U.S. Money Reserve To Act As Exclusive Distributor of Perth Mint Coin Set

U.S. Money Reserve continues to cement its reputation as a top distributor of gold. The company recently signed a deal to act as the exclusive U.S. distributor of a new currency set, a set issued by The Perth Mint in Australia.

For those new to the gold and precious metals industry, U.S. Money Reserve distributes precious metals to those interested in buying. Since its founding in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve established a strong name for itself nationally.

Charitable endeavors in the company’s home city of Austin show the company also focuses on things outside of business ventures.

The main thing that draws attention to the company would be its inventory. The many unique gold metal coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve, in particular, draw attention. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue

In addition to gold coins, silver and platinum assets are distributed as well. Recently, U.S. Money Reserve announced a new coin set in cooperation with the aforementioned Perth Mint. The artistry of the new coin set makes it worth checking out.

The Unique Coin Set

The three-coin set honors the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The Queen was coronated in 1953, a critical point in world history.

Her coronation was heralded as a path towards turning the page after the harsh events of World War II. The recently-issued coins recapture the spirit of the event in their minted imagery.

The new coin set is a low-mintage issue, which collectors might find intriguing. As for the composition of the actual set, two gold coins are included. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/angiekoch-usmoneyreserve-894 and  https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-buy-gold/

Specifically, there is a 2oz. gold proof coin and a 1/4oz. gold proof one. The third coin is a 1oz. silver proof one. The purity of the precious metals lists at 99.99%. The 1965 Australian Currency Act establishes these coins as legal tender.

A Truly Limited Edition

The limited edition nature of this coin set truly is limited. Only 250 were minted in total. U.S. Reserve procured the rights to distribute 203 of the 250 made.

U.S. Money Reserve’s management expressed feelings of honor over The Perth Mint’s agreement to allow U.S. Money Reserve to act as a distributor. The Perth Mint surely feels equally honored.

When It Comes to Body Building, Look No Further Than Enhanced Athlete!

If you want to be TRANSPARENT about your results and have people see the FREEDOM you have experienced along with being TRUTHful about what you have been doing, then Enhanced Athlete is where you should look. These three words make up the foundation of this amazing company’s mission. It may not appear to be very significant but this is something we all want in our lives on a daily basis with people we come in contact with right? They provide a variety of educational videos and common topics to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle via exercise science and body enhancement. Become better than just a superhero, becomes superhuman and be a pioneered individual just has enhance athlete has become a pioneer in the fitness industry.


Dr. Tony Huge, a professional bodybuilder, wanted to create a business to educate people about losing fat and building muscle. Enhanced Coaching, one of their sister companies, was created to bring their clients results in the most affordable way possible. They personalize training schedules based on what an individual needs are concerning building muscle, losing fat, along with keeping and maintaining a healthy weight. What sets them apart from all other competitors is their ability to be transparent about providing proper education about PED, or Performance Enhancement Drugs. They pride themselves on letting their clients know what type of chemicals and amount of dosages work for them to make sure they have the best outcome for their fitness needs. Their other company, Enhanced Gear, provides high performance gear for their consumers and fans. From tank tops, shorts, lanyards, shaker bottles, you can find whatever you need to represent the brand and feel great wearing it.


Who doesn’t want to look good and show off to their family and friends? Do you think you will be truthful about your results or would you want to keep it all to yourself? Go ahead and be free to let people know about Enhance Athlete and it’s amazing results for you. They will be sure to become long life customers, purchase coaching packages as well as purchasing something from their clothing store. Enhanced Athlete has done amazing things for the bodybuilding and fitness world and will continue to strive to do much more in the future. Many people want microwave results but you have to work hard at making sure you’re putting the right things in your body, along with having a healthy workout regimen on a regular basis. Taking pictures of yourself in the mirror and then edit them to appear a certain way is not a great start a healthy lifestyle. Do what it takes to receive the results you desire so that they last a lifetime!

Philanthropy in Business: The Example Of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is no stranger to the Denver, Colorado area. Not only is he a successful business leader, he also has various philanthropic leadership roles he is very passionate about. In 1980, Matthew Autterson graduation from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Subsequently, he attended a graduate program at the University of Denver for taxes. After receiving his degrees, he took his first step into his chosen field at First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Fisery.


In 1982, Autterson helped a team to create a Colorado-based trust company as a subsidiary of Resources, Inc, which was located in New York. By 1986, Mr. Autterson had become president of the Resources Trust Company, which has since been acquired by AIG.


