Madison Street Capital Has Once Again Helped In A Major Corporate Project:

Globally operating investment banking outfit Madison Street Capital frequently provides advisory services in the realm of acquisitions and mergers as well as other corporate advisory services. The company recently applied its skills in this area with its assistance that it provided in the Sachs Capital Group move to take is RMG Networks label private. RMG is a media company that works in the area of digital signage. In addition to the valuable services provided by Madison Street Capital, there was financing the was provided by Merion Investment Partners. This financing went toward closing this transaction. Charles Botchway is the long-time CEO at Madison Street Capital and he was the individual who broke this big piece of news to the public. He has expressed how proud he is at the fact that this advisory work has served to further support the outstanding Madison Street Capital reputation. He also announced that the team that worked on this particular project was headed up by Barry Petersen, a managing director with Madison Street Capital.


Sachs Capital’s own CEO Gregory Sachs has expressed the fact that Madison Street Capital’s team of professionals did an amazing job in assisting his firm in the closing of this monumental transaction. The services that Madison Street provided included expert guidance as well as helping Sachs Capital to identify resources for capital. This was a huge part of the success of this endeavour. For his part, Barry Petersen also felt a great amount of honor in being able to provide these services to the Sachs Capital team. He is very proud of the work that his Madison Street Capital team did in regard to this project which will lead RMG’s stockholders to get a $1.29 rate per each of their shares. This was paid in cash.


The business model employed by RMG Networks is one in which the company strives to go beyond the scope of traditional communications by utilizing the latest advances in digital messages to provide valuable help to businesses. The data visualization services provided by RMG Networks is done so in an integrated manner that also has the benefit of accountability in a single point. RMG’s parent company Sachs Capital Group works in the capacity of a partner that can provide valuable capital to entrepreneurial endeavours that have strong promise.


The team at Madison Street Capital has worked hard to develop its reputation that is based on a commitment to excellence in all endeavours as well as a devotion to integrity and high-quality leadership. This is the goal that the company has in its delivery of services such as corporate advisory, acquisitions, mergers and also valuation based services. The end goal is to give clients the resources that they need in order to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business world.


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