Gooee’s Bid to Pioneer the Connecting of Internet of Things to Lighting

Gooee is best known for their expertise in LED lighting which happens to be a subject that many people do not understand. LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode and is the latest technology in the market that represents efficient lighting. The diode is made out of a material that is a semiconductor and can convert electricity to light. LED lighting is best suited for persons that are budget conscious for it consumes 85% less energy as compared to incandescent and halogen lighting consequently significantly lowering the power bills. In addition to lower power consumption, their other advantage is that they last longer than all other types of lighting clocking approximately 25000 to 50000 hours.

Gooee continues to strive to provide its customers with a myriad of smart lighting options and to this regard, it made a bid to connect lighting to the IoT. Gooee’s aim is to have people living in a world where not just smartphones and computers are connected to the internet, but everything. The firm hopes to do this by making millions of low-cost sensors and microchips and get manufacturers of luminaires to start putting them into their products.

Gooee believes that the only way this project will be achievable is if the cost of putting the connectivity and sensing into the luminaires is brought down significantly. According to the company, it has already factored in this requirement by making significant investments required to build the technology and it believes that rolling it out on a large scale will lower the unit cost significantly.

Gooee LED Lights