Matthew Autterson is now a member of Falci Adaptive Biosystem’s (FAB) board of directors. This is not surprising, given his drive to help those around him. One facet of FAB is their goals to increase mobility for those who have paralysis or other physical disabilities which inhibit their daily lives. While FAB deals with finding adaptive technologies to help people, Matthew Autterson does not stop there. He is also CEO and President of CNS Bioscience. Click Here to learn more.


CNS Bioscience develops drugs which focus on neuropathic pain. Mr. Matthew Autterson hopes to use his astute business sense and knowledge to help CNS Bioscience to achieve the most it can and to help as many people as possible. Mr. Autterson has also been involved with the Denver Hospice as a board member, giving him a unique insight into the importance of FAB’s and CNS’ goals.


Another organization which Matthew Autterson has taken interest in is the Denver Zoo. He has been on the zoo’s board of directors, as well as the board of the Denver Zoological Foundation. He has been key in fundraising efforts, bringing in $50,000 worth of sponsors in 2000, a record for the Zoo. Matthew Autterson is supporting the zoo and its goals. Mr. Autterson is also on the board for the Webb-Waring Foundation and was once a member of the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization.


Learn More:  https://www.blacktie-colorado.com/photos/photos.cfm?id=27

The Many Caps of Ricardo Tosto

Brazil recently passed a law to enable it repatriate Brazilian resources tucked away in foreign countries. Ricardo Tosto is one of the supporters of the move. The law which was passed in January 2016 is meant to facilitate easy returns of stolen resources hidden in other countries. Ricardo Tosto, who is also a Partner and founder OF Leite ,Tosto and Barros thinks that the project is even long overdue. He says the program is a great one for the nation and the legal fraternity. He observes that such cooperation will enable lawyers from the countries involved in the repatriation to get broader exposure. He pointed out that the process will even be expedited because documentation will have been expedited. He noted that the process now makes it easier to access the required documentation with lawyers from the countries involved being active players.

Project Repatriation of Resources

Ricardo Tosto says that the process of getting the law enacted to allow for repatriation of resources was a winding one. It had to get approval from the senate. Some of the contested elements included the 17% rate of tax that was included and a 17.5% fine. The matter was later settled, and it was agreed that the income tax rate be reduced to 15% and a fine of similar percentage. Ricardo further explains that there was also an exchange rate set for the period of December 2014. In summary, it shows that the value that was set by the union was not 30% but approximately 20%. Ricardo explains that there is a difference between the prevailing exchange rates and the rate proposed by Manoel Junior; the rapporteur of the text. Ricardo points out that the dollar exchange rate in December of 2014 was R $2.65.

Education and Career background of Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a practicing lawyer. He was trained at the Presbyterain University. He is a founding Partner of the Leite ,Tosto and Barros. The firm is popular among the masses for its knack for Class Action Suits. He has also represented groups and individuals pro bono. Ricardo is also has a degree in Business Administration. He has had a successful legal career representing clients in bank related suits. He has shown the courts and his clients that he deeply understands the nuances of banking and the legal issues surrounding them. Ricardo is also highly skilled in criminal litigation matters. He successfully litigated in a case involving money laundering allegations. He helped the client secure an annulment from their courts.

Ricardo Tosto info: globoplay.globo.com/v/3436363/

Meet The Face Of Advertisement And Communication Agency In Brazil: Alexandre Gama

Success is for those who are ready to fight for it at all costs. Alexandre Gama is among the individuals in Brazil who have been dedicated to empowering themselves. Gama is the owner of the Neogama Company. The firm is renowned because of its ability to rise to the top within a short time of being in the industry.

The success of Neogama is associated with Gama. He joined the industry in 1982 after completing his education. His first job was at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, where he worked until 1990. He proceeded to work with DM9, as a copywriter. During this time, Gama became recognized for his talent in the industry and was awarded as the best among his peers.

Gama is focused and does not let the circumstances within the society affect him. He has been able to redefine the meaning of success in the advertisement and communication agency in Brazil by working with international brands as well.

Sujit Choudhry Take on the State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is warning that we should anticipate the disintegration of democracy around the world. He points to several indicators that this is impending: the former Attorney General under President Obama, Eric Holder’s call to action; Presidents choosing to extend their term limits; the rise of Poland’s Law and Justice Party; and democratic backsliding.  Check constitutionaltransitions.org for additional article.

