Its All About Fighting the Fight to Make It with Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor. He was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. At the age of 18, he enrolled to the Federal University of Parana where he undertook an engineering degree. After two years I the class he knew that his calling was not in engineering. He thus changed to economics. By the time he was graduating, Igor Cornelsen had mastered calculating compound interest. He also graduated at the top of his that time, calculators and computers were not commonly used and for this reason, a person who knew how to calculate compound interest was someone valuable.

Due to his skills, he did not find it hard to score his first job at an investment firm and later at Multibanco. After two years of working at Multibanco, he received his promotion to become the chief executive officer of the company. Unluckily the company was absorbed by the Bank of America some time from then. By now his skills were known by more people and it was not hard to land another job. He was employed by the Libra Bank PLC in 1985. In this bank, he worked hard and landed a position at the table of the board of directors.

10 years from the time he started working at Libra Bank, he decided to leave and start his own company. It was then that Bainbridge Investment was founded. The company’s work is to advise people on what to invest in. as the president of the company, Igor Cornelsen uses Reuters to keep himself and the company updated on the news in the economy. As a retired banker, he spends halftime in Florida and the other half in his home country. He also does not forget to keep his company going by counter-checking its work frequently.

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