Kimberly Bakker’s Secret To Success Is In The Details


Some people think that the secret to success lies in the big picture, but for Kimberly Bakker, it is found in the little details. This event planner finds that the details are what makes an event extraordinary. When she sat down with IdeaMensch for an interview, it became clear that the details that make up Kimberly’s daily life are very important to her. Her routine was not treated as mindless habits but as an opportunity to thoughtfully improve her business and life in general.

She claimed to have been attentive to detail since she was very young. Kimberly Bakker used special touches to make the parties that she threw for those around her a memorable event. Even as she went through her daily routine, one could see how much detail mattered to her, as she offered a very thorough description of what she does every day. An interesting lesson that the reader can take away from Bakker’s interview is to live life intentionally, using your daily choices to further your personal or business goals.

This mindset has served Kimberly Bakker well as her impressive resume proves. While in college she served as the Women’s Advocate for the Panhellenic Board. She later served the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, putting together events for his office such as the World Environment Day celebrations. See This Page for additional information.

After starting her own consulting business, Kimberly Bakker Events, she has used her gift for noticing the details to deliver superior services to her customers. Entrepreneurs can definitely learn from Kimberly Bakker’s emphasis in the details to help them piece together the success that they are hoping to achieve. If you want to read the whole interview with this inspiring businesswoman, you can find it in his interview on  IdeaMensch.


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Discussing The History Of Neurocore And Neurofeedback

Many scientists at Neurocore understand the effects of applied neurofeedback but not a lot of them know the history behind it. Back in the late 18th century, the founding fathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory, Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta, first observed the effects of applied neurofeedback by attaching frog legs to an iron fence and seeing what happened when a thunderstorm begins. They noted that the legs had a tendency to contract whenever a bolt of lightning streaked across the night sky. They later developed a hypothesis that this was being caused by the variations in the electrical current of the lightning. However, it wasn’t until around two decades later that they were able to provide evidence to definitively prove it. Read more about Neurocore at

Their findings and research would eventually pave the way for the innovation that is the electroencephalogram, more commonly known as an EEG. It’s a noninvasive procedure that involves using small metal discs better known as electrodes. You attach them to the scalp of the patient so you can monitor the electrical impulses in the brain. These devices were initially designed to treat and diagnose patients who suffer from a disorder known as epilepsy but, nowadays, it is more commonly used as a treatment method for patients with a variety of neurological disorders such as stroke, encephalitis or inflammation of the brain and a wide array of sleep disorders. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Almost a hundred years ago, Hans Berger was one of the very first scientists to observe the effects of an EEG machine on a human test subject. He later documented these findings in a 1929 paper he wrote that was fittingly entitled “About The Human Electroencephalogram.” His research and development eventually paved the way for the innovation that is now known as a quantitative electroencephalogram or Qeeg for short. Neurocore now uses these machines to monitor the impulses of their patients to help determine what causes depression. One day, Neurocore even hopes to use this research to discover a cure for this condition. So hopefully they’ll be able to find this cure and continue effectively treating all their patients.


Talkspace Makes New Partners In Their Mission To Provide Online Therapy

Talkspace is an online therapy startups which offers affordable as well as confidential therapy with professional and licensed therapists through their website and mobile app on Android or iOS. The company was launched in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank and it quickly expanded, currently having more than 500,000 clients and over 1,000 therapists.

Early this year, Talkspace partnered up with athlete Michael Phelps in order to promote therapy as a tool to help improve mental health. The partnership includes a national TV campaign, with Phelps sharing his experiences and encouraging people to speak up about mental health. Phelps stated that throughout his career he struggled at various times with depression and anxiety, and he found it difficult to get the help he needed. Once he started talking about his issues, Phelps points out that he felt strength, noting that he wants to help others who may be dealing with the same issues he experienced. Talkspace CEO Oren Frank stated that Michael Phelps join their team, and that his deep knowledge about mental health advocacy and his commitment will be invaluable to the company’s Advisory Board.

