Aloha Construction Wins Better Business Bureau’s 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

Founded by entrepreneur David Farbaky, Aloha Construction, Inc. is a family-owned construction and general contracting company with locations in Bloomington and Lake Zurich. Since its founding in 2008, the company has served numerous clients in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, providing side replacement, remodeling services, gutter construction and roofing services.


The company has successfully completed over 18,000 assignments and is celebrated for its stellar customer service and excellent treatment of clients and employees; this reputation was reinforced in 2017 when the company was selected by an independent panel of judges to the recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) annual Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.


Started in 1996, the Torch Award recognizes organizations that ethically serves its community, customers and employees. Nominees for the award are screened for a series of criteria, including commitments to:


  • Ethical business standards and practices
  • Constant communication and reinforcement of ethical business standards
  • Business practices that serve to unify employees within an organization
  • Organizational commitment to ethical practices by executive/managerial bodies
  • Organizational commitment to ethical practices by human resources bodies
  • Organizational commitment to supporting the wider community and other businesses.


Aloha Construction met all of these standards to qualify for the Torch Award, in addition to a few more; having being awarded locally by the BBB, financially profitable, in operation for over three years and in possession of an A+ rating by the BBB, the company was nominated for the Torch Award, going on to eventually win it.


In addition to its construction work, Aloha Construction works in collaboration with the David Farbaky Foundation to assist non-profit and sports-centered organizations and initiatives in the Lake Zurich area. Partners and beneficiaries of the collaboration include Camp One Step, Learning Express, the Illinois Flying Aces, the Kane County Cougars and Lake Zurich High School.

The Truth About an Innovative Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. SaadSaad, known as one of the most innovative pediatric surgeons in the world has now retired after 47 years of practicing medicine. What did he learn about himself and his work during this time? He learned many life lessons that he would pass onto his children, but more than that he would have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Dr. Saad’s children went on to become successful in their own right, drawing from the lessons of their father. He did not start out with an easy life, nor was he given any favors. Recently, an interview that was published with Dr. Saad shed light on how true success is really acquired, and how it can be passed onto others.

Dr. Saad made it very clear throughout the published interview, “Don’t accept anything less than the success you seek.” What was he talking about? Dr. Saad’s early life did not represent being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he was not born into a wealthy family. He was born in Palestine during the time when Israel was becoming a state. There was a lot of change as well as relocation of many who lived in this area of Palestine. His father traveled for his job, and upon his leave for work his mother was told to get on a bus with the children. They were not told where they were being relocated to, but they followed directions quickly, with his mother leaving a key under the door mat.

They were transferred to a bus still without a word as to where they would go. The family was relocated to the West Bank. His father hired a boatsman upon his return to take him along the river to find his family. The area did not have much to offer them, but his father took work in Kuwait due to the new oil drilling. It was here that he worked construction during the hot summers with his brother to soon discover that the only air condition they could access was in an operating room. It was at this time that he chose to pursue becoming a surgeon, where he could work in cooler temperatures. Learn more:

His father encouraged him to pursue education, and he became a highly regarded pediatric surgeon. He still teaches today that you can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to do, including becoming a pediatric surgeon. He had determined that this was his opportunity to accomplish great things, and he did so as a result of what he had learned from his father in early life.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is now hiring new people to join their staff. The healthcare profession is a fast paced profession that provides ample opportunity for an industrious person to advance. The fact is that the need for more people to join the healthcare field is growing. Consequently, high quality organizations like Sussex Healthcare actively recruit new people to join their staff through the year. The organization is located in Sussex, UK. Their primary specialty is taking care of the elderly and providing specialized services for adults with physical disabilities or learning disabilities. The organization also provides a wide range of supportive services for the people in their care.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an award winning organization that has been serving their community for 25 years. The organization offers personalized services to the people that are in their care. For example, they provide care for the elderly. Making it possible for the older adult to enjoy a comfortable existence with the support of the organization. They also provide peace of mind and support for families that are concerned about a family member with Dementia. Other important services include personalized care for those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and neurological difficulties. Recently, Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined their staff as the new CEO. Certainly, her dedication to the organization will provide even more high quality service in the future.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

Careers At Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is a great organization to begin a career or to rejoin the workforce. They provide a wealth of opportunities for the kind and caring person that would like to make a difference in the lives of people that require certain personal care services. The organization believes in hiring great people to work for them. In return, those individuals are provided with a number of valuable benefits. Some of the top benefits include a pension, uniforms, free transportation, reduced rate accommodations, in house training, meals, and much more.

