisturizing masks because the air conditioning in planes and hotels dry out her skin. By applying the mask at night, she saves time and gets to enjoy a little pampering! Follow the mask with a light face massage to remove toxins.

In the morning, she wipes down her face with toner pads. She follows with SK-2 essence and a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Skip this step if your skin is oily. Apply a light textured sunscreen that you can wear underneath your makeup. As advised by Wengie, this step is a must in your skincare routine!

Begin applying makeup to the face by tapping in foundation with a cushion pad. Start from the interior of the face, tapping outward to the edges. Lighten the application as you apply the product. Next, apply a shine free blurring powder to the t-zone to avoid looking greasy later in the day.

Moving on to the eyes, fill in the brows with a color pencil and add a light coat of brow mascara. Using the Balm travel pallet, you can carry your lipgloss, blush, and eye color in one light cardboard pallet. Wengie rubs in her eye color with her finger, avoiding the need to pack brushes. Using a pen liner gives you control and doesn’t make a mess when it rubs away. An added tip is to get lash extensions before your trip to avoid needing to pack mascara.

Next, Wengie applies a lavender blush and flirty peach lip gloss. Peach is a natural color that is easy to maintain throughout the day. Amazingly, Wengie’s travel routine only takes her fifteen minutes in the morning and that is all it has to take you! So get some extra sleep or enjoy more of your time on new adventures!

Discover The Benefits Of Beautifully Transformed Hair

Nourish your hair with a beauty product that is guaranteed to enrich your hair from root to tip. Styling products don’t have to cost a fortune and managing your hair doesn’t have to be hard with the benefits of WEN by Chaz. They infuse your hair with all natural ingredients that don’t contain any harsh byproducts. Their hypoallergenic and cruelty-free products are chosen 10 to 1, over other big name competitors. They have created a one of a kind hair care revolution that is meant to work for all hair care types. Wen by Chaz has been committed to hair for over 10+ years.

The Benefits Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is packed with vitamin C and E, along with eleven essential amino acids. They work hard to infuse your hair throughout every strand. In fact, their goal is to remove the excess dirt and oil that enables your hair from breathing and growing properly. Your restored hair remains active in each product priced at under $40 for each bottle. Their popular cleansing conditioner works directly towards hydrating and removing dirt. Give your hair more bounce, shine, and resilience.

Wen By Chaz Products

– 5 day hair care treatment

– Styling products

– Styling creme

– Mousse

– Aromatherapy

and much more…

Rebuilding your hair is easy with Wen by Chaz Dean ( giving you beautifully transformed locks with your first use. Pamper your hair with optimum fragrances that include sweet almond, winter cranberry, and Mendarin Italian fig. It neutralizes your hair from root to tip and gives you soft shiny hair. Wen by Chaz makes it easy to order their products online via the website and get the transformed hair that gives them the confidence of a full mane. For more information, please go to the Wen Facebook page.


Helane Morrison And Being An Achiever

When it comes to careers, one must do more than her job in order to rise up the ladder. She has to go way beyond her duties and even take initiative. It is not the hardest working person that gets the promotion. It is the one that is more passionate about what she is doing. When the one takes initiative to solve some issues, then she is going to be recognized for her work and then promoted to the next level. This is something that Helane Morrison has managed. She has made a huge impact in her field as a compliance officer.


One thing that has taken Helane very far as a compliance officer is that she has a passion for making sure that people are getting the justice they need so that they can feel better about their lives. One thing that she has seen is that corporations and financial institutions have become aware of their power and have sought to abuse it in any way they can. As a result, the clients are left walking way being cheated. This is one thing that has frustrated Helane Morrison. Fortunately, she has not tolerated any of that. She has actually taken the time to do something about it.


Helane Morrison has earned her leadership position when working in SEC. She has climbed quickly up the ladder and has led people on plenty of cases. She has also took the lead when a lot of corporations were revealed to be involved in shady business practices. Compliance officers didn’t know where to start. However, Helane Morrison has decided to start somewhere. Her confidence and boldness has not only helped to put the industry back into more ethical forms, but has also gained her recognition as someone who is reliable when it comes to ethics and enforcement.


Scholar and Law Genius Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law currently teaching at Berkeley Law, University of California. He is renowned and recognized around the world for his knowledge and expertise in comparative constitutional law. Comparative law is the study of differences and similarities of laws between different countries. It is conducted to gain a deeper understanding of legal systems, to perfect the legal systems already there and to unify the legal systems from various countries. His knowledge and experience paved the way for him to advise countries such as Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine on their constitutional building processes. He is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has been a consulting for the World Bank Institute at the World Bank.

Mr. Choudhry started out his higher education at the McGill University and got a Bachelor of Science (1988–1992). Then, he proceeded to the University of Oxford (1992–1994) to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Law. In 1994 -1996, he was at the University of Toronto taking a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). He then completed his Masters (LL.M.) at the Harvard Law School from 1997 to 1998.

