The Amazing Matthew Fleeger

The President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has built a tremendous career. Fleeger has founded and built multiple companies and now is taking charge in the oil business. Fleeger has used his experience of growing up in the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana to help him in his current role. He also watched his father build a successful oil services company. Fleeger is now taking that success to higher places.

One huge advantage that Fleeger had was years of successful experience. Matthew Fleeger had oil services company deep knowledge of the production side of the business and he also has a number of partnerships he had built over time. Fleeger and his company Gulf Coast Western were able to were able to find some of the top drill sites in the country as a result of their top geologic knowledge and their world- class drilling technologies. As a result Gulf Coast Western has built tremendous success and appears set for more success in the years to come.

Recently Matthew Fleeger sat down with The Lone Star Chronicle to share some insight into his success and his approach to business. Fleeger was asked “What was the most important leadership quality you learned during difficult times?” His response his attitude. He feels it is important to have a positive attitude during adversity. To be a successful leader Fleeger believes you must have this contagious trait. Negative morale can enter a group quickly.

Fleeger is a great motivator. He openly discusses with his team how committed he is to the future. He is constantly reminding them of what opportunities are available hoping to encourage them not to switch industries. Fleeger has a a positive outlook about the oil industry and is optimistic about the future. His track record serves as proof he should be around for many years to come.

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