Cotemar Mexico 101: History, Values, and Services Offered

Cotemar is a Mexican company that prides itself in serving the gas and oil industry. Its advent dates back to the year 1979 when it was founded as a service company primarily aimed at aiding the energy sector. The company has over the years grown into one of the top-rated offshore service companies in the gas and oil sector. At the time, it provided services to Petroleos Mexicanos.



  • History


The story of Cotemar S.A de C.V starts off in 1979 when it was officially established to provide services to the oil industry specifically in accommodation, catering, and specialized devices to be used at the Campeche Bay. By 1981, Cotemar had steadily progressed and managed to increase its fleet hence increasing its ability to transport more personnel as well as materials. The company went ahead to acquire its first rig in 1985 which was set up to serve as an accommodation rig. In 1996, Cotemar managed to extend its grip in the market by increasing its fleet to three vessels and three rigs. By 2012, in collaboration with COSCO, the company was already in the process of building semi-submersible specialized cranes, as well as maintenance vessels for the transportation of solid and liquid materials. In 2015, Cotemar officially launched the two semi-submersible rigs which enable them to join the onshore upstream business. In 2016, one of the Cotemar subsidiaries was awarded a contract for the Moloacan tender, in the state of Veracruz. Today, Cotemar is still on the rise and has established itself as one of the leading service providers in the industry.



  • Values


Cotemar bases its operations on three critical values; dependability, client satisfaction, and trustworthiness. This is why the company prides itself on offering top quality services to all its clients.



  • Services


Generally speaking, the company provides services to the oil and gas industry. It does this through offering offshore food and accommodation services, transporting huge structures upstream using specialized vessels, offering offshore maintenance and transportation as well as processing of oil. The company also participates heavily in modernization, construction, engineering, and maintenance of various oil related mechanisms.

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