Freelancing both for individuals and companies is the new type of working trend. One such large online freelance website is Upwork Global Inc., (formerly Elance-oDesk) which uses millions of independent professionals from around the world.

One such Upwork client publishes productivity articles on how to make team life and everyday life easier with organizational tasks and reminders. There are 10 powerful tips to help you get through any task-oriented lists:

  1. Capture It All

Writing down your to-do list is less stressful and more meaningful than trying to capture your tasks within your brain cells. With modern technology, you now have mobile software apps that serve as your daily to-do list.

  1. Start Your Day The Night Before

Use the morning time to create your to-do list because this is when human energy is at its highest. Build on preparing your task list the night before and in the morning decide which tasks will help you supercharge your day.

  1. One Simple To-do List

It is too easy to start a quagmire of to-do lists. Resist this urge! Create email reminders, post-its, and other paper scrap reminders in one solution tool like your iPhone and save yourself hours of stress.

  1. Adding Attributes

Creating a simple to-do list. Add attributes like a start time, how long it will take, and how to execute your tasks. These tips will keep you on target so that you won’t over obligate.

  1. Priorities

Life changes daily and so will your to-do list. Your deliverables with a specific deadline should be accomplished first so that when life happens you are prepared with a plan.

  1. Re-Evaluate

Re-evaluate your to-do list each week and delete the tasks that you have been procrastinating about.

  1. Delegate

For team assignments, use software that converts oral comments to a task delegation for other team members.

  1. Zooming

Reduce the complexity of your to-do list with smaller subtasks. Zoom in and cross off your task accomplishments and zoom out by evaluating your project tasks with bigger goals. Use software tools to meet your to-do list activity.

  1. Batch Templates

Batch your tasks by software that processes your to-do tasks. Create your software tabs for people you need to phone, text, or email and save loads of time!

  1. To-Do Energy

Mike Vardy is a productivity expert who suggests that you choose your daily tasks based on your energy levels. Assign each task with an energy level (low, medium, high). It works! And your productivity will increase.

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