Chris Burch Turns Sumba Island Into One Of The World’s Best Hotel Properties

Chris Burch is a unique individual who can turn the simple into some of the best-selling brands in today’s world, and he’s made this evident at his venture capital investment company, Burch Creative Capital. He’s also invested a lot in the hospitality industry and he owns the majority of Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, a first class beach hotel property that he acquired for $30 million in 2013  (  Nihiwatu Resort is where you can see some of your greatest dreams for a beach vacation become reality with all the work Burch has done in having villas constructed that not only have fancy exterior designs but also have rich interiors. Walk along the trails outdoors and look behind the waterfalls or in the thick trees and you might find masseuses ready to give you a comforting massage. Burch said he chose this place because he could use his creativity to plan for an unparalleled experience.

Burch built his own business back in 1976 while he was still only a student at Ithaca College. He would go around selling sweaters door-to-door and make small profits doing so, and as he became successful he decided to invest even more into the business and grew it into a big retail company known as Eagle Eye Apparel. He opened over 50 department stores with this company and made hundreds of millions in sales before selling it in 1998, but he had many other plans once the company was sold. He had investments in several private equity firms during this time, but he still stayed in the fashion industry and helped his wife Tory Burch launch her own brand in 2004. He also had another chain department store known as C. Wonder opened a few years later.

Burch Creative Capital was officially founded in 2008 and some of the brands most closely associated with it have been Pypestream, Voss Water, Snowe Home and Poppin (  But he’s also done many real estate deals through the company including a longtime partnership with the Faena Group in Argentina that included the opening of the Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires in 2004, and a property development in Miami around 2010. Burch bought and flipped several other homes in New York and Nantucket Island and also opened J. Christopher, a supplier of building materials for contractors. Burch officially became a billionaire around the same time he bought the Nihiwatu Property due to the value of his total assets and stock holdings putting him at $1 billion.

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Clay Siegall’s Invaluable Contributions to the Success of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has been active in studying human antibodies since it was established in 1998. The company has also been manipulating antibodies and packaging them into drugs since then. The company’s great performance is as a result of linking therapy to antibodies. The company uses antibodies to develop toxins that destroy cancer cells. This strategy could make Seattle Genetics one of the leading companies globally in the health sector.

Seattle genetics offers employment opportunities to about 900 people. The company’s market value is approximately $10 billion. Seattle Genetics is currently considered the leading biotech firm in Washington. The company still aims at becoming an international pharmaceutical firm. Seattle Genetics spends a significant amount of money in marketing and research activities. The company also aims at increasing the number of employees.

Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug known as Adcetric is quite effective at treating Hodgkin lymphoma.With the tests proving that the drug works, it is expected that sales of Adcetric could begin anytime soon. Clay Siegall said that the company is one of the upcoming multiproduct and oncology companies. Clay refers to the company’s long list of drugs to demonstrate the company’s achievements and his unmatched commitment to continue building the company. Clay says that the firm does not plan to sell to other companies.

Clay also shows his commitment to drug development by moving beyond the general focus of biotech firms. After partnering with Takeda, Seattle Genetics discovered its potential and went ahead to open a branch in Switzerland to expand its customer base. Seattle Genetics is currently experiencing tremendous growth. For instance, in 2016, the company generated about $418 million. The company’s stock has tripled in less than five years. Analysts state that the rising value of the company increasing the chances of a future buyout. Due to the high ambitions of the company, its research spending in 2016 was $376 million.

Clay Siegall played a significant role in founding Seattle Genetics. Currently, Mr. Clay serves in various executive positions in the company. At Seattle Genetics, Clay is the Chairman, President, and CEO. Under Clay’s outstanding leadership, the company has developed several cancer therapies based on antibodies. One of its successful projects was the development of Adcentris which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Currently, Clay Siegall is a board member of Alder BioPharmaceuticals which is privately owned. Clay Siegall also holds 15 patents.


Innovacare Health Leadership; Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

One of a company that is well known for providing healthcare services is a company by the name Innovacare Health Solutions. The company headquarters in Fort Lee and specifically in New Jersey. This company is amongst company that specialized in providing the managed healthcare facilities. The other services that InnovaCare Health provides are advantageous Medicare plans, networks as well as Medicare programs that are specialized.

InnovaCare aims at giving the patients quality care. This is possible through their commitment to constantly building and keeping track of models they use. They ensure the models used are the most effective.

