Jeff Yastine Examines The Crisis Of Deserted Malls

Jeff Yastine believes the death of the retail malls in 2017 may be at an end. Shopping districts remain empty, UPS freight vans fill the streets, Amazon continues to make deliveries, and airborne delivery drones are the expected wave of the future. According to rumor, Brookfield Property Partners offered GGP a $14.8 billion buyout causing their stock to increase eighteen percent. This was on the heels of the forty percent drop GGP suffered in July of last year.

Brookfield understands despite the lost traffic due to internet retail, many possibilities regarding revenue have been overlooked. GGP made a deal for one of their mall properties in Seattle with a national developer of real estate. According to the CEO on, part of the land will be redeveloped as apartment buildings. Many investors besides Brookfield feel the Amazon threat is done, and are now bargaining for low cost mall real estate.


According to Miller Value Partners is betting on the retail sector for malls. Bill Miller is the mutual fund manager, and recently purchased stakes in CBL Properties and Washington Prime Group. These are both mall-based REIT’s. Berkshire Hathaway has redeveloped dead Sear’s stores, and bought into Seritage Growth Properties and STORE Capital. The Elliott Management Corporation’s Paul Singer has a position regarding the Taubman Centers. Amazon is a large part of the reason so many malls have failed, but when mall prices fall low enough the bargain hunters will come.

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