His vast experience in the field of comparative constitutional law is what has made Sujit Choudhry an authority in the field. The following includes some of his work.

Supreme Court of Canada as law clerk (1996-1997)

University of California, Berkeley – School of Law as Dean and I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law – July 2014-present

Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at the School of Law, New York University 2011-2014

Scholl Chair Faculty of Law, University of Toronto 2006-2011

University of Toronto Faculty of Law as a tenured associate professor of law 2004-2010

Global visiting professor of Law at School of Law, New York University September 2008- December 2008

Assistant Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto 1999-2005

Dean Choudhry is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is the world’s university-based center that breeds and rallies information in support of constitution building.

He has published over seventy articles, book chapters, working papers and reports, some of which are available on Amazon for purchase.

Wessex Academic Conferences In 2017

Held from April to September in 2017, the Wessex conferences bring together the best of academia to meet in various destinations across Europe. The first one of 2017 is from April 24 to April 26, and is on the subject of Coastal Cities. The conference is regarding all matters which are important to those whom live in coastal cities, such as air pollution and waste management. This conference highlights the importance of the need to consider coastal cities as being very important for the sustainability of populations while also being very dynamic.

These conference are organized by the Wessex Institute, which aims to allow for the transfer of knowledge between experts. Academics and professionals alike are able to exchange information at the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences which the organization hosts. The organization serves the international community, particularly allowing academics to come together with industry in order to solve many of the challenges which are faced by both.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Biography

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who was born in 1969 in Detroit, MI, USA. He is a co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus is an organization that helps doctors and other health experts in delivering quality services to cancer patients. It does so by analyzing clinical and molecular information to assist physicians in making data-driven decisions. The company ensures that doctors have a better understanding of each patient’s condition before rushing into giving them treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky spent his early years in Southfield Michigan. He attended his high school education in South field Lathrup high school where he graduated in 1987. He later joined the University of Michigan and graduated with honors in 1991. He continued his studies at University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Lefkofsky together with his wife formed the Lefkofsky Foundation, which is a charitable trust meant for supporting scientific, educational and charitable organizations. This organization has helped in funding about 50 organizations, and it mostly focuses on children. This group was formed in 2006. He then joined The Giving Pledge in 2013.

He is on the board of directors at the Chicago-based Children’s Memorial Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry, and he is a trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also the co-chairman and a board member of World Business Chicago. These organizations help in making the community better. He was also on the committee that assisted in bringing the Summer Olympics to Chicago in 2008.

Eric is the author of the book ‘Accelerated Disruption’. This book explains the process of innovation. It talks about understanding the real speed of change, the steps to follow when starting up innovation, and how disruptive businesses are formed. He once was a teacher in several business schools in Chicago, and he is currently a Professor at the University of Chicago dealing with business-based courses.

He is also the co-founder of Groupon, originally The, which is an online-based marketplace. The company helps to increase the local consumers’ buying power and helps in promoting local businesses since it connects subscribers with local merchants. It specializes in market research for goods. This marketplace started in Chicago, but it then spread to over 150 countries.

Eric has co-founded more organizations, which include; the Echo Global Logistics; Media Bank, which is a media-buying technology group; and Lightbank, whose aim is to develop other companies. After his university education, Eric Lefkosky has featured in many entrepreneurial activities most of which were based on his business acumen. He evolved from a carpet seller, in the early 1990s to a certified co-founder of a multi-million dollar company, Tempus, which specializes in providing cancer care to patients.

Bob Reina: As Steady As They Come

One thing has stayed the same with Bob Reina: he is steady and stays even-keeled. That is the right way to approach things, especially when running a business. He has never gotten too high or too low. However, the passion and the drive are always there. When he talks about wanting to change lives, he means it. This truly means something to him and it matters to him. That is always a wonderful thing, without question. It shows a person that is dedicated to what they are doing and they are not going to settle for second best. They are going to give it their all and they are going to pour everything they have into this.


He founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007 and in a couple of weeks, it will be ten years for the company. In those nearly ten years, a lot of wonderful things have happened for both the company and the people that use the product. It offers video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. The video conferences are especially popular, as they allow people to conference with a group of people from all over the world at once, even if they are in different locations.


So far, here in 2016, it has been a tremendous year for Talk Fusion and Bob Reina. I love the fact that he gave credit to his IT team when they won two awards. He is not looking for the spotlight and he is not looking for the attention. He believes in doing the work the right way and allowing everything else to take care of itself. He trusts the men and women that work for him and he knows they are going to do the best job possible for the company and the people that rely on the company.


