OSI Group: A Leading Giant in the Competitive Food Industry

OSI Group, LLC, is a privately owned company dealing with food processing, production, and sales of value-added protein foods and other food products. It has several retail brands in the food industry. OSI Group headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, United States. The products offered are majorly all types of meals from breakfast sausages, bacon, cooked beef & pork, chicken products, pizza based products, hot dogs, sandwich products, and cooked beef patties. For those who would love fresh or frozen products, they are all available here. It is said that the current OSI Group was known as OSI Industries in the former days and the name was changed to what it is today in the year 2004. This company was founded in the year 1909.

The leadership team of the famous OSI Group consists of Mr. Sheldon Lavin, the chairman & CEO, Mr. David G. McDonald, the president and chief operating officer, Bill Weimer, the CFO and executive VP, Uwe Robler, the managing director, and Mr. Brent Afman, the senior VP and GM of Processing. This is the skillful and experienced leadership team behind the successful OSI Group.

OSI Group has several plants in different continents and countries. These include Geneva, Chicago, West Chicago, Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Fort Atkinson, Utah, Riverside, Wisconsin, and California. The company is dedicated to the production of many brand foods and co-packs with the major brand names on their items. OSI Group has around 65 facilities in the entire 17 countries globally. This company has been a leading meat products supplier to China and other fast food chain partners. These include the Papa John’s Pizza and the Pizza Hut. For a long time, OSI Group has received numerous awards, among them is as a result of their proper management of health, environmental management, and safety risk measures.

Forbes listed OSI Group in the 136th position as among the American’s largest private companies in the year 2011. This was based on the annual revenues that stood at $3 billion. Later on, in 2016, OSI Group rose in its position and became the 58th on the Forbes list for the leading private companies in the US. Their revenue at that time was at $6.1 billion. By the year 2016, OSI Group employees were over 20,000 across all the offices. This is a significant meat processing industry that encompasses all meat products from pork, poultry, fish, beef in conjunction with vegetables, dough products to create a great meal.


OSI Group, a U.S. Food Service Company with Global Reach

OSI Group is one of the top suppliers of value added- food products, serving the world’s leading food service and retail food brands.

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is one of the largest privately held companies in the Untied States. OSI’s offers global food supply chain management, handling all matters from sourcing, processing, and distribution, as well as, customized food product development. OSI also conducts food research and development activities, food process engineering, and food quality and safety assurance activities.

OSI Group applies stringent regulations and policies to ensure high quality of service and maintain food safety. Safety steps taken by the Group include using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification.

OSI Group was recognized for its high quality services and commitment to environmental management when OSI Food Solutions in UK won the Globe of Honor Award in 2016. This award, given by the British Safety Council, distinguishes companies for their exemplary management of environmental risk.

It is no wonder that OSI was recognized in 2016 as one of the top 100 food and beverages in the world. This recognition is a result of OSI Group’s strong leadership and extraordinary growth.

Currently, OSI Group has an international reach with more than 65 facilities spread across 17 countries, and employees around 20,000 employees worldwide. OSI plans to continue its market expansion by investing in new facilities and warehouses. For example, in 2016, OSI Group purchased a Tyson plan in Chicago’s south side. OSI Group also acquired Baho, a Dutch owned convenience food, deli meats, and snacks manufacturer and the British food service supplier, Flagship Europe.