InnovaCare Health Thriving Under the Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare is a leading healthcare company based in North America. It specializes in physician services, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs. Since its inception, InnovaCare Health has remained dedicated to offering excellent healthcare services by creating profitable and sustainable models integrated with advanced modern technology.

The company operates in Puerto Rico – PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. They have a membership of about 200,000 persons, served by over 7,000 providers. InnovaCare has also partnered with the Puerto Rico government Medicaid plans (GHP), offering broad coverage plans through a harmonized care model.

Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto is InnovaCare Health’s President and CEO. Before his current position, Richard served as the chief executive officer of AVETA Inc. He worked there for four years before the company was sold to other stakeholders in 2012.

Dr. Shinto has also worked in clinical healthcare services for over twenty years. He has worked as the CMO at NAMM based in California. Richard has written several articles in health care and clinical medicine. He attended California University-Irvine and graduated with a BS. He also achieved a medical degree from the State University of New York-Stony Brook. Rick also has an MBA from Redlands University.

InnovaCare’s CEO and President Richard Shinto received the Access to Caring Award at the University of Health Sciences -Western University during their annual Tribute to the Caring celebration. Richard was considered the deserving winner due to his achievement in the advancement of healthcare services to the poor.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the current Chief Administration Officer at InnovaCare health. She rejoined the institution in June 2015. Previously, Penelope served as Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare, and as Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has a lot of invaluable experience in government health care programs (Medicaid and Medicare). She also has broad knowledge in the development of clinical programs and management of health care operations. She has specialized in organizational infrastructure with a focus on improving health care services.

Before her work at InnovaCare, Kokkinides served as the Exec. Vice President and COO of Centerlight HealthCare, where she managed health care strategic operations and direction of the institution. Penelope also worked at Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Corporate Vice President at Americhoice where she was responsible for disease management and care management services. Read more about Penelope on

Penelope Kokkinides graduated with Honors in Classical languages and biological sciences from Binghamton University. She also holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of New York, a post master’s advanced degree in substance abuse and alcohol, and an additional public health master’s degree from The University of Columbia – School of Public Health.

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Alexandre Gama’s Advertising Career

Alexandre Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 1, 1958. Since then, this 58-year-old advertiser, businessman and entrepreneur achieved a wide number of enviable accomplishments and endeavors in the areas of copywriting, marketing and advertising. He was named one of Brazil’s best writers and the top copywriter in the late 1980s and has continued to work diligently in order to maintain the reputation. Alexandre Gama founded his own company, Neogama, in 1999 and continues to lead it faithfully as Chief Executive Officer.

The Global Creative Board is more than honored and privileged to have Alexandre Gama as one of its six top executive members and the only Brazilian in the group. He is also the first Brazilian to assist BBH in its fight for true global communication network agency rights. He studied advertising in the late 1970s at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado of Brazil and began working as a writer in 1982. His first company was Standard Ogilvy and his second became DM9 in 1990. He remained with DM9 for four years and officially became Brazil’s most awarded writing professional.

Alexandre Gama began his own company in 1999. It was called Neogama. He and the company won numerous awards.

For more information on Alexandre Gama, visit his Wikipedia page.