Talkspace Makes New Partners In Their Mission To Provide Online Therapy

Talkspace is an online therapy startups which offers affordable as well as confidential therapy with professional and licensed therapists through their website and mobile app on Android or iOS. The company was launched in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank and it quickly expanded, currently having more than 500,000 clients and over 1,000 therapists.

Early this year, Talkspace partnered up with athlete Michael Phelps in order to promote therapy as a tool to help improve mental health. The partnership includes a national TV campaign, with Phelps sharing his experiences and encouraging people to speak up about mental health. Phelps stated that throughout his career he struggled at various times with depression and anxiety, and he found it difficult to get the help he needed. Once he started talking about his issues, Phelps points out that he felt strength, noting that he wants to help others who may be dealing with the same issues he experienced. Talkspace CEO Oren Frank stated that Michael Phelps join their team, and that his deep knowledge about mental health advocacy and his commitment will be invaluable to the company’s Advisory Board.

The company also partnered with New Directions Behavioral Health. The partnership will result in New Directions customers being able to access Talkspace’s platform through the company’s Employee Assistance Program. Current plans are for the platform to extend to managed behavioral health clients. The Chief Executive Officer of New Direction, Lee Tuveson noted that partnering with Talkspace makes it easier for individual to access therapy with a licensed clinician, and that it is convenient as well as effective for a lot of people.

Oren Frank stated that the new relationship with New Directions points out the value that Talkspace is providing and filling in major gaps which exist in the employer benefit plans. The CEO of Talkspace also expressed excitement about the partnership, noting that they are excited to provide New Directions members with an important component to their behavioral health care services. Employees facing challenges (whether work, personal life, or relationship related) will have access to confidential and secure behavioral health support through their mobile phones.

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