How Does Manse On Marsh Help Seniors Live Well?

Seniors who are moved to the Manse on Marsh may live their golden years well in a beautiful community filled with loving people. The staff at Manse on Marsh is accepting of all seniors, and the residents are wonderful people who want every senior to join their family. This article takes a peek at what seniors receive when they come to Manse on Marsh, and the community provides everything the family requires.

#1: The Community Is Quite Secure

As the company blog shows, The Manse on Marsh community is secure due to the security team, medical staff and solid building. The building is secured for the safety of the residents, and seniors are not able to walk away if they have memory troubles. The community looks out for itself, and the security team is excellent when visitors appear.

#2: Seniors Remain Active

Seniors at Manse on Marsh remain active due to their exciting activity schedule, and there are quite a few things that seniors may choose that they have never done before. Exercise and activities are important for the health of seniors, and seniors will feel better about how they are spending their golden years. Seniors may take up hobbies they enjoy, and there may be a new lease on life found within the walls of the facility.

#3: Families Have Peace Of Mind

The families who bring their loved ones to Manse on Marsh will enjoy a peace of mind they might not have had in the past. The Manse on Marsh team is helpful when families have questions about their loved ones, and there are quite a few people who will need Manse on Marsh because they cannot care for a senior loved one anymore. Families are working hard to care for someone they love, and Manse on Marsh steps in to help.

Manse on Marsh is a wonderful place for families to visit when they drop off their loved ones, and there is a staff ready to help with every resident who comes through the door. The finest staff has been employed to help families, and seniors may begin their golden years in style.  Follow the facility on Twitter @TheManseonMarsh.

Thor Havlorssen and the HRF

Oppressive regimes and outright dictatorships still exist in many nations all across the world. Left-wing or Right-wing, conservative or liberal, they encompass all aspects of the political spectrum. Their opponents come from backgrounds equally as diverse and display political or social leanings that are just as far ranging. What they have in common is a belief in the rights of the individual over the benefit of the state and a willingness to speak out against corruption and government abuses.

One such group of outspoken individuals is the Human Rights Foundation and it’s charismatic founder Thor Havlorssen. Havlorssen is a half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan with a personal and family history that is dotted repeatedly with acts of both oppression and peaceful resistance. His father was made a political prisoner in Venezuela and his mother was shot during an a protest.
His career has seen the founding of organizations and forums dedicated to the promotion of freedom and the rights of the individual. He has also published two books and played a major part in the production of several movies on his subject of interest.

While Havlorssen’s face and name have garnered a lot of attention he is only a single part of a large organization. The Human Rights Foundation, or HRF, is self-described as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that believes in pushing for freedom throughout the world. The HRF has been active for nearly 9 years, having begun in 2005. Its ideals are based on those laid out in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They have been active in countries ranging from Chile to Russia and just about everywhere in between. Their work focuses on the promotion and education of individual rights, even in oppressive societies. They also work to arrange the release of political prisoners. Not only does the the Human Rights Foundation organizes and hosts events, it funds and produces films as well, using them as a method of encouraging a freedom oriented ideology. The work of the entire organization, Havlorssen included, has made an immense difference in the lives of those forced to live under a government that neither protects or respects their individual rights.


Norka Luque Gets the Spotlight in Latin Music

In American music culture there is always a Latin artist that seems to breakout into the American entertainment community. More than 4 decades ago it was Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. In the 1999 it was Ricky Martin. This would be followed by Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena Gomez and a host of others. All of this Latin energy in music would spell crossover success for the artists that could sing in English. Crossover appeal is what Norka Luque hopes for, and she definitely seems to be heading in the right direction.

Norka had performance at a Billboards party, and this is an instrumental step into American culture. Billboards track the chart toppers in terms of record sales. To be recognized as an artist that could perform at a Billboards party shows the potential that is there. She is an artist that has managed to give her all, and her hard work seems to be reaping major dividends.

