Meet The Face Of Advertisement And Communication Agency In Brazil: Alexandre Gama

Success is for those who are ready to fight for it at all costs. Alexandre Gama is among the individuals in Brazil who have been dedicated to empowering themselves. Gama is the owner of the Neogama Company. The firm is renowned because of its ability to rise to the top within a short time of being in the industry.

The success of Neogama is associated with Gama. He joined the industry in 1982 after completing his education. His first job was at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, where he worked until 1990. He proceeded to work with DM9, as a copywriter. During this time, Gama became recognized for his talent in the industry and was awarded as the best among his peers.

Gama is focused and does not let the circumstances within the society affect him. He has been able to redefine the meaning of success in the advertisement and communication agency in Brazil by working with international brands as well.

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