Groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights


There are many groups that fight for human rights. These rights groups fight for rights that include civil rights, human rights and migrant rights. There are many groups all-round the country.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The group is a leader in California in the fight for immigrant families and also individuals. They act as agents towards the realization of the right for free mobility human rights participation in democracy. Their main agenda is a society that will make it possible for all to be inclusive even for immigrants.

They want to do their work by changing public opinion and building power while changing policy for full civil, immigrant and human rights. The group was formed after the 1986 act; Immigration Reform and Control Act. The act made it illegal to hire undocumented workers. This was seen as a recipe for exploiting and abusing workers.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The project carries out its work with the commitment to protecting the civil rights and human rights of immigrants. It does this through advocacy, outreach and litigation towards achieving its set out objectives. The project carries out the biggest litigation program in the country. This is through the Supreme Court and district courts. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Larcey | Facebook

They are dedicated towards the realization of the human rights of immigrants. Mike and Jim are concerned with the implementation of all the guarantees of the constitution and achieving equal justice for all regardless of the immigration status. This has led to the challenging the legality of laws that tend to deny immigrants the right to the judicial process.

Amazon Watch

Based in Sans Francisco, Amazon Watch works in the Amazon basin. It works with environmental organizations and indigenous groups towards the advancement of indigenous’ people rights. This is after the continued growth of the large scale development of projects like the oil and gas pipeline.

The Advocates for Human Rights

They are at the front in the fight for human rights in the world. They are agents for change at the local, regional and at a global level. They are support by volunteers, partners and staff to implement international standards of human rights while reinforcing the rule of law. They have been fighting for human rights for more than 30 years changing the lives of children, women and immigrants.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The co-founders of Phoenix New Times Michael Lacey and Jim Larking have decided to fund organizations that fight for migrant rights throughout Arizona. The source of the funds will be the settled resulting from their arrest by the Sheriff.

The two reporters decided to use the $3.75 million arising from their settlement after their arrest. They were arrested from their home at night and jailed after doing a story about the sheriff. They revealed that there was a grand jury proceedings that was supposed to get reporters notes after they did a story about the sheriff.

The two reporters sued the county being motivated by the fact that they had fought towards the implementation of first amendment rights. They won the case and were awarded settlement money amounting to $3.75 million.

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The Exit Strategies Of Different Traders As Described By Netpicks

There are many different types of traders with different trading goals. Part of the trading goals are exit strategies. There are three exit strategies when it comes to trading. There is the exit for maximum profits, the exit to break even, and the exit for cutting losses. It is important to know each of them so that the trading session will turn out to be a success or a minimal failure. This is very important because this is money that is being used to bring in more money. Sources like Netpicks has tips that can keep people from losing all of their money.  Useful link on

One tip that Netpicks talks about is locating a day trading target. This can be done by looking at the market structure. One of the most important things to learn is how to read the price action. This can help the trader know when things are going to change and whether or not it is a good idea to make the trade. Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit still and even move away from the market to wait for another day. Some of the most successful traders are those that do not trade that much.

Among the techniques that Netpicks suggest is reading the trends. The trend is the general direction the price action is going. What makes a trend is when the price action makes tends towards a certain direction. For instance, an upward trend is where the price action rises higher. Also, the lower part of the trend is higher than the previous low. Some trends are strong. One thing about trends that even Netpicks would advise is that the market is unpredictable. There is no telling how long a trend is going to last. However, trading with the trend is one of the most effective strategies for gaining profits. Additional tips here.

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Whitney Wolfe- the Woman behind Feminist Dating App Bumble

     Whitney Wolfe is the sole founder and Chief executive officer of the dating app Bumble. Prior to her present venture, Whitney Wolfe was the co-founder of an almost similar dating app, Tinder, and she gained popularity for promoting the app on college campuses.

Being a huge advocate for anti-bullying, the ongoing harassment on social media platforms especially for young women inspired her to create a social media platform for the sole purpose of helping women gain their confidence while feeling empowered and comfortable at the same time. She opted to switch things up a little with Bumble as it requires that women, rather than men, initiate the dating process.

