Paul Mampilly Shares His Expertise

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, Paul Mampilly has acted as the senior editor of Profits Unlimited, which, to date, has a readership of over 90,000 subscribers, and he is also a regular contributor to the trading services, True Momentum, and Extreme Profits. Throughout the investment world, Paul Mampilly is highly regarded for his financial expertise regarding the markets, and his stellar reputation has allowed him to be featured on a number of international platforms, including CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV. In 2016, after garnering significant financial success for himself as well as his ultra-rich clients, he decided to pursue new endeavors outside of the Wall Street landscape, and now reaches a much broader audience, providing financial and investment advice to “Main Street” Americans. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Montclair State University, which he received in 1991, as a well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, which he received in 1996.

In 1991, as a new graduate, Paul Mampilly entered the world of Wall Street, gaining employment at Bankers Trust, which was later acquired by Deutsche Bank. He would go on to work for companies such as ING, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and eventually, Kinetics Asset Management. During his time with Kinetics Asset Management, Paul Mampilly took on the role of a hedge fund manager, growing the $6 billion fund to upwards of $25 billion during his tenure. The 26 percent annual return rate achieved by Mr. Mampilly, garnered him significant success within the investment community, and the fund was recognized by Barron’s magazine as the “World’s Best.” Despite leaving behind the rigorous grind of Wall Street, Paul Mampilly’s daily research routine has remained virtually unchanged for the last decade. Each day, he spends upwards of twelve hours researching potential stocks to recommend in his Profits Unlimited newsletter, as well as tracking companies that belong in his portfolio. He recently discussed the Swedish company, Spotify, labeling it a game-changer due to the unorthodox route it took in transitioning from a private company, to a public entity.

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The Amazing Matthew Fleeger

The President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has built a tremendous career. Fleeger has founded and built multiple companies and now is taking charge in the oil business. Fleeger has used his experience of growing up in the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana to help him in his current role. He also watched his father build a successful oil services company. Fleeger is now taking that success to higher places.

One huge advantage that Fleeger had was years of successful experience. Matthew Fleeger had oil services company deep knowledge of the production side of the business and he also has a number of partnerships he had built over time. Fleeger and his company Gulf Coast Western were able to were able to find some of the top drill sites in the country as a result of their top geologic knowledge and their world- class drilling technologies. As a result Gulf Coast Western has built tremendous success and appears set for more success in the years to come.

Recently Matthew Fleeger sat down with The Lone Star Chronicle to share some insight into his success and his approach to business. Fleeger was asked “What was the most important leadership quality you learned during difficult times?” His response his attitude. He feels it is important to have a positive attitude during adversity. To be a successful leader Fleeger believes you must have this contagious trait. Negative morale can enter a group quickly.

Fleeger is a great motivator. He openly discusses with his team how committed he is to the future. He is constantly reminding them of what opportunities are available hoping to encourage them not to switch industries. Fleeger has a a positive outlook about the oil industry and is optimistic about the future. His track record serves as proof he should be around for many years to come.

Richard Dwayne Blair; Financial Genius

Richard Dwayne Blair, sole owner and CEO of Wealth Solutions, Inc. in Austin Texas has always been fascinated with education. Richards wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers. He has always seen how education can create confidence and how confidence promotes success. Coupling this information with his innate aptitude for finance, he designed a plan to help others with their own financial planning. Once he graduated college in 1993, Richard entered into a career of financial service and founded Wealth Solutions the following year.

Throughout the years, Richard Dwayne Blair has provided knowledge and experience of retirement planning, specializing in assisting clients to bridge the gap that is between them and their ability to plan for retirement. Richard helps his clients avoid common pitfalls and provides them with a strategy for an individual retirement plan. His goal is to help them their personal vision of their own successful retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that everyone at Wealth Solutions needs a retirement plan that will help pursue their individual financial goals. By providing his clients in the Austin TX area, with wealth management and retirement planning, Richard hopes to help his community follow a financial road map that will help them find their way through the milestones they will face in their journey of life.

Richard follows a three-step approach to comprehensive financial plan that looks at the clients financial retirement and financial situation to determine what they need.

The first pillar lays out the roadmap for the client’s financial situation. Then, Richard determines the route they need to take by identifying their strengths, their risk tolerance, their opportunities for growth and their goals. This phase is designed to gain understanding of their goals, establish expectations and to build a lasting relationship with the client.

The next step is designed to create a long-term investment strategy customized for the client that is effective in meeting their goals. In this phase, assets are managed and reallocated for maximum performance while any negative impacts are minimized.

The final step establishes the client’s goals and enacts the strategy providing growth and liquidity. Then Richard reviews their strategy, implementing and monitoring goals by tracking and making comparisons to their expectations, historical data and their goals.

