Securus Technologies, Making Great Moves For 2018

Securus Technologies is one of the largest technology company in the United States who is dedicated to providing the best inmate communication services and the best investigating tools and services for criminal and personal matters. Securus Technology is a company who is accredited by the BBB and they have been in service since the late 1980s. Securus has gained so much success from their company because they practice great business techniques. Some of the companies standards consists of being transparent, advertising honestly, tell the trust, follow through on promises, be responsive, embody integrity, and use and enforce the safe guard policy.


All of these standards is what helped Securus become one of the most trusted companies in the United States at this time. The company provides services for millions of people in the US and in Canada. Securus recently completed a great business move that will surly increase the growth of their company through the year. The company announced that they have bought GoPayNet, which will defiantly help their company grow since they will now be able to provide a variety of payment options and services to their customers. Robert Pickens was very pleased with Securus and GoPayNet teaming up together. He made an announcement, speaking publicly about how happy and excited he was about the partnership. Many people are excited to begin to start using the new services that Securus has to offer.


GoPayNet provides debit and credit card payment services that need to by paid for government reasons. The company has established business practices with almost 3,000 agencies located throughout the entire country. GoPayNet is the company who people contact who need to pay any of their court fees, probation fees, or government fines electronically. Everyone is excited to see what this new partnership will bring to the public!