The company also partnered with New Directions Behavioral Health. The partnership will result in New Directions customers being able to access Talkspace’s platform through the company’s Employee Assistance Program. Current plans are for the platform to extend to managed behavioral health clients. The Chief Executive Officer of New Direction, Lee Tuveson noted that partnering with Talkspace makes it easier for individual to access therapy with a licensed clinician, and that it is convenient as well as effective for a lot of people.

Oren Frank stated that the new relationship with New Directions points out the value that Talkspace is providing and filling in major gaps which exist in the employer benefit plans. The CEO of Talkspace also expressed excitement about the partnership, noting that they are excited to provide New Directions members with an important component to their behavioral health care services. Employees facing challenges (whether work, personal life, or relationship related) will have access to confidential and secure behavioral health support through their mobile phones.

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Stream Energy – The Philanthropic Bulwark of Dallas

Stream Energy is a direct-selling company that has recently been featured on where the website discussed Stream Energy’s creation of Stream Cares, a philanthropy organization which had a large hand in the Texan recovery after Hurricane Harvey. Stream was involved in philanthropy for several years before founding Stream Cares, but with its founding, the company cemented itself as a bulwark of corporate philanthropy in Texas as well as all over the United States.

Stream Energy also has good relationships with other charitable organizations including the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope Supply Co. Stream Energy has had a close relationship with Hope Supply Co. for over four years as a result of another cause that Stream is concerned with – homelessness. Stream noticed that the amount of homelessness in their city of Dallas was steadily increasing and have cited that as a reason as to why they are so involved in the cause of helping the homeless.

Hope Supply Co. holds an event known as “Splash for Hope” every year, where they bring homeless children to a water park and give them free meals. While Stream Energy has worked closely with Hope Supply Co. the organization has continually given out supplies, meals, and clothing to homeless children as well as treating them to special events they wouldn’t otherwise have ever experienced.

Stream also has another philanthropic venture in Operation “Once in a Lifetime“, where the company donated transportation to struggling veterans and their families to take them to an all-expenses paid trip to a nice restaurant. Stream has also hosted events for families of military veterans, including one where they gave daughters of military members American Girl dolls and treated them to lunch at the American Girl Cafe.

Stream Energy is one of the main philanthropic bulwarks of Texas and especially the Dallas area. Through many different acts of philanthropy including working closely with charitable organizations, the creation of their own charitable organization, and outright donations to those less fortunate, Stream has shown that they are working tirelessly to uplift those in the Texas and Dallas areas.

The Detailed Journey Of JD.Com Under The Leadership Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


All through his life, Richard Liu Qiangdong aspired to be a politician. Having been born in a well-up family in China in 1973, he was lucky to be nurtured and brought up in an environment where he would get all the support that he needed from his family.

An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.

His parents were reputable business people who operated the coal business all over China. With the aim of following his dreams, Richard Liu Qiangdong was taken to the People’s University of China, an institution that was renowned for producing the best politicians in China and internationally. This was where he would study politics and Sociology in the quest for his dream of becoming one of the political gurus in the country.

After finishing school in 1996, he got out and started the usual job for most of the school leavers, tarmacking. He did the “job” for more than a year and decided that he would not wait any longer to get employed. He decided that he would start a business, which he would run as he waited for better fortunes to come his way. While in the university, Richard Liu had learned some skills in computer programming. He had been using the skills to earn some money to survive while at school, and from that, he had also made some savings. View Related Info Here.

Using the savings and some loan that he borrowed from his family, Richard Liu established a restaurant in Beijing. The business went on for a while, and before long, it collapsed. This was a massive blow to the young man, but he never despaired. In 1998, he started another business, which required more of the computer programming skills that he had learned while on campus. He began the JingDong, an organization that would be assisting clients with tech issues, and also supplying computer software and hardware.