Malcolm Casselle: The Significance of the Gaming in the World of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm Casselle: The Significance of the Gaming in the World of Cryptocurrency

OPSkin skin is the international top seller of the in-game virtual assets and of which Malcolm CasSelle serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The company is also the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. Note that the company is the leading candidate when it comes to the market share and user demand for the decentralized protocol, thanks to the huge following of users who make micro-payments on regular basis. Nevertheless, even though OPSkins is the number one centralized selling field for virtual assets, there are some confines to the technological capabilities of any centralized technology. This makes the decentralized marketplace for virtual chattels the likely subsequent stage in the progress.

The designers of OPSkins have launched a new blockchain platform that will facilitate the selling of virtual assets. This is known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) which is a Peer to Peer market field for the buying and selling of virtual assets created upon a foundation of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts that let traders to effectively trade virtual assets among themselves.

The primary role of WAX is solving two major problems that affect the virtual asset market, including the fragmentation and fraud. It does this through a simple blockchain-supported widget that allows all users to immediately purchase and sell their virtual assets without switching off the game.

With the help of this platform, players can tokenize their gaming goods and immediately purchase and sell gaming asset from other users without clicking of their screen. WAX plays a vital role in solving the geographical issues. The moment a player trades on a platform that uses a different utility token; they are not permitted to trade with players whose assets are denominated in differing cryptocurrencies without the use of middlemen.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of WAX and Chief Information Officer of OPSKins, the leading marketplace for transacting virtual items. Previously, he served as the president and CTO at Tronc where he supervised the rapid development of assets leveraging digital properties.

Malcolm CasSelle enrolled in MIT where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and later joined Stanford University to pursue his masters in computer science.

A Milestone Achievement For Robert Ivy

In the recent news, Robert Ivy will receive the Noel Polk Award. It is Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Arts and Letters in Mississippi. Robert is the Chief Executive Officer and EVP of the American Institute of Architects. He is the first architect to receive the Polk Award from the diverse current group of Mississippi artists and art patrons. The award is given to those artists whose work in designing, performing and supporting art is exemplary and honorable. Ivy will be presented with the award alongside Andrew Cary Young of Jackson, a stained-glass artist at an event scheduled on June 2.

According to the President of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante, Ivy is the most suitable ambassador for that profession category. He has successfully performed as the CEO of AIA as well as an author, editor and a talented architect. The award proves a worthwhile prize for his personal and professional achievements in his field as an indigenous Mississippi. It is truly a unique, lifetime honor. In the previous years, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price (singer) among other artists featured in similar honors.

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Before embarking on his career journey at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2011, Robert Ivy worked as the Chief Editor for Architectural Record. During this position, he received various awards including one from a National Magazine. Besides, Architectural Record emerged as the most widely released architectural journal of its time all around the globe. Additionally, he headed the McGraw- Hill’s media on design and construction during its extensive growth in China. While at it, he successfully designed the Mandarin version of Architectural Record as well as one for the Middle East. His excellent leadership skills are a major factor towards the significant growth of the institute’s blueprint globally. As AIA marks its 60-years history, it has effectively attained the highest membership level all around the world. In further records, Ivy was recognized with an honorary title as the master architect by the national architectural fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. The title places him in a similar page with the likes of Mies Van der Rohe, Buckminster Fuller, I. M. Pei and the 2017 Dean’s Medal from the Arkansas Fay Jones University, School of Architecture.

As such, the President of MIAL, Nancy LaForge named Robert Ivy as the only most experienced architect from Mississippi in making architecture more accessible to the general public. The position at Noel Polk Award honorees places him at his rightful place as a worldwide writer, author, and architectural commentator.

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What Shervin Pishevar Says About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that everyone has their eye on. It has the potential to become a global currency that is used by every country. It has been growing by astronomical rates and Shervin Pishevar has made some comments regarding its value.

Potential Trends

There are a few things that we are likely to see according to the founder of Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar. In tweet 23, he says that the era of cheap money is dead. As a result of inflation spreading and stock markets crashing, the gold will rise in response. Further, bitcoin will continue to crash, though he estimates that will stable at somewhere around two to 5K. Then, it will become more stable and start to rise over the next 24 months.

What happens when bitcoin stabilizes?

Right now, Bitcoin is still considered very volatile. If it stabilizes over the next 24 months as Shervin Pishevar suggests, it can have a significant impact on the early stages of the tech industry as well as venture capital. We are already seeing Silicon Valley losing some of its competitive edge because innovation is rising up in other places. As crypto currency become stronger, it can be used in more markets and to fuel more startups. See This Article to learn more.

What next?

Many people are in agreement with what Shervin Pishevar had to say about bitcoin as well as all of the other tweets. In fact, Shervin Pishevar shared a total of 50 tweets in 21 hours, with one mention of stopping for dinner.

Now, the world will sit back to see if Shervin’s comments were accurate. We’re already seeing some changes in the market and some businesses are scurrying to use the information as warnings. It may be what some businesses need to thrive and what investors need to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

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Louis Chenevert – How He Helped UTC Reach Great Heights

Having the right people as an investment and the right technology are two combinations of assets that can see a company progress well in the right direction. These are the driving principles of entrepreneur Louis Chenevert.  He rose to be an exceptional CEO, raising the companies he served to great heights. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. It was during his tenure as CEO in this Corporation that he put to use the above principles and left a legacy of achievements.

