Securus Makes Prison Calling Really Easy

Securus has been making prison calls easy for a long time, and now our family has gotten into the act because we work with a prison ministry that checks in on inmates through our church. We all have the Securus app on our phones, and we are all checking in on prison inmates who belong to the program that we are working with. We are pretty happy with the results that we are getting, and we know that all our calls are secure. Even my teenagers have been working with the ministry using the app, and it helps prevent us from driving up to the jail all the time.
We have a few dozen people in our church working with inmates through Securus, and we are very pleased with the experience. We know that spiritual growth is a very serious and personal matter, and we also want to make sure that are speaking in private. Securus America has very secure calls that we can have with our inmates, and we are taking video calls so that we can see how each inmate is doing. We have been able to make connections with lots of people who are in and out jail, and we are even hosting some of the inmates who have been released in our housing units.

Our church is committed to helping people in prison, and we are very happy with the way that Securus works. Even our pastor is using the app to get in touch with inmates, and we are really happy that the prison system is cooperating. They have made it possible with Securus to talk to people who are in need of spiritual guidance, and we are giving that guidance as much as possible all through our phones on the Securus app. Every video call has been a blessing. For more info visit PR Newswire.