Eric Holder recently posted a tweet that stated citizens should go to the streets to protest the firing of Robert Mueller if President Trump should succeed in that task. Eric Holder suggested Trump would have crossed a red line if that happens and the people should let the Congress and White House know our leaders have abused their authority and transgressed past that boundary. Sujit Choudhry notes that Eric Holder doesn’t rely on laws to correct the transgression, but depends on the people to demand that the Constitution be upheld.

Another assault on democracy is being waged by the current leaders of governments, such as President Xi Jinping of China. He was just given the go ahead to keep his position for life. President Trump commented that he felt that was something to be desired by other world leaders, especially him. Term limits are a mandate of the people for all true democracies. China is not a democracy, it is a one-party state ruled by the Communist Party.

Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) is a nationalist, populist, right-wing party that has control of the legislative majority. PiS has since fought to maintain this control while it systematically destroys constitutional democracy. It wants to maintain its control over the country forever.

Democratic backsliding is the newest addition to the destruction of democracy. It once was referred to as coup d’états or autogolpes. Basically, these are take-over’s by parties or groups not currently in charge of leading the country and the current leader taking an inordinate extension of power into additional terms. The leader does this by manipulating the rules or the institutions to stay in power. Understanding how precious the term ‘democracy’ is, the abusive leader continues to claim the country is a democracy despite the fact that the country is actually ruled by an undemocratic regime.

Connect with Choudhry on Twitter, LinkedIn.

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OSI Group: A Leading Giant in the Competitive Food Industry

OSI Group, LLC, is a privately owned company dealing with food processing, production, and sales of value-added protein foods and other food products. It has several retail brands in the food industry. OSI Group headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, United States. The products offered are majorly all types of meals from breakfast sausages, bacon, cooked beef & pork, chicken products, pizza based products, hot dogs, sandwich products, and cooked beef patties. For those who would love fresh or frozen products, they are all available here. It is said that the current OSI Group was known as OSI Industries in the former days and the name was changed to what it is today in the year 2004. This company was founded in the year 1909.

The leadership team of the famous OSI Group consists of Mr. Sheldon Lavin, the chairman & CEO, Mr. David G. McDonald, the president and chief operating officer, Bill Weimer, the CFO and executive VP, Uwe Robler, the managing director, and Mr. Brent Afman, the senior VP and GM of Processing. This is the skillful and experienced leadership team behind the successful OSI Group.

OSI Group has several plants in different continents and countries. These include Geneva, Chicago, West Chicago, Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Fort Atkinson, Utah, Riverside, Wisconsin, and California. The company is dedicated to the production of many brand foods and co-packs with the major brand names on their items. OSI Group has around 65 facilities in the entire 17 countries globally. This company has been a leading meat products supplier to China and other fast food chain partners. These include the Papa John’s Pizza and the Pizza Hut. For a long time, OSI Group has received numerous awards, among them is as a result of their proper management of health, environmental management, and safety risk measures.

Forbes listed OSI Group in the 136th position as among the American’s largest private companies in the year 2011. This was based on the annual revenues that stood at $3 billion. Later on, in 2016, OSI Group rose in its position and became the 58th on the Forbes list for the leading private companies in the US. Their revenue at that time was at $6.1 billion. By the year 2016, OSI Group employees were over 20,000 across all the offices. This is a significant meat processing industry that encompasses all meat products from pork, poultry, fish, beef in conjunction with vegetables, dough products to create a great meal.

OSI Group info: www.creativefoodseurope.eu/osi-group

Gregory Aziz: On A Train To Success

Gregory James Aziz is the current President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, a leading company in the railway car manufacturing and production business. With a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Aziz actually began his career path in his family owned wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, and assisted the company in obtaining major profits and expanding from a local business to a global fresh food distributor in his sixteen years there.


In 1994, Greg Aziz organized the purchase for National Steel Car, after working on multiples of banking investment opportunities to obtain the necessary assets to purchase. After obtaining ownership of National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz has been determined to become the leader of railway cars production in North America. See This Page to learn more.

Within the first five years of ownership, James Aziz oversaw the rise of productions from roughly 3,500 cars per year to well over 12,000 cars per year, also increasing the employment rate from the hundreds to the thousands. Aziz holds the company and it’s employees to a high standard and maintains as close to a perfect record as possible with on time deliveries and the manufacturing rate of the cars. National Steel Car, with the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, has been certified for 18 straight years with the ISO 9001 Certification. This esteemed certification means that National Steel Car is committed to listening and pleasing their client base.

