Andy Wirth Is Back and Better Than Ever

A few years ago Andy Wirth didn’t know if he would live to see another day. On a beautiful fall day in October of 2013, Wirth and a couple of friends went skydiving. This is something Andy Wirth loved to do and had done many, many times throughout his life. This day however was a bit different –

As he was landing he realized he was going to have to land in a vineyard. This of course is not the ideal place to land when you are skydiving. But unfortunately he had no other choice. As he was making his final maneuvers to land, Wirth’s arm was taken off by a pole that was holding up the vines.

According to TahoeTopia, Andy Wirth quickly realized things weren’t looking good. The good news is he had experience with trauma in remote areas after working as a backcountry ranger many years prior. He knew the most important thing to do was stay calm so his body wouldn’t go into shock.

Wirth was in the vineyard for 15 minutes before being rescued and taken to the nearest medical facility for further treatment.

About Andy Wirth

Crowdrise says that Andy Wirth has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for almost 30 years.

Andy Wirth is currently serving as the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort and has held that position since 2010. Since taking over Wirth has helped bring the resort up to par so that it can compete with other resorts in the industry.