JustFab Continues to Be The Best Online Fashion Option

The LA Times has a stellar reputation for setting the standard of excellence in sharing the best and worst of the news. Its recent coverage of the online fashion retail industry is no exception. According to The Times, the online fashion retail industry has suffered some dramatic changes in the past few years, making it as fickle as the millennials it so often serves in scope, predictability and sustainability. Top fashion industry and online marketing executives have noted that within this particular shopping arena you have but one chance to disappoint before the consumer moves on to more desirable ground. Reference: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-justfab-subscription-20160629-snap-story.html

How then has JustFab, an online retailer standing tall within both fashion and online commerce since 2010, been able to establish and keep traction in such tumultuous waters?

Adam Goldenberg, a JustFab co-founder, has weighed in with an honest and telling perspective that makes the unusual success of JustFab a bit more understandable. It seems they have a habit of paying attention to their shoppers, making adjustments based on what they like, and hate, and keeping those lines of communication open. Though JustFab is planning some changes over the next months, none of them are being considered without consumers in mind. JustFab will likely be known by another name, and may also become publicly traded, but will still attend to the trendy fashion desires of it’s 4 million strong client base.

As JustFab reaches it’s customers in new and innovative ways, they are committed the core values that have kept it alive: customer service, including a personal stylist for those who may want more from their shopping experience than what their own personal knowledge set provides, easy returns and exchanges, and fashion that is dollar for dollar unmatched in quality and selection.

Even more to the point for many of the shoppers true to JustFab and the online shopping world that is growing by the moment, shoppers can enjoy all of the fashion fun they desire at their leisure.

Justfab: Why It’s So Popular Among Women

If you are a follower of fashion, you’ve probably heard of the popular online retailer called Justfab. Justfab was originally known for its wide variety of shoes available on their website, and for their catchy commercials and advertisements promoting their shore.

However the large company, has added clothing and accessories to their already large collection, offering even more to their loyal customers.

So what is it that attracts so many customers, you may ask? Well for one, their low price point. Justfab makes it known that for under forty dollars per month, you can have fashion delivered to your door.

Or maybe, you just enjoy the surprises each month. Either way, Justfab is an exciting subscription for women. Justfab keeps up with all the latest current fashion trends, and the best part? Each piece is created unique for Justfab so you won’t be finding these pieces anywhere else.

Though Justfab was originally popular for its humorous shoe commercials, they have since added clothing, purses and jewelry into the mix. It’s so easy to complete an outfit on just ONE website, which otherwise you wouldn’t think possible. Learn more about JustFab: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab and https://www.youtube.com/user/justfab

Also, you don’t have to subscribe if you’re skeptical- simply shop on their website when you want to find that specific outfit or item by creating an account on Justfab.com. Once you fall in love with the quality of the clothing and the fashion trends, you won’t think about subscribing.

The cost is far better than that of any department store. The uniqueness and quality of each piece. The excitement of receiving new fashion items each and every month.

The wide variety of choices you have, plus the versatility of each product. It’s easy to see how Justfab has become so successful and popular among women worldwide.
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