Current Job Opportunities
Sussex Healthcare is actively recruiting new people to join their talented team of caregivers. Here are a few of the current job openings.

Care Assistant

Deputy Care Home Manager

Team Leader


Laundry Assistant


Senior Care Assistant


Dental Receptionist

Registered Mental Health Nurse

If you are searching for a healthcare opportunity with a high quality healthcare organization, consider Sussex Healthcare.

Visit for more details about Sussex Healthcare.

Whitney Wolfe- the Woman behind Feminist Dating App Bumble

     Whitney Wolfe is the sole founder and Chief executive officer of the dating app Bumble. Prior to her present venture, Whitney Wolfe was the co-founder of an almost similar dating app, Tinder, and she gained popularity for promoting the app on college campuses.

Being a huge advocate for anti-bullying, the ongoing harassment on social media platforms especially for young women inspired her to create a social media platform for the sole purpose of helping women gain their confidence while feeling empowered and comfortable at the same time. She opted to switch things up a little with Bumble as it requires that women, rather than men, initiate the dating process.

Just eight months after its launch, Bumble got so much exposure and was said to have over 500,000 users who apparently spent at least an hour per day in the app. Whitney Wolfe aims at transforming Bumble into the ‘fulcrum of connections.’ She also wants to take a different direction as compared to Facebook which she believes is good at connecting people you are already familiar with; she aims at building a social media platform for strangers rather than friends.

Whitney wants women to gain control of all their relationships, irrespective of whether they are romantic, platonic or simply professional.

Bumble has experienced exceptional growth since it was launched and this goes to show that other dating apps have completely neglected their female statistics. It is considered second most downloaded app on Apple Lifestyle with only Tinder at the top. It is currently growing at a fast rate of 15% per week with 60% of the matches turning into conversations.

Bumble is yet to monetize and details of its funding are unknown. However, Whitney Wolfe’s partner and big financer is Andrey Andreev, who launched another multi-billion dollar social media platform Badoo.

Watch for more.


The Latest in Care Quality from Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Now, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the only country hospital system that strictly handles complex cancer diseases. While its main headquarter is in Boca Raton, Florida, CTCA is treating patients, nationwide.


For the latest in care quality from cancer treatment centers of America, Clinical Pathways is in place to give every cancer patient the best treatment and attention. Each adult patient can receive support in fighting cancer at Tulsa, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia hospitals.


Also, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined forces with Allscripts and NantHealth in launching Clinical Pathways. This is a complete and custom oncology treatment program. The platform includes prototype rules that will identify evidence-based treatment of current patients.


These platforms, Allscripts Sunrise and Eviti, are united to enable drug and prescription specialists to serve the needs of the patient more efficiently. As a result, Clinical Pathways will aid in clarifying care delivery and therapeutic selection for an easier route.


At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, each patient receives a devoted cancer expert team appointed to care for his or her concern. These specialists will help the cancer victim deal with side effects such as malnutrition, pain or nausea.


The advantage for the patient is that all these doctors and practitioners are found right there in the hospital. And, regularly, they refer to one another and individually with the participant.


Further, this enables them to set up an individualized plan in watching the patient’s advancement and readjusting when necessary. Originated on the patient-centered approach of giving care, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to providing tailor-made cancer treatments.


Therefore, the improved multifaceted approach to cancer care is important for the patients’ best treatment for the disease, without delays and interruptions.

More information on CTCA can be found on YouTube.