It has created an infectious environment, without question. Talk Fusion employees have been given the chance to donate Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing, and right now, Talk Fusion is also offering thirty-day free trials. This is in addition to Bob Reina’s record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.


Lori Senecal: The Shy Introverted Success

The common belief in any major industry is that one has to be outspoken and extremely social to be successful. In other words, a shy person is not going to make it very far in his her life. Lori Senecal has proven people wrong. She has gotten ahead and held many high positions even though she was a shy introvert. As a matter of fact, she has managed to work through the world that declares that if one is unable to advertise himself, he won’t be able to advertise anything else. For one thing, it requires a lot of self belief for people to be able to make it far in life.

Lori Senecal has managed to overcome her shyness and engage the world that she was getting involved in. For one thing, he has managed to bring about good results in a world that preferred big personalities when it came to marketing. A shy person is not expected to leave a mark in any industry. Also, a lot of people do not expect any good ideas and insights to come from someone who is shy or introverted. However, Lori has shown that she is full of insights and other valuable traits that are good for business.

Read more: Lori Senecal Named Global CEO Of CP&B

One thing that Lori Senecal does is write articles that help people learn new insights. For instance, Lori Senecal has written the article called “Clueless or Subtly Strategic?” It talked about all of the different things that corporations could learn from celebrities that go wayward. Lori Senecal is someone who has a lot of great substance. She has shown a lot of humility and that she is actually quite confident in herself.

One thing that is changing about this world is that people are beginning to see that the dog that barks the loudest often has the least to offer when it comes to value. The person who talks very little is more of a listener like Lori Senecal who has some great solutions. Lori is one of the people that is changing the outlook of the world when it comes to different types of personality types.

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How Magnises is transforming the Lives of Millennials

Billy McFarland is a businessman who is based in the United States. Billy has founded several companies, and Magnises is one of them. Magnises is a private club that connects Millennials in New York City and other cities in the country.

Billy McFarland is the president and chief executive officer of the club, and he has done a lot to ensure that the platform achieves its goals. Magnises has been successful since it was established two years ago, receiving support from some of the respected businessmen in the United States such as Patrick McMullan, Kelvin Liles, and Bill Gray.

After a young person gets a new employment opportunity in a new town, they are forced to stay lonely because their families and friends are far away. However, the private club provides a network for the professionals in the fashion, technology, and business industry. Magnises ensures that the Millennials meet new friends from different sectors, and they also try new experiences together.

At his current position, McFarland works hard to make sure that the platform expands to more cities in the country and other parts of the world. He has been able to accomplish this with the help of experts in the technology industry. The club is currently available to New Yorkers and individuals living in Washington DC. The institution is looking forward to introducing its services to all urban centers in the world.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland established the platform after he realized that the Millennials in the world lacked a place where they could connect and interact freely. He discovered that this gap could only be filled by communities that were assisted by the latest technology. The company has been received by the Millennials well, and it currently has over ten thousand members.

Members of Magnises enjoy several benefits. For instance, when visiting hotels and restaurants in New York City, the members of the private platform are allowed to enjoy some discount and perks that are not given to non-members.

These discounts are also offered during other special occasions in the city. If you want to become a member of the platform, then you are required to pay an annual fee of only two hundred and fifty dollars.

Rebuild Your Confidence With A Revolutionary Hair Care System

Are you tired of dealing with your unmanageable hair and trying pricey hair care remedies that don’t work? It’s now possible for you to transform dry brittle hair with a hair care system that’s taking the beauty industry by storm. Wen by Chaz is a revolutionary hair care regimen that will rebuild your confidence about the conditions and appearance of your hair. Thousands of women around the world Wen by Chaz because it brings resilience to their hair and costs less than regular beauty parlor visits or celebrity advertised products. Protect your hair from heat, perms, dyes, and other harsh chemicals.

A recent wikipedia review has indicated, WEN hair by Chaz, is the fastest growing hair care treatment among women because it provides organic ingredients for their hair. Wen by Chaz is comprised of eleven amino acids that work deep into your hair, replenishing your hair from root to tip. You’ll be amazed at the protection it gives your hair, regardless, of the weather. Their remarkable styling creme protects your hair from frizz throughout the day. You get inviting fragrances that include Mandarin Italian fig and sweet almond. You’re invited to a rich aromatherapy after a long day, simply by washing and conditioning your hair.

Wen by Chaz Products

– Deep cleansing conditioner

– All-in-one treatments

– Aromatherapy

– 5 day hair care system

– Styling products

– Mousse

and much more…

You can order Wen by Chaz products conveniently from this website ( and have them shipped to your door. They guarantee your hair will feel fresh and retain its elasticity. More women are returning their hair to its natural shine and bounce with their products. Wen by Chaz is committed to giving women an affordable hair care therapy that works. Transform your hair with Wen by Chaz today and say goodbye to dull brittle locks.

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