Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch advise Colleges to Uphold Principles of Free Speech

It is like a ritual for the speakers to advise the graduating class during the season of college commencement. Two men, who disagree on almost every issue penned down their word of advice on the Wall Street Journal. In the op-ed, both Michael Bloomberg, who is the City Mayor and Charles Koch, the top Republican financier called on all the colleges across the United States to respect the speech principles.

The two men advised colleges to uphold the principles of free speech. Some ideas that are considered controversial play an integral role in the improvement of college education and bettering the life of human beings. They noted that most colleges across America did not approve invitations from controversial speakers. They have sanctioned all the activities that are likely to trigger freethinking within the colleges. These sanctions are creating a climate that hinders true learning, openness, and debate.

The colleges have developed a habit of shielding students from ideas considered controversial or could cause discomfort within the school. Intolerance to controversial ideas threatens higher education’s future, which in turn hinders the efforts of establishing a democratic society.
Details on Charles Koch

Koch is an established businessperson, an active philanthropist, and well-known political donor. He serves as the CEO and Chairman of Koch Industries’ Board. Since assuming leadership in 1967, Koch has transformed Koch Industries into a powerful business empire employing over 100,000 people across the globe, with approximately 60,000 workers based in the United States.

Koch was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a general engineering degree in 1957. Later on, Koch graduated with Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He further earned Master of Science in chemical engineering back in 1960. Immediately after completing his college studies, Koch began working at Arthur D. Little, Inc. He relocated to Wichita and started working at Rock Island Oil & Refining Company (his Father’s Business) in 1961.

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Sue Searches For Weight Loss To Save Her Life And Finds Nutrimost

A new diet is hitting the market like a rocket hits the sky. It is making its mark all over the world with successful weight loss stories. Nutrimost.com diet program is one of the most successful and now most interesting diet programs available. Doctors and medical personnel are using the program successfully to rid their body of unwanted pounds. Success stories are popping up all over the internet and you can be one of them to.
Struggling with weight issues for many years, Sue got on the scale again at the doctors office to discover she was over 300 pounds. Sue has all the classic signs of being overweight. Her blood pressure is always up high, and she is struggling with diabetes. She is always sad because she is unable to do things she wants to do. Her doctor says to lose the weight or die. Sue frantically searches for the answers to her weight issues. She tries starving, she tries exercise programs, and she tries diet pills. None of these help her to lose weight like she wants and she quickly reaches for the quick fix. Her quick fix is junk food.

More than a week goes by as Sue cries everyday. She continues to search for the miracle until she finds out on twitter about Nutrimost. NutriMost has all of the success stories to catch her interest. She begins to read all about how even doctors are losing weight on the program. If doctors are using it then it must be safe. Sue purchases the supplements and begins reading the instructions. She finds that the program helps people lose weight quickly. A quick fix is what she is looking for. A quick weight loss will keep her going. After a couple of weeks on the program, Sue has already lost 20 pounds and is well on her way to another 20 pounds off. Thank you NutriMost for helping her lose weight and save her life.

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FreedomPop Invades Spain with WhatsApp Messenger

FreedomPop is a mobile phone carrier for the consumer on a budget. Limited free plans are offered to customers in the US and Mobile World Live reports that it will be making its way overseas soon. The carrier plans to launch its service in Spain this summer alongside a free unlimited version of WhatsApp Messenger.

Spain is believed to be littered with users of the WhatsApp Messenger, FreedomPop says that 70 percent of cell-phone users in Spain use WhatsApp, which accounts for more than 90 percent of the total texting done with-in the country.

FreedomPop plans to give residents of Spain a way to communicate with friends and family with their new launch 100% for free by subsidizing any data used by the WhatsApp messenger.

FreedomPop launched in September of last year in the UK and announced that more than 100,00 consumers use their service. They project that they will be even more successful in Spain, aiming for the 500,000-1,000,000 mark by the time their service hits the 2 year mark.

In January of 2016, FreedomPop raised fifty million dollars in financing, planning to use the money to expand its market through-out Europe, Asia, and South America, FreedomPop is gradually becoming a force to be feared by other companies in the mobile-phone carrier market.
Watch this FreedomPop Review

Andy Wirth Is Back and Better Than Ever

A few years ago Andy Wirth didn’t know if he would live to see another day. On a beautiful fall day in October of 2013, Wirth and a couple of friends went skydiving. This is something Andy Wirth loved to do and had done many, many times throughout his life. This day however was a bit different – http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768.

As he was landing he realized he was going to have to land in a vineyard. This of course is not the ideal place to land when you are skydiving. But unfortunately he had no other choice. As he was making his final maneuvers to land, Wirth’s arm was taken off by a pole that was holding up the vines.

According to TahoeTopia, Andy Wirth quickly realized things weren’t looking good. The good news is he had experience with trauma in remote areas after working as a backcountry ranger many years prior. He knew the most important thing to do was stay calm so his body wouldn’t go into shock.

Wirth was in the vineyard for 15 minutes before being rescued and taken to the nearest medical facility for further treatment.

About Andy Wirth

Crowdrise says that Andy Wirth has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for almost 30 years.

