Sujit Choudhry Take on the State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is warning that we should anticipate the disintegration of democracy around the world. He points to several indicators that this is impending: the former Attorney General under President Obama, Eric Holder’s call to action; Presidents choosing to extend their term limits; the rise of Poland’s Law and Justice Party; and democratic backsliding.  Check for additional article.

Eric Holder recently posted a tweet that stated citizens should go to the streets to protest the firing of Robert Mueller if President Trump should succeed in that task. Eric Holder suggested Trump would have crossed a red line if that happens and the people should let the Congress and White House know our leaders have abused their authority and transgressed past that boundary. Sujit Choudhry notes that Eric Holder doesn’t rely on laws to correct the transgression, but depends on the people to demand that the Constitution be upheld.

Another assault on democracy is being waged by the current leaders of governments, such as President Xi Jinping of China. He was just given the go ahead to keep his position for life. President Trump commented that he felt that was something to be desired by other world leaders, especially him. Term limits are a mandate of the people for all true democracies. China is not a democracy, it is a one-party state ruled by the Communist Party.

Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) is a nationalist, populist, right-wing party that has control of the legislative majority. PiS has since fought to maintain this control while it systematically destroys constitutional democracy. It wants to maintain its control over the country forever.

Democratic backsliding is the newest addition to the destruction of democracy. It once was referred to as coup d’états or autogolpes. Basically, these are take-over’s by parties or groups not currently in charge of leading the country and the current leader taking an inordinate extension of power into additional terms. The leader does this by manipulating the rules or the institutions to stay in power. Understanding how precious the term ‘democracy’ is, the abusive leader continues to claim the country is a democracy despite the fact that the country is actually ruled by an undemocratic regime.

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