Stream Energy – The Philanthropic Bulwark of Dallas

Stream Energy is a direct-selling company that has recently been featured on where the website discussed Stream Energy’s creation of Stream Cares, a philanthropy organization which had a large hand in the Texan recovery after Hurricane Harvey. Stream was involved in philanthropy for several years before founding Stream Cares, but with its founding, the company cemented itself as a bulwark of corporate philanthropy in Texas as well as all over the United States.

Stream Energy also has good relationships with other charitable organizations including the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope Supply Co. Stream Energy has had a close relationship with Hope Supply Co. for over four years as a result of another cause that Stream is concerned with – homelessness. Stream noticed that the amount of homelessness in their city of Dallas was steadily increasing and have cited that as a reason as to why they are so involved in the cause of helping the homeless.

Hope Supply Co. holds an event known as “Splash for Hope” every year, where they bring homeless children to a water park and give them free meals. While Stream Energy has worked closely with Hope Supply Co. the organization has continually given out supplies, meals, and clothing to homeless children as well as treating them to special events they wouldn’t otherwise have ever experienced.

Stream also has another philanthropic venture in Operation “Once in a Lifetime“, where the company donated transportation to struggling veterans and their families to take them to an all-expenses paid trip to a nice restaurant. Stream has also hosted events for families of military veterans, including one where they gave daughters of military members American Girl dolls and treated them to lunch at the American Girl Cafe.

Stream Energy is one of the main philanthropic bulwarks of Texas and especially the Dallas area. Through many different acts of philanthropy including working closely with charitable organizations, the creation of their own charitable organization, and outright donations to those less fortunate, Stream has shown that they are working tirelessly to uplift those in the Texas and Dallas areas.