Marc Beer- Pharmaceutical Leader of the Future!

The world of pharmaceuticals has seen its share of challenges. People who have to take medication for a specific reason want to make sure the drugs they are taking is going to help them long term. Having something of quality is extremely important to everyone’s body and the leaders of those companies should make sure of that. Marc Beer is an extraordinary leader with over 25 years of experience in this venture. He has led multiple companies in a successful way and sit on the board of several organizations as well. This is the gentleman who knows what to do and how to help everyone live healthier lives.


Marc Beer attended Miami University in Oxford, OH from 1983 – 1987 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He wasted no time getting involved in the medical field to pursue his dreams of leading and marketing for companies to benefit consumers around the world. From 1988 – 2000, Marc crafted his education via sales for 3 major pharmaceutical companies. If you want the people to trust in what you’re presenting to them, you must be an extraordinary seller! This isn’t a job for the average person, it is a learned skill or a gifted talent you were born with. Mr. Beer was quite successful from this role that his next task was founding Chief Executive Officer with Viacell in Cambridge, MA. This company enabled the widespread of human cells and addressed infertility, diabetes and cancer to name a few. Under his leadership, the company grew to 300 employees and went public in 2005. (


Since his initial start as CEO with Viacell, Marc Beer continued to make lasting bonds with companies needing his help. He is a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council, Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors of Good Start Genetics, Inc, member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and much more. He is very dedicated to the work put forth into the development and experience in biotechnology and diagnostics, something he has been doing for a little over 25 years.


Marc Beer is currently the CEO of Renovia, Inc- co-founded with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorié. He recently raised $42 million to fund the development of four more new products. Remember he is good at sales! Renovia focuses on creating devices to treat pelvic floor disorders in women. Treatments are to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles in the pelvic area due to stress and urinary issues. Although the establishment of this company occurred in 2016, the expertise Marc Beer and the other leaders bring to the table will propel the success of Renovia for future years to come. Learn more :

Clay Hutson Sound engineer and production manager.

Clay Hutson is a production manager and a live sound engineer. He has experience and knowledge in fields such as Production Management, Production Design, show producer, monitor engineer, rigging, logistics and stage management.Clay Hutson is a long time user of DiGiCo. In 2011 he was out on tour with Staind founder and frontman Aaron Lewis.Clay Hutson took the mantle over some various tasks. These include day to day production and tour manager.He was also the front of the house engineer and monitor engineer.Clay Hutson has had the privilege of working with about every DiGiCo console that is available on the market.These include SD7 on several tours and some SD8’s on several one time gigs. Hutson also had the first hand-built D5 when he was out on tour with Marilyn Manson several years ago.


Taking a step back and looking at the stateside tours that occurred last summer, these were the most demanding tours. For this reason, it was only right that many trusted their audio production task with DiGiCo’s SD7 console.This raised the standards for live sound engineering.SD7 has a one of a kind Digital Processing and a unique super FPGA technology.The SD7 has become well known in performing duties at Front Of the House mixing and for monitoring tours of different sizes and genres. Tours that the SD7 has featured include Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 just to mention a few.


Maxwell who is a Grammy-awarded NeoSoul stylist was back on stage this spring after much anticipation from fans all around the world.He was on a co-bill tour with Jill Scott who is a soul and R&B songwriter and singer. Both of the groups used the SD7 console to meet their needs for the monitor.Clay Hutson was the one in charge of handling the headliner.Clay Hutson was confident that the SD7 was the only console that would be able to manage the amounts of inputs and outputs combined for both groups.Due to its stealth processing technology, it allowed Clay Hutson have access to a variety of dynamics and effects.This ensured the success of the tour and Clay Hutson was happy that the SD7 console met all the needs it was required to do.
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