Kimberly Bakker Was Born For Event Planning


Kimberly Bakker, a successful entrepreneur, and mother who wears a number of hats in her daily life. Bakker has an extensive educational background from the University of Southern California and her career was launched at the Mayor’s office as a protocol officer in San Francisco.

Kimberly Bakker has a number of skills that she developed through her various professions, she is currently on a number of boards of nonprofits, a CEO, philanthropist and event planner.

Success at previous careers led to Kimberly Bakker Events, and she oversees virtually all aspects.

Kimberly Bakker Decides to Form A Company

Bakker always enjoyed being creative. She would entertain her family, friends and stuff animals with tea parties as a child. This is when she began to fall in love with hosting, and she already professionally involved in getting various event types together. It seemed the next step was automatically to be the development of the love and skills she had to form her own business. She also wanted to set an example of a strong woman that could handle home and business.

Kimberly Bakker Events Stands Out

Kimberly Bakker is focused on every aspect of events from planning to the cleanup. She attempts to make her events both personal and elegant even taking things from her personal collection to use in them. Bakker makes a platter for the host to take home while they are busy socializing and making rounds with the guest instead of eating. It is the small personal touches that are often remembered long past the events themselves.

Bakker’s Most Useful Skill and Advice

Organization is the skill that Bakker finds most useful when it comes to her business. She makes highly detailed lists for herself and the staff of her event planning business. The advice she has for others is to trust their own instincts completely. See This Page for related information.


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