Greg Secker on a Mission to Shape Better Traders in The Society

Greg Secker is acknowledged as an entrepreneur, who was brought into existence on 18th February 1975. Also, he is an international talker, a philanthropist, and a master trader. In the year of 2003, he founded the Knowledge to Action Group, a combination of various companies, which include Capital Index, Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, and the Greg Secker Foundation. Each of these establishments operates together to educate people on different ways of excelling in the trade to

better their lives.

In Greg Secker’s recent discussion with Inspirer, he said that the people’s’ struggle to begin trading with easiness was what inspired him to start the business. People could access little education out there, and the interests of becoming part of the trading game were high without that background of education. Therefore, he wanted the individuals to acquire this tool, particularly for trading in the foreign deals, so that they can get a chance to better their livings at a comparatively minimal risk. He stated that various platforms such as the Learn to Trade made it possible for him to exit the world of corporate to transact at his rest place at the age of 27. He also continued to state that the most important key to his achievement is the endorsement that he gets from his friends, family and the business collaborators. His most fulfilling moment in the business is the time that the Knowledge to Action began to operate for the first time.

The career of Greg Secker began in Thomas Cook Financial servicing. Later, he moved to the business of foreign exchange to operate a new business known as the Virtual Trading Desk. This was the first online Forex trading program, enabling clients to acquire the period quotes for large foreign exchange business deals.

The Greg Secker’s’ career progressed rapidly, and he became the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation and the bank of the big Fortune 500 investment in the US soon afterward. At this point, he was operating around some of the best dealers, globally. His trading account rose to the point of deciding to exit Mellon and establish a floor from his dwelling. In only three months his company, Learn to Trade was set.