There is a good record of leaders who have worked with the company. First is Rick Shinto who is also recognized as Dr Richard A. Shinto. He is a very educated man. He has various degrees from recognized Universities. First, he got his B.S from California University at Irvine. Secondly, he got his degree from State University where he received his medical degree. He was a student at Redlands University where he received his M.B.A. He has made many companies accomplish their goals through the services he offers. He performed the role of managing director at various organizations like Aveta and MMM Healthcare. At Pathways Company, he was the medical officer in charge and also the operating officer. He has a great experience in clinical roles and operating under Healthcare where is has been for over 20 years.

At Innovacare Health, he is the CEO and the president. Rick Shinto is behind the success that Innovacare Health undergoes today. According to him, the company is soon expanding into other various markets to increase that the benefits that their patients enjoy. Rick Shinto inspires a lot of people through his excellent work. Before working with Innovacare Health Solutions, he was Aveta’s CEO and president. This is the time that he was given the award of the year as the Ernst and also the young entrepreneur. This award was because of his commitment to his work as well as new ideas. Refer to This Article for related information.

Penelope Kokkinides is another great leader who works for Innovacare Health Company. She serves as the officer in charge of administration. Before this, she was the COO. She studied at Binghamton University where she got her degree. She specialized in biological sciences and also classical languages. Penelope mastered his social work course at the University of New York. Before joining this company, she was the executive deputy president and the operating officer in charge of Centerlight HealthCare where she gained her management experience.



Michael Burwell Makes Brings Extensive Experience To His New Role

Michael Burwell has an extensive amount of experience in the business world. He is the Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson PLC, but this is not the only place that he has been able to practice as a Chief Financial Officer. He has also worked in this capacity for Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP as well.


Michael Burwell is a graduate of Michigan State University. He has a degree in accounting, and he is also a certified public accountant. Burwell has become someone that has managed to build a history in the financial world by working with major companies. He has established himself as an auditor, and he has been able to gain a lot of experience with initiating transactions. With close to a decade of experience with Price Waterhouse he became well aware of the things that needed to be done to move a business forward. This is why he was able to get promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer. He has been able to become familiar with things like Risk Management and financial planning. See Related Link for additional information.


Michael Burwell really knows a lot about record-keeping and asset management because he has done it for so long. He also has experience with a multitude of companies. These are the things that have allowed him to transition into a great career in the world of financial management over time. He has really been able to create an aggressive resume that is impressive to those that are part of the financial industry.


Michael has been sought after by different companies because he actually has more than three decades of experience in financial services. Michael has managed to bring forth over a decade of transaction services experience to Willis Towers Watson, and he has also been able to work in various roles as the head of global transformation in addition to his current role of Chief Financial Officer.


This transition into the company that he currently works for is a new job, but he has already proven in previous jobs that he knows what to do and what to expect. Burwell was hired because he understands how to bring a team together. He knows about getting results, and he also knows a lot about working as a leader. These are the things that have allowed Michael to become successful in the financial industry, and his leadership is highly desired by Willis Towers Watson.



How Louis Chenevert Altered The History Of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert had a very successful run as the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the manufacturing firm United Technologies Corporation. He served in the first of these positions since January 2010 and the latter two from April 2008.

He ended all three of these positions when he chose to retire from UTC in November 2014. Before this time he was brought into United Technologies Corporation in March 2006 in order to serve as its new chief operating officer and director.

In 1993, Louis Chenevert had been hired by Pratt & Whitney. He was named this business’ president in April 1999 and served in this position up until he moved on to United Technologies Corporation. He started out his professional career at General Motors. During his time with GM he worked at their Saint Theresa, Quebec facilities as the production general manager.

Having been born and raised in Canada, he attended Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). He graduated in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in production management. After having found so much success in his professional life the University of Montreal gave Louis Chenevert an Honorary Doctorate in 2011. He serves on two organizations that support this school. He is the chairman for both the Friends of HEC and the HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board.

Under his leadership, United Technologies Corporation made a lot of achievements in the aviation industry. Among the largest of these was the GTF engine, a technology he championed. This engine changed the aerospace industry forever as compared to engines before it increased fuel mileage by 20%, chopped engine noise in half, and has about 1/3 fewer parts which help keep maintenance costs lower.

Louis Chenevert also orchestrated the biggest acquisition ever when he acquired Goodrich Aerospace while leading UTC. The deal was worth $18 billion and it altered the manufacturing industry, and especially United Technologies Corporation, forever.

