New Technology Makes Buying Shoes a Snap

A recent announcement has been made that shoe lovers are certain to get a kick out of: buying shoes From Shoe Carnival is now even easier to do online. This is because the famous shoe retailer is teaming up with the company Slyce and making use of its state-of-art technology when it comes to online shopping.

Slyce was launched in February of 2013 and is headquartered in Toronto. The successful company has developed technological platforms that have allowed consumers to search online for products sold by retailers more efficiently and effectively. Product prices are searched by Slyce and that information is quickly given to the online shopper. Slyce is also the company behind Scout, a high-tech function that allows consumers to search for a product online and compare the prices and options of the various vendors that sell that product. Scout even presents buyers with coupons so that they not only find what they are looking for, but they can purchase an item at the lowest possible price.

Slyce’s latest technological tool will make the shopping experience even easier for consumers. Through Slyce’s latest technical innovation, those searching for a product can use their mobile phone and merely take a picture of the item they wish to buy. Using the 3D visual search technology Slyce has developed, consumers instantly will be presented with products that match the item in their picture.

For those that are in desperate need of new shoes,or for the shoe enthusiast, shoppers can use their cell phones to take a picture of a shoe they like that is on someone else’s foot or even a shoe that appears in a magazine. Then Scout will connect with Shoe Carnival’s inventory and present direct or close matches of shoes that are available for purchase.

Scout is available to those living in the United States or Canada; Scout is also free for shoppers to use. Slyce’s latest innovation essentially makes buying shoes and other products a snap.