Just eight months after its launch, Bumble got so much exposure and was said to have over 500,000 users who apparently spent at least an hour per day in the app. Whitney Wolfe aims at transforming Bumble into the ‘fulcrum of connections.’ She also wants to take a different direction as compared to Facebook which she believes is good at connecting people you are already familiar with; she aims at building a social media platform for strangers rather than friends.

Whitney wants women to gain control of all their relationships, irrespective of whether they are romantic, platonic or simply professional.

Bumble has experienced exceptional growth since it was launched and this goes to show that other dating apps have completely neglected their female statistics. It is considered second most downloaded app on Apple Lifestyle with only Tinder at the top. It is currently growing at a fast rate of 15% per week with 60% of the matches turning into conversations.

Bumble is yet to monetize and details of its funding are unknown. However, Whitney Wolfe’s partner and big financer is Andrey Andreev, who launched another multi-billion dollar social media platform Badoo.

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U.S. Money Reserve Makes Buying Gold As Easy As Possible

When trying to buy assets such as precious metals, the best thing to do is make sure that the process is as easy as possible. One thing about this approach is that it makes things a lot faster for people who are new to the activity of buying precious metals.

One of the reasons that this is the desired effect is that if everything was extremely complicated, then people would be scared away from buying precious metals. Therefore, the company makes sure that it does everything it can to make the business process much better for the customer so that he does not get discouraged.

One of the things that U.S. Money Reserve does every once in a while is update its site with new technology. The site gets a new look and a better function. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

While some companies update their sites for cosmetic reasons, U.S. Money Reserve makes sure that the look represents their status and presents customers with a much easier experience when it comes to buying gold. Therefore, they not only get to enjoy their time when shopping for precious metals, they can also rest assured that they have the authentic metals that are going to profit them in the long run.

While it is often stated that some of the best things are worked for, U.S. Money Reserve does not want people to have to do more work than necessary.

One thing that is frustrating is excess work. As a result, people will often go to the company that offers an easier experience for the same amount of reward. U.S. Money Reserve understands the importance of lower difficulty. When people have a choice, they are most likely going to go for the most that they can get with their efforts.

U.S. Money Reserve has been started with the idea that the brokers made things a little too complicated for the user. The creators of U.S. Money Reserve have put a lot of thought into what they can do in order to make the experience better not just for them, but for users that want to make profits off of their purchases.

The Latest in Care Quality from Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Now, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the only country hospital system that strictly handles complex cancer diseases. While its main headquarter is in Boca Raton, Florida, CTCA is treating patients, nationwide.


For the latest in care quality from cancer treatment centers of America, Clinical Pathways is in place to give every cancer patient the best treatment and attention. Each adult patient can receive support in fighting cancer at Tulsa, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia hospitals.


Also, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined forces with Allscripts and NantHealth in launching Clinical Pathways. This is a complete and custom oncology treatment program. The platform includes prototype rules that will identify evidence-based treatment of current patients.


These platforms, Allscripts Sunrise and Eviti, are united to enable drug and prescription specialists to serve the needs of the patient more efficiently. As a result, Clinical Pathways will aid in clarifying care delivery and therapeutic selection for an easier route.


At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, each patient receives a devoted cancer expert team appointed to care for his or her concern. These specialists will help the cancer victim deal with side effects such as malnutrition, pain or nausea.


The advantage for the patient is that all these doctors and practitioners are found right there in the hospital. And, regularly, they refer to one another and individually with the participant.


Further, this enables them to set up an individualized plan in watching the patient’s advancement and readjusting when necessary. Originated on the patient-centered approach of giving care, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to providing tailor-made cancer treatments.


Therefore, the improved multifaceted approach to cancer care is important for the patients’ best treatment for the disease, without delays and interruptions.

More information on CTCA can be found on YouTube.