There is a battle on the inside of the music industry for so many artists that are trying to break out of the shell of being another pop star. So many people reach for the hit singles and do the same things, but Norka Luque appears to follow her own path. She has the advantage of actually being from Venezuela. This connects her with the Latin American natives right away. So many Latina artists like Jennifer Lopez have American roots. They are embraced first in America, but they have to work their way into Latin America culture. Norka Luque, however, has the heart of Latin America on her sleeves so she already stands out as a genuine representation of Latin America.

She has an optimistic spirit that appears to be the thing that transitions into her songs. Norka has positive messages, and she has the ability to motivate those that are embracing challenges in their daily lives. The “Milagro” single has been a hit in Puerto Rico and the United States. It is Emilio Estefan Jr. that has worked with Archie Pena to bring this single to life. Their union, along with the spirit of Norka Luque, has made her people take notice of the rising star.

Luque is finally getting a spotlight on her music, and it is well deserved. She is a new artist that has great producers and songwriters in her corner. Her success is almost a guarantee.

Wonderful World of WEN Delivers Shine, Strength and Body to Blogger’s Limp Locks

Emily McClure has been cursed with fine hair that gets frizzy on occasion and doesn’t shine as well as it should. Emily could wear extensions or a wig to cheat a little, but she prefers her own real hair, just wishing it could look like an A-list celebrity‘s mane.

She had seen the famous WEN Hair TV infomercials showing star clients with the really good hair, and Emily decided to try out WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners for similar results.

Emily was on the right path, because Chaz Dean created a special no-lather shampoo system that thoroughly cleanses the hair with incredible cleansing conditioner. His one-bottle rescue product does not contain nasty chemicals like sulfates. Instead, the Chaz Dean way is simple, holistic with natural botanical ingredients. His brand is so amazing, that neither he nor his celebrity clientele have used a lather shampoo since 1993. He sells his brand on Amazon and on high end cosmetics stores.

That speaks volumes about the man and his brand.

Emily kept a hair log with hair photos for to chart her hair journey. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for added moisture.

To make the Wen hair system really rock and produce big, shiny hair, Emily learned a few things. First, it is best to wash with WEN every morning, and then you must take the time to blow-dry and style your hair. When doing so, you achieve that Hollywood mane, and Emily’s best gal pals noticed that immediately when she began using WEN. Also, Emily’s hair photos show a young woman with gorgeous, healthy, full hair. Emily was beaming.

Emily found that this sephora marketed line doesn’t work as well when you switch up the hair routine for a nighttime wash. If you skip washing hair altogether, your hair will flatten out and grease up quickly.

For best results, Emily advises sticking to the morning WEN routine.

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JustFab Continues to Be The Best Online Fashion Option

The LA Times has a stellar reputation for setting the standard of excellence in sharing the best and worst of the news. Its recent coverage of the online fashion retail industry is no exception. According to The Times, the online fashion retail industry has suffered some dramatic changes in the past few years, making it as fickle as the millennials it so often serves in scope, predictability and sustainability. Top fashion industry and online marketing executives have noted that within this particular shopping arena you have but one chance to disappoint before the consumer moves on to more desirable ground. Reference:

How then has JustFab, an online retailer standing tall within both fashion and online commerce since 2010, been able to establish and keep traction in such tumultuous waters?

Adam Goldenberg, a JustFab co-founder, has weighed in with an honest and telling perspective that makes the unusual success of JustFab a bit more understandable. It seems they have a habit of paying attention to their shoppers, making adjustments based on what they like, and hate, and keeping those lines of communication open. Though JustFab is planning some changes over the next months, none of them are being considered without consumers in mind. JustFab will likely be known by another name, and may also become publicly traded, but will still attend to the trendy fashion desires of it’s 4 million strong client base.

As JustFab reaches it’s customers in new and innovative ways, they are committed the core values that have kept it alive: customer service, including a personal stylist for those who may want more from their shopping experience than what their own personal knowledge set provides, easy returns and exchanges, and fashion that is dollar for dollar unmatched in quality and selection.