Outside of the production and manufacturing of railway cars for North America, Gregory Aziz, along with his wife Irene, are sponsors for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is a famous agricultural fair in Canada, where Aziz resides. National Steel Car is also doing good deeds for the community as a business.

The company has sponsored such charities as the United Way, the Salvation Army and other local driven organizations. National Steel Car’s employees also regularly participate in local food drives that benefit their local food banks. With a deep rooted passion for not only business but the clients and his personal community, Gregory James Aziz and his company National Steel Car have a successful future in the making.

Chris Burch Turns Sumba Island Into One Of The World’s Best Hotel Properties

Chris Burch is a unique individual who can turn the simple into some of the best-selling brands in today’s world, and he’s made this evident at his venture capital investment company, Burch Creative Capital. He’s also invested a lot in the hospitality industry and he owns the majority of Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, a first class beach hotel property that he acquired for $30 million in 2013  (businessinsider.com).  Nihiwatu Resort is where you can see some of your greatest dreams for a beach vacation become reality with all the work Burch has done in having villas constructed that not only have fancy exterior designs but also have rich interiors. Walk along the trails outdoors and look behind the waterfalls or in the thick trees and you might find masseuses ready to give you a comforting massage. Burch said he chose this place because he could use his creativity to plan for an unparalleled experience.

Burch built his own business back in 1976 while he was still only a student at Ithaca College. He would go around selling sweaters door-to-door and make small profits doing so, and as he became successful he decided to invest even more into the business and grew it into a big retail company known as Eagle Eye Apparel. He opened over 50 department stores with this company and made hundreds of millions in sales before selling it in 1998, but he had many other plans once the company was sold. He had investments in several private equity firms during this time, but he still stayed in the fashion industry and helped his wife Tory Burch launch her own brand in 2004. He also had another chain department store known as C. Wonder opened a few years later.

Burch Creative Capital was officially founded in 2008 and some of the brands most closely associated with it have been Pypestream, Voss Water, Snowe Home and Poppin (http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/contact/).  But he’s also done many real estate deals through the company including a longtime partnership with the Faena Group in Argentina that included the opening of the Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires in 2004, and a property development in Miami around 2010. Burch bought and flipped several other homes in New York and Nantucket Island and also opened J. Christopher, a supplier of building materials for contractors. Burch officially became a billionaire around the same time he bought the Nihiwatu Property due to the value of his total assets and stock holdings putting him at $1 billion.

Connect with Burch, visit Instagram, LinkedIn.

Clay Siegall’s Invaluable Contributions to the Success of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics has been active in studying human antibodies since it was established in 1998. The company has also been manipulating antibodies and packaging them into drugs since then. The company’s great performance is as a result of linking therapy to antibodies. The company uses antibodies to develop toxins that destroy cancer cells. This strategy could make Seattle Genetics one of the leading companies globally in the health sector.

Seattle genetics offers employment opportunities to about 900 people. The company’s market value is approximately $10 billion. Seattle Genetics is currently considered the leading biotech firm in Washington. The company still aims at becoming an international pharmaceutical firm. Seattle Genetics spends a significant amount of money in marketing and research activities. The company also aims at increasing the number of employees.

Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug known as Adcetric is quite effective at treating Hodgkin lymphoma.With the tests proving that the drug works, it is expected that sales of Adcetric could begin anytime soon. Clay Siegall said that the company is one of the upcoming multiproduct and oncology companies. Clay refers to the company’s long list of drugs to demonstrate the company’s achievements and his unmatched commitment to continue building the company. Clay says that the firm does not plan to sell to other companies.

Clay also shows his commitment to drug development by moving beyond the general focus of biotech firms. After partnering with Takeda, Seattle Genetics discovered its potential and went ahead to open a branch in Switzerland to expand its customer base. Seattle Genetics is currently experiencing tremendous growth. For instance, in 2016, the company generated about $418 million. The company’s stock has tripled in less than five years. Analysts state that the rising value of the company increasing the chances of a future buyout. Due to the high ambitions of the company, its research spending in 2016 was $376 million.

Clay Siegall played a significant role in founding Seattle Genetics. Currently, Mr. Clay serves in various executive positions in the company. At Seattle Genetics, Clay is the Chairman, President, and CEO. Under Clay’s outstanding leadership, the company has developed several cancer therapies based on antibodies. One of its successful projects was the development of Adcentris which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Currently, Clay Siegall is a board member of Alder BioPharmaceuticals which is privately owned. Clay Siegall also holds 15 patents.