The principle of investing in the right personnel led to the launching of Employee Scholar Program which was meant at equipping the company’s employees with the necessary skills for better performance. The program catered for their higher learning fees in pursuing degrees in their field of choice. This saw the company is equipped with over 39,000 skilled personnel all who benefited from the launch of the program in 1996.

When it comes to caring for our surrounding, UTC remains committed to ensuring our environment is greener by coming up with designs that uphold this. Louis did not fail in this where he made a selling point for the items the corporation was manufacturing. They lowered emissions of greenhouse gases by about 26% among other things. All the company’s facilities had to adhere to same global standards.

While still as the head of UTC, he achieved one of his best accomplishments through pet project. This was an option for the Airbus made Pratt & Whitney as an influential group in making narrow-body jet engine. He oversaw the development of advanced materials which caused the engine burn hotter. This assisted the corporation in meeting their commitment to investing in top-quality innovation. This is what stills facilitates its development and creates job opportunities thereby boosting the Economy of United States.

Chenevert’s leadership skills have also been demonstrated in other areas where he has also served in various companies. Being trusted by several companies to hold top leadership positions shows that Louis possessed some attributes that facilitated their growth. His high-quality management skills can be attributed to her degree in production management which he obtained for the University of Montreal.

Early Life of Anthony Petrello

When it comes to mentioning big names like Anthony Petrello is the American business world, he happens to have been a recognized figure. The great Anthony is recognized Philanthropist, Mathematician, Lawyer and a great businessman. He has been recognized for his success at the Nabors Industries. Such names when mentioned in front of various people seem not to be familiar but Tony Petrello happens to have made a lot of impact in the business World and is also representing a group of achievers who are never thanked for their efforts.

Anthony Petrello happened to have been among the top paid CEOs in the United States. He was able to earn $68.2 million as salaries because of his great commitment to the industry. He worked with the oil and gas drilling industry in the United States. His success and the benchmark he has set has been of great impact and has been able to impact many generations in the world. He is also known to be a very honest CEO who have been able to bring cohesion and teamwork at Nabors Industries and therefore making the company the leader in the market. His great conduct is known to have changed the lives of so many people in the United States of America and he has also been known for his passion in changing fellow beings towards becoming great people in the society.

Anthony Petrello’s Humble Beginnings

Anthony Petrello was born from a humble family who struggled to take their son to school. He even attended public schools and did not get the privilege to be taught by the World’s great tutors. He grew up in a city called Newark a happened to have been a very hard-working city and also the neighboring New- Jersey. He used to admire the working class people from New Jersey and he just learned the art of being honest while staying in Newark. Petrello happened to have been a very bright student despite attending a public school and was recognized in his hometown because of the great mathematical and algebraic skills that he possessed.

Anthony was later admitted at the University of Yale through a scholarship. He was awarded because of his great analytical skills and has worked tirelessly for success of his business. He pursued a bachelors degree in Mathematics and he was known to have been working with a great mathematical scholar, Serge Lang. He later pursued a master’s degree from the same University. He later pursued a bachelor in Law degree from the Harvard School of law.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investing Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman. Additionally, he is one of the country’s top finance and investment experts. He was interviewed by

He spoke with them about several different topics. They spoke of his career, the country, its economy, and numerous investment opportunities. Cornelsen reportedly has seen Brazil grow into a country with a healthy economy.

Cornelsen thinks Brazil is on the cusp of major growth. In fact, he has said as much in numerous articles and guides he has written on the topic of investments. He is happy to provide people with advice on investing in Brazil’s economy.

Nearly 25 percent of Brazil’s adult population are designated as business people of some sort. This is why Igor Cornelsen thinks it’s very easy to find people who ar willing to engage in entrepreneurial ventures. For the most part, Brazilians are quite open to working with foreigners who wish to invest funds in their burgeoning businesses.

Cornelsen also believes that the experience and information Brazilian entrepreneurs have is more valuable than perusing any business guide authored by anyone who hasn’t even been to Brazil for years.

Those interested in investing in a Brazilian business should know Brazil’s stock market is somewhat more regulated than that of some other countries. Taxes can also be significantly high. Brazil also has regulations regarding hiring practices as well. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Despite the growth in Brazil’s economy, the government there continues to impose several different regulations said to be for the nation’s protection.

Cornelsen tells potential investors to first do their homework concerning all the applicable regulations. He also advises them to study all the restrictions on any and all foreign currency transactions before they actually make investments there.

Cornelsen also told the press that although a few barriers still exist for willing foreign investors, those barriers can be surpassed by any investor who is dedicated and resourceful enough.

He also thinks that if an investor can keep track of local business news, he/she will find success stories about other investors who were able to boost the economy and make a profit too.