A Hero of Transportation

Recently in Austin, Texas the Williamson County Growth Summit opted to spotlight solutions to transportation troubles directly affecting the infrastructure of the city’s suburban areas. The shift of focus from urban transit to issues facing outer, regional neighborhoods was a change of pace. The Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center hosted a panel featuring the likes of Leandre Johns, the director of Texas External Affairs, Joseph Kopser of RideScout LLC, the enigmatic product designer Jared Ficklin who represented ArgoDesign, and of course Mike Heiligenstein, the celebrated executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. While the bulk of the discussion revolved around the ways in which technology is affecting transportation as a whole, in their city, and around the globe, Mike Heiligenstein managed to directly address the need for Austin to further expand overall transportation capabilities due to currently outward expanding population moving into the suburban outskirts. Said increase of people thus demands that the city further develop roads and means of transportation for those residing in Williamson County and areas similar to it. To understand the importance of such panels and their effect on locals, one must educate themselves on all the good work being done by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and it’s leader, Mike Heiligenstein, who continues to look out for all people in an ever shifting landscape.


In 2002, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed as a government agency focused on the enhancement of local transportation infrastructure, concentrating largely on the suburban regions of Austin. Their focus revolves around crafting solutions for counties such as Travis and Williamson, which both have rapidly increasing populations in need of solid transportation systems. The Mobility Authority is composed of the aforementioned Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, his staff and occasionally additional contractors to develop transportation solutions. Their work affects a multitude of systems from airports to transit service. They deal with bike lanes and with traffic congestion. In short, the Mobility Authority stands to improve and maintain infrastructure all around the city.


Finally, one must recognizes the efforts and leadership of Mike Heiligenstein. His experience is unparalleled. He has been a Williamson County public official for twenty-three years. He oversaw the Mobility Authority’s first project and is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. He is constantly innovative and dedicated to improving regional transportation concerns, and has dedicated himself wholly to Austin.

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Securus Leads With Innovations in Inmate Communications Software in 2016

Securus Technologies announced its first 2016 release in updates for its secure technology, a single state-of-the-art calling platform to which all clients and customers have migrated and the strategy of investment required to constantly improve. This is mandated for our clients and confederates:
• family and friends;
• inmates; and
• corrections agencies.
CEO Richard Smith advised in the February 5, 2016 announcement that:
• (quote) “The Secure Calling Platform and ancillary platforms represent the largest single inmate phone calls platform in the world for corrections and law enforcement – we are #1 for a reason.”(end of quote)

The privately held company has made innovations in its software to increase public safety and security in corrections systems’ monitoring issues of inmate telephone communications.

Safe and Secure for Information Exchange
This software security investment makes Securus take top position of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the country’s law enforcement and public safety markets with over 800 products. The company holds over 100 patents for its innovations in safe and secure communication monitoring software. serve:
• Over 3,450 public safety,
• law enforcement and
• corrections agencies and
• Over 1,200,000 inmate customers

Video Visitation
Access is now available to the inmates incarcerated without the necessity of traveling or high hotel accommodation cost. These video visitations are safe and secure for:
• Payment of Inmate Phone and Other Charges
• Family visitation
• Attorney visitation conferences

Family Avoids Unexpected Calls
Family members no longer suffer haphazard communications from the inmate, as the calls and at-home video visits are scheduled in advance for a set time and date. This enables better quality inmate communication with attorney conferences as well, as the appointment for the phone conference is a legal conference appointment without any jostling with other inmates for phone access.

Requirements for Securus Video Visitation Communication
Broadband internet service must be in use by the corrections facility and by the attorney, or inmate family for the conferencing. Other requirements are:
• Simple establishment of an account with the Securus software and inmate corrections site
• Video web camera connection for interaction of web communication at both ends of inmate conference
• Definite appointment scheduled with the Securus software by the inmate corrections site.

Get the free app from Google Play here >>

The expertise with which these video visitations enable the inmate to keep a satisfactory secure communication active with his family and attorney is a boost in permitting adequate and just relationships with these important individuals for fair resolution of his case.