Recap article about Wen by Chaz

Life is too short to have boring hair. Wen is a cleansing conditioner living up to this standard. Their shampoo is a wonderful conglomeration of 3 things in one. It is a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair treatment. It is formulated for all hair types and comes in different scents. The sephora fig version is a popular one because it provides extra moisture and gives the hair a sought after sheen.

One girl in particular wanted to test out this infamous product and she embarked on a 7 day journey documented on Bustle, to see if the results held true. Emily’s first day started off with skepticism. She was using double or more the amount of WEN than she normally used. Her first day results were noticeable. Her hair felt thicker, less hair fell out when she showered and after blowdrying she noticed a lot more sheen and bounce.

She was okay with that result and was impressed at how healthy and shiny her hair looked. On day five she tried a different look and decided to curl her hair after washing and rinsing it with Wen. She found out that after she curled her hair, the waves fell a little more quickly but it still looked and felt amazing.

By day seven she continued to have consistent results. She noticed that WEN is a product that has to be used daily to have great results. Consistency is key. One’s hair suffers in between washes. When using the product she noted that her hair was healthier, manageable, shinier and looked great. It is not for the lazy. Staying on routine is the key to success.