Morning Makeup Routine For Traveling


Wengie teaches us how to maintain a morning makeup routine while traveling. Begin by investing in a makeup travel bag that compartmentalizes your makeup and skincare products.

Wengie always travels with moisturizing masks because the air conditioning in planes and hotels dry out her skin. By applying the mask at night, she saves time and gets to enjoy a little pampering! Follow the mask with a light face massage to remove toxins.

In the morning, she wipes down her face with toner pads. She follows with SK-2 essence and a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Skip this step if your skin is oily. Apply a light textured sunscreen that you can wear underneath your makeup. As advised by Wengie, this step is a must in your skincare routine!

Begin applying makeup to the face by tapping in foundation with a cushion pad. Start from the interior of the face, tapping outward to the edges. Lighten the application as you apply the product. Next, apply a shine free blurring powder to the t-zone to avoid looking greasy later in the day.

Moving on to the eyes, fill in the brows with a color pencil and add a light coat of brow mascara. Using the Balm travel pallet, you can carry your lipgloss, blush, and eye color in one light cardboard pallet. Wengie rubs in her eye color with her finger, avoiding the need to pack brushes. Using a pen liner gives you control and doesn’t make a mess when it rubs away. An added tip is to get lash extensions before your trip to avoid needing to pack mascara.

Next, Wengie applies a lavender blush and flirty peach lip gloss. Peach is a natural color that is easy to maintain throughout the day. Amazingly, Wengie’s travel routine only takes her fifteen minutes in the morning and that is all it has to take you! So get some extra sleep or enjoy more of your time on new adventures!

Wengie’s Vlogs: August Favorites Are A Must-See, Ladies!

We are so obsessed with Wengie’s Vlogs on YouTube and can’t get enough.

Today, we are watching Wengie’s “August Favorites – Contour, Eyeliner and More!”

It’s been almost an entire year since the beautiful YouTube sensation had launched another August favorite, so here it is. Wendy looks gorgeous in pink and purple candy-colored hair, wearing a floral halo in the same shades.

These are her best, go-to products she’s into at the moment. Wengie loves contouring, because it defines the bone structure in her round facial shape. She uses it heavily along her jawline and up through the outermost cheekbone area.

The two contouring brands Wengie always has on hand are the Anastasia Contour Creme Kit from Sephora and the Kat Von D powder contour kit. She adores both products and uses the cremey bases for both contouring and highlighting her face. Favorite shades from Anastasia kit are Java and Havana for contouring and Banana and Fair for highlighting. She uses the Kat kit to set her work, because they are powdered. Wengie always carries a large, dual purpose makeup brush that has contouring and highlighting brush bristles at each end.

Another great product she recommends is the Waterpik Oral Irrigator. It’s fab at removing articles a regular toothbrush cannot get out, and it’s nice and portable and doesn’t take up much counter space.

Wengie also raves about the Simga Foundation brush for its neat flat angle. The Kabuki brush is ideal for perfect foundation application.

Next, are the Balm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette.

Wengie fell in love with the Schwing liquid liner, as it creates a gorgeous longer eye shape for her. It’s basically smudge-proof and works like a dream. She cannot live without eyeliner and a winged, cat-eye.

The popular bar eye shadow palette is Wengie’s favorite for everyday makeup, and it smells so heavenly. The texture is beautiful, and she loves the shades White Chocolate (base), Salted Caramel(transitional shade) and Triple Fudge in the crease. These are Wengie’s go-to colors for her glam, classic smoky eye.