PSI Pay And Western Union Team Up

The United Kingdom’s PSI Pay entered an agreement with the global financial services provider Western Union so that holders of ecoAccount digital wallets – ecoAccount is part of the line of financial products offered by PSI Pay; PSI Pay oversees the operation of ecoAccount digital wallets and has since the company was founded in 2007 – can transfer electronic money around the globe via the Western Union network.

Such capabilities have been made possible by the integration of Western Union’s financial services capabilities with the platform of PSI Pay, part of which consists of digital ecoAccount wallets.

Customers of PSI Pay’s network can purchase funds via credit and debit cards via both – Western Union’s website – and its mobile app.

What is Western Union?

In 1851, the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company was created by Ezra Cornell, a brilliant mind also known as a founder of Cornell University, a four-year institution of higher education that belongs to the Ivy League network of schools. The company later changed its name to The Western Union Company and is today known for being the largest transporter of telegraphs in the history of mankind, having created the world’s first stock ticker, and being one of only 11 American companies that was traded on the New York Stock Exchange to be tracked by the Dow Jones Transportation Average, a stock index that tracks the world’s best competitors in the transportation industry.

The Western Union Company – almost exclusively referred to as Western Union – is currently known for exchanging money both domestically and internationally throughout virtually all countries on the planet.

What is PSI Pay?

In 2007, PSI Pay was founded in the United Kingdom. PSI Pay became the first true provider of financial services on the consumer level throughout the United Kingdom as an entity other than a financial institution or bank.

PSI Pay works closely with GPS, Mastercard, PIF, VISA, and other financial services companies as part of one of the world’s largest, most-interconnected circuits of entities that provide banking services to consumers without having to open and maintain accounts with banks.

The company’s operations are fully authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority – a government agency that is part of the United Kingdom’s federal government – as part of the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations legislation to issue, transfer, hold and otherwise deal with electronic money.


NewsWatch TV Gets The Word Out About Tech

It is difficult to rise above the chatter these days. The Internet gives people unfettered access to all the information that’s ever existed in the world. So how are they ever supposed to navigate through this vast sea of information to get the products that they want?

This conundrum has had many tech companies reaching out to a news magazine program called NewsWatch TV. The program centers around breaking news as well as emerging news in technology. The program is aired in over 200 markets worldwide and has the potential reach of about 95 million households.

NewsWatch TV can connect tech companies with eager tech-savvy customers. That’s because the people who are watching the program are already interested in technology. This gives any tech company looking to spread the word about their latest innovations a captive audience.

There are all sorts of testimonials to the effectiveness of this exposure. Steelseries is a headphone company that began working with NewsWatch TV some time ago. The company’s senior director of marketing says that working with NewsWatch TV was a dream. She continues on to say that the staff at NewsWatch TV has a deep and comprehensive understanding of PR. She also says that the NewsWatch TV helped make her technological gadgets understandable to the consumer during their news bits.

Both the Saygus Smartphone Company and the Avanca Company exceeded fundraising goals using the services of NewsWatch TV. The television news program aired news segments about each of these tech companies concurrently with the companies’ fundraising campaigns. Each of the companies shot right past their fundraising goals. The Avanca Company raised nearly $500,000 after setting the bar at just $10,000. The Saygus Smartphone Company was even more successful. The tech company was able to raise $1.3 million to exceed the goal of $300,000.

Richard Dwayne Blair; Financial Genius

Richard Dwayne Blair, sole owner and CEO of Wealth Solutions, Inc. in Austin Texas has always been fascinated with education. Richards wife, mother and grandmother were all teachers. He has always seen how education can create confidence and how confidence promotes success. Coupling this information with his innate aptitude for finance, he designed a plan to help others with their own financial planning. Once he graduated college in 1993, Richard entered into a career of financial service and founded Wealth Solutions the following year.

Throughout the years, Richard Dwayne Blair has provided knowledge and experience of retirement planning, specializing in assisting clients to bridge the gap that is between them and their ability to plan for retirement. Richard helps his clients avoid common pitfalls and provides them with a strategy for an individual retirement plan. His goal is to help them their personal vision of their own successful retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that everyone at Wealth Solutions needs a retirement plan that will help pursue their individual financial goals. By providing his clients in the Austin TX area, with wealth management and retirement planning, Richard hopes to help his community follow a financial road map that will help them find their way through the milestones they will face in their journey of life.

Richard follows a three-step approach to comprehensive financial plan that looks at the clients financial retirement and financial situation to determine what they need.