He says that the best way to lead and grow a business is by being relentlessly focused. Additionally, he says you need to be open to new ideas and always thinking big if you want a company to be successful.

The Truth About an Innovative Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. SaadSaad, known as one of the most innovative pediatric surgeons in the world has now retired after 47 years of practicing medicine. What did he learn about himself and his work during this time? He learned many life lessons that he would pass onto his children, but more than that he would have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. Dr. Saad’s children went on to become successful in their own right, drawing from the lessons of their father. He did not start out with an easy life, nor was he given any favors. Recently, an interview that was published with Dr. Saad shed light on how true success is really acquired, and how it can be passed onto others.

Dr. Saad made it very clear throughout the published interview, “Don’t accept anything less than the success you seek.” What was he talking about? Dr. Saad’s early life did not represent being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he was not born into a wealthy family. He was born in Palestine during the time when Israel was becoming a state. There was a lot of change as well as relocation of many who lived in this area of Palestine. His father traveled for his job, and upon his leave for work his mother was told to get on a bus with the children. They were not told where they were being relocated to, but they followed directions quickly, with his mother leaving a key under the door mat.

They were transferred to a bus still without a word as to where they would go. The family was relocated to the West Bank. His father hired a boatsman upon his return to take him along the river to find his family. The area did not have much to offer them, but his father took work in Kuwait due to the new oil drilling. It was here that he worked construction during the hot summers with his brother to soon discover that the only air condition they could access was in an operating room. It was at this time that he chose to pursue becoming a surgeon, where he could work in cooler temperatures. Learn more:

His father encouraged him to pursue education, and he became a highly regarded pediatric surgeon. He still teaches today that you can do absolutely anything that you set your mind to do, including becoming a pediatric surgeon. He had determined that this was his opportunity to accomplish great things, and he did so as a result of what he had learned from his father in early life.

National Steel Car Continues Massive Expansion Under Gregory Aziz

It’s no secret that National Steel Car is blazing quite a path in the world of manufacturing and producing steel railway cars. They are also setting a quality standard that other producers of rail cars now need to live up to. National Steel Car is definitely the leader of the pack when it comes to the design of steel railway cars and the company continues to work tirelessly to innovate and to find new ways to modernize the production of steel freight railroad cars.


In additions to its prominent position as the largest producer of steel railway cars that carry freight, National Steel Car has earned many other prestigious honors. The company is world renowned for its excellence in both engineering and manufacturing of the railway cars it produces. The company is the industry leader in the innovation of news cars and new additions that make current model rail cars more efficient.


In fact, National Steel Car is the only producer of railway cars in North America that has earned the important certification ISO 9001:2008 in manufacturing and engineering. The company has proudly held this honor for nearly twenty consecutive years. As if those awards are not enough, National Steel Car also earned the highest quality award (TTX SECO) every year since 1996.


The company is spearheaded by Gregory J. Aziz. He currently holds three very prominent positions within the company. First, he is the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Second, he is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Third, he is the President of the entire company. Not many people know this, but he was formerly an investment banker that was put in charge of overseeing the purchase of National Steel Car from another company that had formerly owned the entity. During the proceedings, the folks who came down from National Steel Car saw something spectacular in Greg Aziz. Click Here for more information.


They soon set into motion the process of creating a position for him and encouraging him to become a part of National Steel Car. The strategy worked, and Gregory James Aziz soon left his firm in New York City and relocated to Canada to join the National Steel Car family. The rest is history and Gregory J Aziz has become a concrete fixture in the company culture of National Steel Car. The company continues to grow and is currently the largest producer of steel railcars for freight in North America.


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Jason Hope believes in rejuvenation biotechnology research

Rejuvenation technologies is an up-and-coming technology. Experts in the medical industry see it as a solution to numerous human diseases. Rejuvenation technology will advance the human medicine sector such that some of the conditions we are battling right now will no longer be a problem in the future.

Biotechnology is exploring preventive means as a way of resolving human diseases. According to biotechnology experts, solutions that will be possible with rejuvenation biotechnology will resolve numerous human diseases. As a result, human life will become better, and the quality of life will improve significantly. The human body wears out as we get old. As such we become susceptible to human diseases especially those that relate to age. Rejuvenation biotechnology is seeking to come up with a solution that will lower the chances of the body becoming weak and affecting our lives.