Within a short period, JingDong had grown into a vast enterprise, expanding by opening branches in various locations, both in and out of Beijing. Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that to enhance his services to the customers of the firm, and also to expand more effectively, he would transform JingDong into an online entity. He named it JD.Com.

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Gregory Aziz Understands How Business Ideas Work

Gregory J Aziz started out extremely successful. He was great at what he did while working at various banks and that made it easier for him to make connections with clients and other people. He also knew the right way to handle a business and made a lot of strides with the companies he worked for. As long as he continued helping people, he knew he had a great chance at success later on in business. The only problem he ran into was that he didn’t want to work for someone else. Instead, he wanted to work hard for himself.


1It made more sense for Gregory J Aziz to work for himself since he spent so much time learning about different business practices. He felt confident in his skills and knew it would lead to him having more success while he worked toward more positive opportunities. He also felt confident he could do things better than most other business owners since he had so much experience working for big businesses. He even did great working the financial area of business. The proof that he was good at finances too was in the fact he worked for a bank and knew just what he needed to do to help others.


There were times when Greg Aziz tried making sure he understood the positive areas of business, but he didn’t see any way to be as successful as he wanted without creating his own company. He wanted to be the only one he answered to and that was something that made it easy for him to show people what he could do. He always had a lot of hope for the future and pushed to make his business better. Visit This Page for related information.


Thanks to his hard work, he was able to start his own company. Greg Aziz didn’t want to do this because he knew how hard it was to build a company from the ground up. He chose to purchase a business and rehabilitate it. By rehabbing the business, Gregory Aziz gave himself a chance to try something different. It made more sense for him to continue showing people what would happen and how he would make things easier. Gregory James Aziz felt confident in his skills when purchasing National Steel Car. His purchase led to more success with the company because he knew what to do to make sure the company received all the attention it needed.


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Michael Burwell Takes Over The CFO Position At Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell was recently named the new Chief Financial Officer of the international brokerage firm Willis Towers Watson after the voluntary retirement of the previous CFO Roger Millay. Willis Towers Watson is a London-based advisory firm that works with corporate and individual clients with retirement planning, executive compensation, personal and corporate insurance, HR solutions, employee benefits, and more. Willis Towers Watson works with companies that represent a variety of industries including construction, banking, transportation, technology, and telecommunications.

Michael Burwell is a CPA with an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. He has over 30 years of experience in providing accounting and business advisory services. In an interview that was posted on, he says that networking and building relationships are important for business and personal relationships. Michael Burwell says communication is important in developing these relationships, especially when it comes to listening to what others have to say and being a problem solver.

Michael Burwell touched on some new developments that are happening with Willis Towers Watson. The company recently launched AMX in the United States, which is an investment advisory service that is already providing services in Europe. AMX helps money managers of all sizes save time and money by reducing the aggregation and compliance processes. He says that Willis Towers Watson is already having a lot of success with AMX in America and is excited to see how far this program can go.

Michael Burwell went on to list three career accomplishments that he is most proud of. First, Burwell mentored and helped four associates at his previous company to become partners in that company. Second, he was able to eliminate $500 million in expenses while increasing efficiency at his previous firm without having to lay off any employees. Third, he is proud of negotiating a deal Willis Towers Watson and Google. He says input from the forward-thinking and innovative people at Google will be helpful to Willis Towers Watson over the long-term in creating new products and services.


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How Charlamagne Tha God’s Sexual Assault Allegations Serve As A Symbol In Today’s Current Climate

The #MeToo Movement has given sex crime victims the opportunity to become empowered survivors. Due to an increase in education, sensitivity training, and group therapy, victims of sex crimes have more support than ever before. There are various conversations every week that are aimed at preventing sex crimes.

However, what happens when someone is falsely accused of committing a sex crime? What happens to their reputation? The media has a lot of influence over many of these cases. Serious allegations often hit media outlets within minutes. The accused often find themselves being judged in the court of public opinion. The case of Charlamagne Tha God serves as a reminder that every case deserves a thorough investigation before any judgments are made.