Mike Heiligenstein Juggles Many Projects With The CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of the CTRMA, and he is ensuring that the state of Texas has better mobility options for all its citizens. He works out of Austin where he is in charge of a number of things from toll roads to the new transport options for the state. This article explains how Mike expertly juggles all the work he must do, and there is a look at all the things that are coming to the state.


#1: Toll Roads


Mike has been in charge of toll roads for some time, and he wishes to ensure that they are turning a profit for the state every year. The money that is raised helps the CTRMA do its work, and Mike wishes to ensure that all toll rates are correct. Someone who is interested in helping the state may choose to use the tolls roads that offer better access to the best parts of central Texas, and they will find that each toll booth has been improved under Mike’s leadership.


#2: New Rail And Buses


Mike is participating in many new public forums that are meant to allow the public to ask questions about rail options that he has proposed. He knows that there are a number of people who wish to see changes made to the state’s transportation system, and he will add as much as possible under new plans he has outlined.


#3: Maintaining Less Traffic


The work that is done by the CTRMA will help reduce traffic, and Mike knows that he will get people off the roads if they are taking buses and trains. He hopes to improve the roads to ensure that they are less-congested, and he will continue to work with the CTRMA to plan projects that will benefit everyone.


#4: He Is An Expert


There are many people who look up to Mike Heiligenstein because he is an expert in the field, and he has studied transportation for years while rising through the ranks. He believes in offering a better transportation experience for all, and he knows that there is an option that will work for everyone.


Mike Heiligenstein is the best person for the job of running the CTRMA, and he will continue to improve their transit options for everyone in Texas. He wants to see all corridors from Austin improve, and he will do so with toll roads, rail and buses.


Who is Sawyer Howitt?

Who is Sawyer Howitt? What is the Meriwether Group? And, what makes them such a big deal? The simple answer to that question is an avatar, a business building businesses, and together they get the job done. Based in Portland OR with a second office in San Francisco CA, the services Meriwether provides to entrepreneurs include such things as brand building, sourcing, manufacturing, international expansion and just about anything else that needs to be done to kick start new ventures in the world of commerce.

Although the main office is in Oregon, the business value of the Meriwether Group’s San Francisco branch is crucial. Duel locations and the network connections from the CA office keep the company aware of the latest technological advances, in an effort to be forward moving. David Howitt, is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Meriwether. Sawyer Howitt is at the service of them both, and he serves well enough to merit attention.

As anyone who is personally and spiritual devoted to a business can tell you, the official title one holds should describe skill sets and any applicable pedigrees. It does not necessarily or properly qualify all the tasks performed in a work day. Sawyer Howitt’s official title is Project Manager. And, like many employed professionals, he is expected to perform more than one task to perfection throughout the work week. These often include consulting, drafting executive level spreadsheets and giving presentations to clients. His natural talent for understanding and acting on behalf of clientele’s business needs makes him most a powerful asset to the Meriwether Group, indeed.

Outside of his work responsibilities, Sawyer’s repetoire includes leadership functions. Beside the Meriwether Group, his experience includes directing philanthropic organizations whose causes are focused on civil rights and social justice. This experience falls in line with his contributions to the ethnic studies and mentoring groups that he is a member of, as a student.

Not as uncommon as some people think, he also has hands-on experience in customer service, similar to many other practicing professionals. In his case, the experience comes from Kure Juice bars.

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The Exemplary Performance of Julie Zuckerberg in the Recruitment Field

The talent recruitment industry is vital to the corporate world since business need to be served by competent professionals for them to be productive and perform well in the markets. Julie Zuckerberg is reputable staffing and hiring professional that has had an opportunity to work for various leading businesses in New York. She has been dedicated passionate about her career, and this has facilitated her to make significant accomplishments. Julie has served the sector for over 15 years and has created an excellent reputation in the legal and banking industries.


Zuckerberg currently offers recruitment support at the Deutsche Bank. She works as the talent acquisition lead of the German company and has played a major role in developing a robust workforce at the firm. Julie schooled at the City University of New York, where she completed his undergraduate studies. She was later admitted to study at the New York Law School and was awarded a degree in law. Julie was appointed to act as a director of candidate placement after completing her higher education.