Andy Wirth is currently serving as the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort and has held that position since 2010. Since taking over Wirth has helped bring the resort up to par so that it can compete with other resorts in the industry.


It’s Just Another Day In Zombie Land

VTA Publications writes that every day is different and that’s a fact. Each day is so different that literally anything new and different could happen. But does anything that different ever happen? Well, the sad truth is it used to but nothing that new and exciting seems to ever happen much anymore. When I was a young boy, I vividly remember waiting for each new day. Every day was like Christmas to me because nothing was ever the same and there was always something new always happening. But all that newness and excitement seemed to stop at some point. It’s not that way anymore though and it’s not just me, it’s like that with just about everybody. I think it all stopped when I was ushered into life as an adult. Think about your life as an adult now. You get up, you eat breakfast or something that you pass off as eating breakfast, and for most of us, we then head to some job we probably wouldn’t miss if the building it was housed in burned to the ground. When I was a kid I always thought that being an adult would be such an adventure. But to many people, if not most people, it’s turned into a kind of a mindless brain numbing waste of time. There’s nothing new or exciting in being an adult and it’s not because there’s nothing new and exciting to do or learn or read about. It’s just that many of us have turned our brains off. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about and how life could be. Prince just died recently. There was a man who how to live life. He was constantly creating, constantly pushing himself to new heights. Every day was an adventure for him. Can’t you be that way too? You could if you wanted to.

I want to get back to my life as a child for a minute to show you how different it was than my life as an “Adult.” One of the things I remember vividly as a kid was going to grade school. Everything I learned there was new and amazing and then there were the school lunches. Lunch was exciting because I was introduced to foods that I never saw at home. It was like being on an ocean cruise. It was truly a gourmet experience. But what about today? The operative thing today seems to don’t learn anything, don’t talk with real people, and for goodness sake don’t ask questions. If you find that hard to believe, take a stab at how uninformed most people are today. Ask them a simple question. How bout this one, who won World War II, better yet who were the axis powers in WWII. You’ll be surprised at how many people won’t have a clue what you’re talking about much less what the answers are.

They don’t know any of this because they’re too busy, playing video games, or talking and texting someone about some useless piece of information on their cell phone. But life isn’t at all like that. Life is, in fact, special, wonderful, and a great gift and you’re just plain stupid if you squander it. So get up and go out and do something creative, build something new, learn something amazing, be good and be creative and don’t just sit around collecting callouses. The Original article can be seen at VTA publications by clicking here.

VTA Publications Ltd. is a publisher of distance learning courses and other information products. They cater and organize specialist courses across the globe providing our customers with specialty information in both physical and digital formats. They have been in business since 2012 and have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. When they take you on as a new project their goal is to source the very best experts in their field from around the world to make your event an unforgettable experience. They also specialize in the fields of economics and finance and are adept at bringing your experience to you and your guests in a comprehensive yet simple to use and understand format.  Further information can be sought at CompaniesHouse.gov.uk.

The Street Scene Is In

The latest in 2016 for fashion week features street style and fashion such as denims and jeans with bomber jackets and knitted or crochet forms of the old ‘retro’ look restyled and refashioned on crunchbase.com. Accessories are in with shoes and ‘dressy’ accessories as well.

T- shirts can form combinations that confidence can pull off with ‘panache’. There are looks from Paris, Italy and even Mexico this year for good colors and bright ways to pull of your ensemble with flair. It’s now fashionable to be ‘free’ and independent. It’s a part of both formal and informal fashionable and style.

Confidence is the key; since photography has become affordable to everyone, and it allows your own personal touch to influence mode and fashion, more variety and creativity is being brought to the fashion forefront. You can use accessories and shoes or purses to personalize your particular look.

Dressy accessories can dazzle and make the outfit from just ‘ho-hum’ to beautiful and fantastic. One day it’s your unique style and the next it belongs to the world.

From simple and unique styles to ‘celebrity’ touches, you can use color and panache to carry the latest styles for 2016. Barcelona, Paris, Italy and Mexico all have the looks of the season, and if you like Bomber Jackets, you might want a crocheted one or something comfy and knit like the styles featured on the latest runways.

Men’s styles are featured there as well. For men, the go-to word is comfortable and casual, but style is also important Kacky is in style as a change from the blue jeans that everyone loves. Influences can be found all around you from television to the school you attend whether it’s college or high school. Even younger kids are getting into the act. So if your game is to imitate film and movie stars, or celebrities of just about any sort, you know how great your look is. So keep your eyes on the street; you can’t go wrong.

New Technology Makes Buying Shoes a Snap

A recent announcement has been made that shoe lovers are certain to get a kick out of: buying shoes From Shoe Carnival is now even easier to do online. This is because the famous shoe retailer is teaming up with the company Slyce and making use of its state-of-art technology when it comes to online shopping.

Slyce was launched in February of 2013 and is headquartered in Toronto. The successful company has developed technological platforms that have allowed consumers to search online for products sold by retailers more efficiently and effectively. Product prices are searched by Slyce and that information is quickly given to the online shopper. Slyce is also the company behind Scout, a high-tech function that allows consumers to search for a product online and compare the prices and options of the various vendors that sell that product. Scout even presents buyers with coupons so that they not only find what they are looking for, but they can purchase an item at the lowest possible price.

