Freedom Checks: Grab Your Fair Share Of $34.6 Billion

This is going to be an exciting year for those who are investing in Master Limited Partnerships because they are going to paying billions in Freedom Checks this year. One analyst, Matt Badiali, sees these companies paying out $34.6 billion because the Republicans got their tax plan passed. This is a substantial sum of money, but Matt Badiali thinks the good times for receiving Freedom Checks are just beginning. He has been advising people to perform proper analysis to identify the most profitable MLPs that will deliver mind-boggling returns in the near future.

Being able to avoid taxes on Freedom Checks is the primary reason for investing in MLPs. These companies have some of the most advantageous tax privileges of any other type of corporation, and they share these tax advantages with the shareholders. Being able to skip taxes on income means substantially greater rates of return. MLPs are also going to appreciate considerably in share price, especially if the US remains on track to eventually achieve energy independence. Fracking technology has made the US a major oil-producing nation. With oil production continuing to rise, it is only a matter of time before the US will no longer have to rely on the Middle East for its energy requirements.

This will only mean more business and higher revenues for MLPs In the years to come. Freedom Checks were first viewed as a special government program instead of an investment. Many people were probably wondering if there were restrictions to being able to receive this money. The truth is that this is an investment and not a government payment. People of all ages can invest in MLPs and receive their distributions. There are no income barriers to prevent people from taking advantage of this investment opportunity. Someone is able to invest in an MLP if they have $10, but it is important to remember that the initial starting amount Is going to determine how large someone’s Freedom Checks will be.

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