Netpicks Can Help you Implement a Lock and Walk Strategy

The stock market is still doing well, but the unbridled bullishness of the last couple seems to be tempered by the recent tech stock sell-off. Summer months tend to be a bit lower in volume and therefore choppier in terms of trading environment, but the current squeamishness on the market may serve to magnify this seasonal effect. A choppy market can be profitable, but it doesn’t take a genius to use technical analysis to make market in these conditions. Actually, the basics are fairly simple and anyone can apply them.

One great strategy is called “Lock and Walk.” Lock and walk refers to an approach to trading that minimizes risk and simultaneously exploits market volatility. An easy way to apply this technique on Nasdaq is simply to watch support and resistance levels in the overall market and then trade QID (ProShares Ultra QQQ) and QLD (ProShares Ultra Short QQQ). When support breaks, sell QLD, but when resistance breaks, sell QID.

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For traders seeking strategies they can use right out of the box, one option is to use a trading education service, such as Netpicks. Founded in 1996, as day trading was just coming on the scene, Netpicks has two decades of experience providing signals and systems for stocks, futures, foreign currency markets, and ETFs.

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Many of NetPick’s training options include live support from professional instructors and coaches. Netpick’s instructors are professional traders with at least five years experience in trading, while coaches are former students who have successfully applied the company’s systems. Read more info on this related link.

One advantage of using Netpicks is that the company doesn’t simply teach one approach or system, but has a variety of products that target different markets and time frames, whether you are more interested in day trading or swing trading. Check and learn from this clips on  Netpicks is based in Lakeway, Texas, in the Austin area. Related article on

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