Even more to the point for many of the shoppers true to JustFab and the online shopping world that is growing by the moment, shoppers can enjoy all of the fashion fun they desire at their leisure.

ClassDojo is In-Session at Stanford University

Are two fury monsters on YouTube the key to unlocking your child’s full potential at school using the “growth mindset”? According to ClassDojo and Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) that may be so.
Most of us accept the belief that if you just put in some hard work you get the result you are seeking. Not the “growth mindset”. It is an old concept creating new waves lately. Strategic planning and thought processes are at the forefront of the “growth mindset” theory. In other words, stop jamming the square peg in the round hole and find a better way.
ClassDojo is a San Francisco based company that offers an innovative app empowering teachers, parents, and students with the ability to get more involved. They also support the “growth mind” theory. Through their app teachers create a digital interactive classroom that both the parents and students take an active role in. Features like text and picture messaging, student report cards, event invitations make it easy to respond in real-time. Furthermore, ClassDojo’s app is compatible across a variety of devices including smart phones and tablets. This creation makes a positive impact by cultivating an engaging community for the parents, teachers, and students to collaborate.
How is an app like this useful to the members of PERTS? PERTS now has a massive test group to conduct their research thanks to their partnership ClassDuo. They also have material that easily distributed to large groups of people. Their collaboration gave birth of Mojo and Katie. Two cartoon monsters starring in a five-part series delivering the message of the “growth mind”. The goal is to study how effective these videos are at keeping students engaged in activities associated with the “growth mind” theory.
Class Dojo also implemented some more of their crafty innovations with these educational videos. They are now exploring their platform as a content distribution channel for the first time. Much like dipping our toes in a pool, this is their way of testing the waters of a new market with minimal risk.
The passion for improving the overall education experience by spreading the word of the “growth mindset” brought ClassDuo and PERTS together. The results of their research starring two cartoon monsters, Mojo and Katie, and handful of YouTube videos may lead to a ground-up change in the way we approach educating our youth.


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Wengie’s Living Room

Wengie takes you behind the scenes of her new apartment. You can clearly see that she has an eye for style as the colors in her apartment blend together in a way that gives a soft feel to the space. One of her favorite rooms in the home is the living room. This is where Wengie records her videos. She has a large shelving system that takes up almost an entire wall and a picture window so that she can look at the city.

A lot of pastels and pinks are used in the living room and the rest of the home. Her couch is situated next to a window. There is a blank wall that she uses as a background for some of her fashion shots. She also has a dressing table in the living room. A shelf area features treasures that include a teddy bear and a camera that a friend gave her. She also keeps some of her makeup on the shelves. Her makeup is arranged by fragrances and items for the face. Candles decorate one of the shelves.

One of the things that is in the living room is a beautiful tea set. Wengie enjoys collecting tea sets when she travels. Flower pots are used for storage of random items, such as fingernail polish. She has a wardrobe in the living room so that it’s easier to change outfits when she makes videos. Her foot rest is a bright spot in the room as well as her coffee table.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Now Tasked With Leading Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir, a longtime technological innovator and financial advisor has now landed the big job at Coriant. The company recently hired Kheradpir as CEO after he resigned from Jupiter Networks, an unexpected development in his career. But Coriant hopes to benefit from Kheradpir’s well-known expertise in the networking technology industry, and hopes that he can drive their product and service sales to the top. Coriant’s products are SDN-enabled and are focused on high-speed deliveries with cloud-based technology, state-of-the-art data centers, high-end routing and switching modules, and 4G and 5G mobile connectivity platforms. While Coriant has some major competitors is up against such as Cisco and ZTE, Kheradpir is looking to make inroads with some major international carriers.

Kheradpir has spent 28 years helping to finance and develop major technological solutions, dating back all the way to his time at GTE Corporation. Kheradpir was hired at GTE after finishing his bachelor’s in electrical engineering and control systems at Cornell University, and he helped the company develop various networking patents. Probably the most notable was the TONICS, a switched telephone network system built with a lot of bells and whistles, but meant to integrate into the company network infrastructure.

