Rebel Wilson – Isnt it Romantic

The romantic fantasy dubbed isn’t it romantic, has been in the works for some time now. And once it was reported that our screen favorite rebel Wilson was going to take the lead role, the movie got attention, and with good reason.

Rebel Wilson is a brilliant and beautiful actress who is not only talented but also dedicated to her craft, meaning the movie is automatically a must watch. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The early life of Rebel Wilson

Before the limelight, the fame and the buzz that is synonymous with being a celebrity, Rebel Wilson was just another shy Aussie girl who didn’t really know what she wanted to be when she grew up. Behind the sharp wit, beautiful body and confidence is a girl who has fought and therefore earned her spot in Hollywood.

It wasn’t an easy road, but she has managed to knock down each and every barrier that presented itself before her. And this explains why she is an actress that we all fell in love with quite effortlessly. To date, she is one of the most notable faces on TV thanks to a couple of successful movies under her belt.

The turning point

At about the tender age of 15, Rebel Wilson made a conscious decision to come out of her shell. At first, it was a little difficult. But thanks to her loving and close-knit family, she was able to do some more outdoor work that would later make her transition to Hollywood smoother than most expected.

Rebel Wilson also attributes her success in the big screen to her high school teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker, who always pushed her out of her comfort zone. Rebel Wilson recounts her teacher used to encourage her to do things that she wasn’t comfortable with. For instance, Mrs. Bowmaker once encouraged her to join the debating team

Keeping her personal life personal

Despite doing it big in Hollywood, Rebel Wilson has for the longest time kept a tight lid on her personal life and by extension, her love life. At one point, she chose to post-delete some adorable selfies of her babe whom fans immediately identified as Mickey Gooch Jr., the celebrated filmmaker. Read more: Rebel Wilson Givenchy Couture   and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

The two had earlier been spotted in Ibiza, Los Angeles as well as New York City and were therefore presumed to be dating. Then again, Rebel Wilson has chosen to remain tight-lipped on the relationship which is probably for the best. Too bad, their relationship didn’t withstand the taste of time.

What ‘isn’t it romantic’ film is all about

The upcoming rom-com is a highly anticipated fantasy movie about a girl who wakes up to a romantic world after taking a trauma to the head. And knowing Rebel Wilson, we all know and expect the laughs on this one to be for the books. Some of the notable characters to be featured in this movie include Brandon Scott Jones, Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, Betty Gilpin, Jennifer Saunders, and Tom Ellis among other talented casts.

The movie will hit the theatres early 2019 on valentine’s day. That said, if you won’t be having any plans, maybe you and your loved one should go watch this movie. Who knows, you might end up making some of the best memories because I can tell you one thing, if Rebel Wilson is in it, then it’s bound to be memorable!

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