How Fashion Guru Chris Burch Built The Best Resort In the World

Chris Burch is known for creating some of the most iconic retail fashion brands on the market. From Tory Burch to C. Wonder, Mr. Burch has more than excelled in the fashion world. So it was kind of a surprise that Mr. Burch would take the ultracompetitive world of luxury resort development. And even more astounding that Chris Burch’s Indonesian beach resort would be voted the best in the world.

Working with hotelier James McBride, Chris Burch purchased a beach hostel on the remote Indonesian island of Sumba and proceeded to perform $30 million dollars worth of renovations. The result – a 2016 award for best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine.  More to read here.

Named Nihiwatu, this 5-star resort features 27 private villas along with Chris Burch’s private home. The hotel attracts the rich and famous who have flocked to this remote Indonesian island to enjoy the best resort destination on the planet.  Additional article on

As the largest employer on the island, Chris Burch is very aware of the resort’s impact on the local population. That is why Mr. Burch donates a portion of the resort’s revenue to the Sumba Foundation, which helps funds projects in the local community.  For more of his views on business related matters, head over to

Chris Burch has spent his life thinking big. Starting in college, he along with his brother, started Eagle’s Eye apparel. Selling from door to door, the apparel company soon grew to over $140 million in sales. Mr. Burch sold the entire business in 1998.  Refer to for a related article.

Mr. Burch started Tory Burch in 2004 with his wife. The brand became one of the biggest names in fashion retail, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Later in the decade, Mr. Burch would help develop other fashion brands leading to the creation of C. Wonder.

From fashion to resort development, Chris Burch has adapted his unique style and flawless execution across two competitive fields. The result is a resume of success that will be hard for anyone to match in the future.

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