Kheradpir also had an interest in fiber-optic technology, and after Verizon bought out GTE Labs, Kheradpir would help the company make advances in the growing technology. In fact, it was Kheradpir who laid the framework for Verizon’s FiOS, a service that delivers internet and television through high grade fiber cables, delivering a world class streaming experience to homes and businesses all across the globe. In addition to FiOs, he helped Verizon grow other solutions such as their VoIP service, and by the time he left the company Verizon had grown to a $12 billion enterprise.

Kheradpir also gained experience in the banking industry as he served at Barclay’s PLC as Chief Operating Officer. During his time there, he spearheaded the TRANSFORM program, an initiative aimed at bringing more advanced digitized systems into the banking industry. He also helped the bank cut costs in its operations through the program. Shaygan Kheradpir had originally looked to take his expertise in both technology developments and financial cost-cutting to Jupiter Technologies, in order to grow their new cloud-based networking equipment production and sales, but after a brief period there determined it wouldn’t work out, he now takes that expertise with a renewed commitment to serve as CEO of Coriant.

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Securus Makes Prison Calling Really Easy

Securus has been making prison calls easy for a long time, and now our family has gotten into the act because we work with a prison ministry that checks in on inmates through our church. We all have the Securus app on our phones, and we are all checking in on prison inmates who belong to the program that we are working with. We are pretty happy with the results that we are getting, and we know that all our calls are secure. Even my teenagers have been working with the ministry using the app, and it helps prevent us from driving up to the jail all the time.
We have a few dozen people in our church working with inmates through Securus, and we are very pleased with the experience. We know that spiritual growth is a very serious and personal matter, and we also want to make sure that are speaking in private. Securus America has very secure calls that we can have with our inmates, and we are taking video calls so that we can see how each inmate is doing. We have been able to make connections with lots of people who are in and out jail, and we are even hosting some of the inmates who have been released in our housing units.

Our church is committed to helping people in prison, and we are very happy with the way that Securus works. Even our pastor is using the app to get in touch with inmates, and we are really happy that the prison system is cooperating. They have made it possible with Securus to talk to people who are in need of spiritual guidance, and we are giving that guidance as much as possible all through our phones on the Securus app. Every video call has been a blessing. For more info visit PR Newswire.




Skout Is Great for College Students

I love Skout. It has become the only social media platform that I need. It is good to see such a good amount of people that are joining. That makes the site very intriguing. I also enjoy the articles that are found on the website.

I recently came across an article about the 10 friendliest college towns. As someone that is getting ready to consider applying to colleges soon, I found this advice to be very helpful. That is why I cherish this site so much. It always provides helpful bits of information like this that I cannot find anywhere else.

I think other people flock to this site and download the app because it has such a large number of people from so many different places. I don’t have any trouble meeting new people when I am on Skout.

I have found that this is the quickest way to find friends when you move to a new city as well. I moved to New Jersey, and I made a lot of friends online before I ever got to the city. It was great because they showed me around when I got there.

I think that this site differs from a lot of other social network sites by being one that has surveys and articles that have information that is relevant to young people like myself. I have seen some of the other social media sites get cluttered with advertising and information outside of my age group. Skout, however, is trendy and hip.

I think that Skout is one of the better websites for people that are trying to pull all of their social media needs under one umbrella. It is very easy to build contacts with friends and network for jobs all under the same app. I think that this has become one of the most interesting sites because it brings a ton of people together for different things.

It certainly makes me happy to have an app on the phone that helps me maximize my time. I don’t know what other people are using, but this app has become the best source of information and entertainment for me and my online friends.

I have tried Facebook and other sites like Twitter. The best one has been Skout because it gives me more access to local people in my area. I feel good about what this site provides for users.

I feel good about the influx of social media sites that are becoming available today. I think think that this is the best form of communication for the young crowd. I am busy, but I always have time to check this app. It’s quick and very easy to use.

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