Many people around the world support the research in this industry. The benefits that the human race can gain from this industry are too many to be ignored. The wealthy and the philanthropist have come out to support research in the industry. One of the people who is doing very well in supporting the research work is Jason Hope. He has so far supported group called SENS Research Foundation. This is the leading organization in rejuvenation biotechnology research. Jason Hope has so far contributed over $1 million to the SENS Research Foundation. He started by giving out half a million dollars which were used in constructing a laboratory for research work.

SENS Research Foundation has performed so well under the leadership of CEO Aubrey de Grey. He is a renowned researcher in the biotechnology industry. He has specifically been dealing with aging research. His ideas have assisted in widening the research scope in the industry. de Grey believes that we almost at a stage where people who are born will live even for up to 1,000 years.

Jason Hope on his part believes this research holds so much potential that it might alleviate half of the human diseases. Human beings will have a chance to live a healthy life for a long time. He has played a significant role in supporting the activities of the organization. He hopes that he can make the world better by supporting this noble initiative.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope attended W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University he holds an MBA from this university.

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Sujit Choudhry analysis of Eric Holder’s tweet

In his soon to be published book chapter in constitutional democracies in crisis? Choudhry focuses intensely on a tweet by Eric Holder, the former Attorney General under President Obama’s administration. In his December 2017 tweet, Holder says that in the event White House special counsel, Robert Mueller is terminated from his position, then there must be a peaceful protest to support him and terming such a move as an “absolute red line.” He further states in the tweet that the voice of the American people must be raised, seen and heard.

In the book chapter, Sujit Choudhry dissects the tweet and analyses it in two main ways. The first way is that the American people are left the choice by Holder to determine for themselves if indeed officials in power have abused their authority. In a second way, he says that the red line is taken to mean uncontroversial constitutional border as per the American democracy. In summary, he says that tweet is built on the idea of “constitutional self-enforcement build on the foundations of a focal point.” Sujit Choudhry further questions why Holder being a law enforcement official does not include the legal side in an attempt to eliminate Robert.

To further explain the issue of the focal point, he gives another example of the two-term presidential limit. He says that this rule can be overlooked by an autocrat and he or she can continue to serve as the head of state. “This kind of action will in most instances leads to political opponents mobilizing the masses to stage street protests,” he further explains. In his view, Holders, the concept of the absolute red line is a classic example of democratic failure.

Sujit Choudhry has written extensively on issues to dealing with constitutional laws and politics ( He combines his research work and field experience to advisor countries on their constitution-building processes (  This has seen him work in several states such as Ukraine, Tunisia, Egypt, Nepal, Jordan and South Africa. He has also worked for reputable organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development program as a consultant. Currently, he is the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transition.

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National Steel Car- Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries Inc. He is sometimes called Greg Aziz or Gregory J. Aziz. James Aziz is also the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of National Steel Car Limited. Gregory James Aziz is a native of Ontario, London. He was born on 30th April 1949. He studied at Ridley College after which he proceeded to the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. He started working with a family food business called Affiliated Foods in 1971. The Affiliated Foods business grew within about sixteen years and became an international fresh foods importer and distributor. Gregory Aziz worked in various investment banking positions in the New York City after which he managed to buy National Steel Car Limited from the then owner Dofasco in the year 1994.


National Steel Car Limited is among the best-performing manufacturers and engineers of railroad cargo cars. National Steel Car Limited is in Hamilton, Ontario. When there was a regulation policy that was set to govern machines for flammable liquids transportation in North America, Greg J. Aziz recommended Hon. Lisa Raitt, the minister for transport terming the policy as a crucial matter. He spoke on behalf of National Steel Car Limited Company. Gregory James continued to say that the firm’s clients wanted to be clarified on the safety governance and the announcement that was given by the Minister constituted everything that customers needed.


National Steel Car Limited Company was excited to learn that the government had synchronized their regulations. The regulation harmonization policy was reached following the recently occurred accidents in the United States and Canada that brought in the significance of providing safety to the North American Rail System. Get Additional Information Here.


In his speech during the celebrations of National Steel Car Limited 100 years of service, Gregory James Aziz said that the most reliable pillar of the company is its people and proudly showed his appreciation to the effort from the staff, clients and other people to develop National Steel Car Limited. He noted that the firm was at a more diverse, dynamic and innovative position that any other time before. Gregory James Aziz also pointed out that the company was continuously improving and aiming higher by tirelessly raising their goal marks. James Aziz claimed that the company staff was very keen on focusing on the company’s strengths as well as employment of competence that no other firm in the rail manufacturing industry could manage.