Susan McGalla – epitome of success

If there is one woman you could think of who not only fought the gender bias but also was successful at it, it’s Susan McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Because of her accomplishments, she also serves on the advisory board of Mount Union College from where she graduated in business and marketing studies. She has also been an advisor to the Wall Street community and also has been hired as a consultant by many firms to bring a transformation in their workplace. During her career, she was able to launch so many campaigns that brought in a lot of revenue to the organization. With time and experience, she became more creative and thoughtful about workplace related issues. And while she is not working, she loves to enjoy time with her friends and family.

She urges strongly on the need of creating a diverse workplace where there is an opportunity for everyone to succeed and not a handful of individuals. She says that there is a need for more women in S&P 500 companies as the difference between male and female top executives is quite high. She believes that women could bring about an equal amount of change or better than their male counterparts and having a diversified group of leaders is sure to bring in more innovative ideas and value to an organization. She has been working tirelessly in this direction for a long time and she definitely solidified her name in corporate America. It’s just a matter of choices along with hard work and dedication.

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