Julie’s had a successful career at Hudson for the five years that she served it. Hudson is a corporation that has majored in the provision of recruitment solutions to businesses in the finance and legal industry. The firm is focused on hiring professionals such as attorneys, case managers, and paralegals. She also assisted Hudson in recruiting various subordinate employees who were needed by its clients. Julie’s other responsibilities at the organization included guiding professionals on their job descriptions, promotions and the benefits that they were entitled. She also served as an arbitrator when problems occurred between the employer and the employees. This role enabled her to be knowledgeable in conflict resolution and counseling.


Zuckerberg gained adequate experience at Hudson and later moved to Citi Group. She was hired to hold the executive recruiter’s office at Citi Global Functions. The top position enabled her to become highly knowledgeable in hiring company executives and leading negotiations during recruitment. Julie was highly trusted by the firm in the development and enactment of unparalleled recruitment policies. Her other role at the corporation was to address major employee issues such as immigration, equity buyouts, relocation, and clawbacks. She served the firm for about six years and had an opportunity to empower herself in audits, management, law, and recruitments.


The next enterprise that Julie Zuckerberg worked for was the New York Life Insurance Company. The firm made her its recruitment lead, and she headed the hiring of various professionals that it needed. Zuckerberg actively consulted with the senior managers of the company to determine the best business strategies that could enable it to offer excellent services to the clients. She was an employee of the insurance corporation for a few months before the Deutsche Bank offered her a job. Julie has helped the company is accessing professionals who were devoted to supporting its growth. The recruitment expert has been an advocate for human rights and the welfare of animals. She also loves art and photography.


Get The Best Services From Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

 Services From Litigation Attorney Karl HeideckUPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Karl Heideck explains the lawsuit by Philedelphia against Wells Fargo. Click here to read the full article.

When one is in a situation that needs a lawyer, the first instinct is to call an attorney. Most people who are not conversant with the knowledge of law find it difficult deciding which lawyer is needed in a given situation. When faced with a legal battle that is not criminal, then you need a litigator to foresee the proceedings of your case. A litigator is, thus, an attorney who specializes in lawsuits involving medical malpractices, divorce, environmental law and real estate lawsuits among others. Their coverage is broad and time-consuming, especially if the case goes to trial. A litigator takes the case through all the necessary steps of pretrial, depositions, mediation and trial if it gets to this point.

Litigator Karl Heideck
Litigator Karl Heideck

A litigator needs to be very smart, well conversant with history and current trends in the field that he/she is representing. Generally, for a successful litigator, you must be very good in your communication skills, critical thinking, excellent interpersonal skills and good knowledge of substantiate and procedural law. To practice as a litigator, one must go to law school to get a degree, and later pass the bar exam. Experience is also necessary, which can be gained through entry-level jobs.

Karl Heideck practices law in the greater Philadelphia areKarl Heideck is one of the litigators based in Philadelphia, and very well known for his success in his duties. He has less than ten years since graduating from law school yet he has already built a good name out of his achievements. He also represents other clients with risk management and compliance cases.

Karl went through all the steps needed to become a litigator. He went to one of the best law schools, Temple University Beasley School of Law, and had practiced with several law firms including. Karl gained extensive knowledge in security fraud and banking litigation, bankruptcy and pharmaceutical litigation cases.

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Thinking About A Wessex Career

Sooner or later, just about everyone thinks that they’ve reached a point in their career that requires a change. A change to a better opportunity to expand their career horizons. One way to reach this goal is through starting a career at Wessex Institute of Technology. The higher learning institute is located in the New Forest National Park in England. This is a wonderful and relaxing setting for higher learning and the exchange of knowledge between professionals and those in the academic world. It is also a place that offers a great opportunity to start a very rewarding career.

Getting Started With A Wessex Career

Before applying to the Wessex Institute of Technology, take time to assess your skills, education, and experience. Perform this task by sitting down and reviewing your background and goals. Also, prepare a new resume and a letter of introduction. These are great items to include on your application to Wessex for a job opening.