A radio and television personality, Charlamagne Tha God was arrested and charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Eventually, Charlamagne plead guilty to a lesser charge. Charlamagne has had a successful career in spite of the guilty plea. However, his accuser has recently asked for the case to be reopened. The state where the crime occurred, South Carolina, does not have a statute of limitation for sexual assault cases.

After another investigation, the case has been dropped, as The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division officially cleared Charlamagne of any wrongdoing. Many people feel that Charlamagne was a victim of the innocent until proven guilty mindset of the general public. Research shows that close to 10% of all rape allegations are false. A false sexual assault allegation can cause serious damage to a person’s reputation, as well as some potential psychological issues. See This Page to learn more.

Charlamagne Tha God has always maintained his innocence, which helped him stay strong during the times when he dealt with adversity. Charlamagne says that he is moving forward and focusing on his career and family.

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Charlamagne Tha God Cancels Interview With Kanye West


Charlamagne The God is widely known for his opinions and his no-hold-barred demeanor. He showed yet again his willingness to do what he believes to be right recently by canceling an arranged interview with Kanye West. West, who frequently discusses his struggles with bipolar disorder openly, was to be a guest on Times Talk during a special segment geared towards mental health.

AS an advocate for the mental health of communities globally, both Kanye West and Charlamagne The God were expected to discuss how mental health issues affected the populace, with focus centering on the black community and the stigmas involved within it in regards to mental health.

However, Charlamagne Tha God chose to cancel the rather publicized interview. The talk show host later details via his Twitter account his reasons for choosing to cancel the interview. Charlamagne stated that the interview was one that he had personally been looking forward to due to similarities he and Kanye West shared and that he believed that it would be beneficial in shedding some light upon prevailing mental health issues.

He designated the fact that he did not feel that such an interview would turn out to be as productive as it might have been, given recent occurrences. Although Charlamagne does not go into detail about his reasons for believing this, the cancellation came just days after Kanye West MEt with President Trump at the White House and expressed his support.

Reports state that during his meeting with President Trump, Kanye explained his decision to wear attire that showed his support for the President. Whether or not this had any bearing upon Charlamagne Tha Gods decision to cancel his interview with Kanye is not stated. See This Article for additional information.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Notes That The China-US Trade Wars Will Not Affect


Apparently, a significant number of individuals are already worried by the escalating trade war between China and the United States. The two country’s top administration have been introducing tariffs from any product emerging from any products or service coming from the other country. However, Richard Liu Qiangdong, who is the founder and owner of does not feel that the trade war between the two countries will lead to serious impacts on his business.

Richard Liu’s is an online retail platform that has been making headlines due to its extreme expansion and market entry strategies. The vision of the e-commerce store is to dominate the Chinese market before deciding to move to other countries around the world. Currently, has more than three hundred million customers in a single year, which is a clear demonstration that the company is expanding faster than what competitors might have anticipated. See This Page for more information.

Besides having more than three hundred million customers who are active in nature, the company recorded about $56 billion in revenue in the period between 2016 and mid-2017. This means that the entity is recording significant revenues, some of which can be compared to those recorded by other e-commerce platforms in the world such as Amazon. might not replace Amazon in the world but it is evident that it is giving Alibaba, another e-commerce retail store in China a run for its money.

While speaking about the trade war, Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted to eliminate fears that will significantly be affected because it has a significant partnership with United States based companies such as Google, Walmart, and Tencent. However, the chief executive officer highlighted that there is not relationship between the financial partners and the current trade wars between the two countries.

Richard Liu Quiangdong highlighted that will continue with its partnership with the firms based in the United States because he was positive that the trade wars will not continue as they won’t benefit any person. However, a significant number of customers are worried that products from the United States might be available at very high prices. Richard Liu played down the fear by highlighting that has the capacity to source other similar products from Europe or other countries around the world.


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