Slyce’s latest technological tool will make the shopping experience even easier for consumers. Through Slyce’s latest technical innovation, those searching for a product can use their mobile phone and merely take a picture of the item they wish to buy. Using the 3D visual search technology Slyce has developed, consumers instantly will be presented with products that match the item in their picture.

For those that are in desperate need of new shoes,or for the shoe enthusiast, shoppers can use their cell phones to take a picture of a shoe they like that is on someone else’s foot or even a shoe that appears in a magazine. Then Scout will connect with Shoe Carnival’s inventory and present direct or close matches of shoes that are available for purchase.

Scout is available to those living in the United States or Canada; Scout is also free for shoppers to use. Slyce’s latest innovation essentially makes buying shoes and other products a snap.

How Online Reputation Management Can Help


One mistake can cost a person his or her job and ruin a reputation. That’s what happened to a University of Missouri assistant professor, Melissa Click. She was attending a students protest when she made a mistake that was caught on camera. The video went viral and consequently she was facing a criminal charged and a damaged reputation.


Although Melissa admitted that she made a mistake, that does not do anything to repair her damaged reputation. Only reputation management professionals can do that. So, she contacted Status Labs to help suppress the negative content that is associated with her name.


Status Labs has great expertise in all aspects of reputation management and can restore your positive image online. If your reputation has been ruined, you need to contact the professionals at Status Labs immediately, for assistance.


Status Labs is highly regarded in the reputation management arena. The company’s professionals are highly skilled in managing or restoring online reputation.


Not all of that information is in a positive light. It is extremely important to keep track of what internet users are saying about you or your business.


The growing company of Status Labs takes steps to protect or safeguard a client’s name and his or her business or professional image – essentially any content online that can ruin a business or profile.


Search engine optimization and content marketing are some of the most cost effective and easiest ways to promote positive content and suppress negative information.


There are many components for successful online reputation management and reputation repair campaigns, but clearly, utilizing the expert services of professionals can really pay off. Having a reliable online reputation management firm handle any reputation issue is a valuable beginning to getting desirable results.

Recap Bustle.com article about Wen by Chaz

Life is too short to have boring hair. Wen is a cleansing conditioner living up to this standard. Their shampoo is a wonderful conglomeration of 3 things in one. It is a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair treatment. It is formulated for all hair types and comes in different scents. The sephora fig version is a popular one because it provides extra moisture and gives the hair a sought after sheen.

One girl in particular wanted to test out this infamous product and she embarked on a 7 day journey documented on Bustle, to see if the results held true. Emily’s first day started off with skepticism. She was using double or more the amount of WEN than she normally used. Her first day results were noticeable. Her hair felt thicker, less hair fell out when she showered and after blowdrying she noticed a lot more sheen and bounce.

She was okay with that result and was impressed at how healthy and shiny her hair looked. On day five she tried a different look and decided to curl her hair after washing and rinsing it with Wen. She found out that after she curled her hair, the waves fell a little more quickly but it still looked and felt amazing.

By day seven she continued to have consistent results. She noticed that WEN is a product that has to be used daily to have great results. Consistency is key. One’s hair suffers in between washes. When using the product she noted that her hair was healthier, manageable, shinier and looked great. It is not for the lazy. Staying on routine is the key to success.



Ross Abelow Attorney Hopes For Help With His Go Fund Me For New York Strays

A recent article appears online about a local attorney launching a go fund me page for stray animals. On further review of the article, you will find out that Ross Abelow is starting the campaign for local animal shelters. He is a New York attorney that completed law school in New York. He later took a job working in family and corporate law. Ross is listed on the Lawyer lighthouse listing for attorneys in New York. After more research of the article, you will learn that Abelow is launching his campaign as a community volunteer project. He wants to help the hundreds of dogs and cats around the city that have no home.

He or she may have been the one no one wanted or he may have run off from the pact. After finding himself on the streets of New York, the homeless dog will have to learn how to stay warm. No longer is his mom around to keep him warm by cuddling up with him. NO longer is the other pups around to roll up in a ball with him. He is all alone. The big city and the cold winds is his life now. The lonely pup finds a dirty back alley where it seems to be safe from cars. He searches the ground for any piece of food. He finds a left over piece of bread and calls this dinner. Now the pup needs to get warm so he crawls up behind some busted out trashy door. He rolls up in a ball and closes his eyes.

This is the life of the stray. Hopeless and sad, these animals either die of cold and starvation or they end up at a shelter. The lucky ones get a chance in a shelter but most shelters are too full to accommodate. Ross is hoping to help by raising money through a go fund me page for shelters. All proceeds will help the animal shelters provide more relief for these animals. Ross Abelow knows that it takes one person to start something. this is why he is starting the campaign. He hopes to raise the $5000. dollars necessary to put a dent in the homeless dog and cat problems in New York. Check out the go fund me page for Ross Abelow to see how you can help.

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