The first pillar lays out the roadmap for the client’s financial situation. Then, Richard determines the route they need to take by identifying their strengths, their risk tolerance, their opportunities for growth and their goals. This phase is designed to gain understanding of their goals, establish expectations and to build a lasting relationship with the client.

The next step is designed to create a long-term investment strategy customized for the client that is effective in meeting their goals. In this phase, assets are managed and reallocated for maximum performance while any negative impacts are minimized.

The final step establishes the client’s goals and enacts the strategy providing growth and liquidity. Then Richard reviews their strategy, implementing and monitoring goals by tracking and making comparisons to their expectations, historical data and their goals.

How Organo Gold Coffee Is Part Of A Healthy Diet

Millions of people around the world reach for a cup of coffee in the morning or in the early afternoon as a pick me up. Most people don’t really think about the health benefits of coffee although there are a number of them. Coffee can benefit in ways beyond drinking it. Hair, for instance, can be kept healthy through coffee-infused shampoos which help with hair breakage and other issues. Mixing eye cream and coffee that has been allowed to cool down reduces the puffiness under eyes. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Many research papers have shown that coffee is healthy to drink. It is a great source of antioxidants which kill unhealthy free radicals in the bloodstream. It lowers the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and reduces the risk of heart disease among other benefits. It has also been shown to reduce pain as it is a natural painkiller.

Organo Gold is a Ferndale, Washington, company that sells premium coffee brands. They also sell other beverages such as tea and chocolate milk. They also sell nutritional drinks and health supplements. In order to boost the healthiness of their products, they infuse them with Ganoderma lucidum. This is a special herb which has been used throughout Japan, China, and Southeast Asia for its numerous health benefits. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold’s products can only be purchased from authorized independent contractors rather than off grocery store shelves. One of their independent contractors is Adrienne Crawford who lives in Leeds, Alabama. Along with her husband she started a barbershop in 2013. She recently started selling Organo Gold Coffee through a nearby storefront they opened, Crawford Café. They sell regular coffee as well as mochas, frappes, and lattes. She has said that she ties the two businesses together by serving the people getting a haircut a complimentary cup of coffee. In this way, they provide customers with a haircut while also introducing them to a great cup of coffee through which they can also become customers of their coffee-selling business.


Forex Trading Advice as offered By Nitpicks

NetPicks is a firm that offers guidance to those traders who venture in the forex trades. According to the online trading strategy company, Netpicks, the forex (FX) trading involves two currencies where the trader can invest in the price movements of those currencies. The FX trades are however based on the speculation as to whether the currency pair prices will increase or go down. The forex trading which is also referred to as currency or foreign exchange trading offers a lot of trading opportunities to trade currency pairs in a market that is decentralized. People can make their investments electronically over-the-counter financial exchanges that are found in major international cities that include New York, London, Paris, Sydney, and many others.

The traders can trade with the help of live signal services or charts that are usually provided by NetPicks. The market is open any time of the day in every day which gives the traders the ability to invest in several cities across the globe. It means that when the Sydney market closes, the forex traders are free to move to the London exchanges. If the London market is closed, the traders can move to the New York exchanges where they will be able to trade their currency pairs. Many traders prefer making trades on the spot. However, it is not the only option as people can trade via the future markets and the forward markets. The business people who want to hedge their risks prefer the future and forward markets, source (

To the traders who are new in the forex market, Netpicks advises them on what to look at as they study the markets before investing in the foreign currency trade. This education gives any trader a better chance to succeed in this form of trading, read more updates on There are other things that the traders ought to have in mind s they evaluate currency pair prices changes which include but not limited to economic factors, the political announcements, and the monetary policies. There is the need for an FX trader to make trading decisions without emotionally getting involved in any effort. It is also advisable not to trade with money for pressing issues, click

Wes Edens Has Been Busy With Several Major Projects Outside Of His Usual Financial Industry Domain:

Wed Edens is one of the most well-known figures in the world of finance. He is one of the co-founders of legendary firm Fortress Investment Group. Before he co-founded Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens was a partner with Blackrock Financial. He has also been quite busy with several ventures that are a bit out of his usual sphere. Wes’s Brightline train service is revolutionizing the public transport industry and he has also recently become the owner of the world famous Aston Villa Soccer Team.

For years the commute between Miami and Fort Lauderdale has been what could accurately be described as a nightmare for commuters. The thirty-mile distance often times could take as much as multiple hours to traverse. This is all changing now with the advent of the Brightline train service. This service is the product of Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group. The train service has been making a huge difference for commuters from the beginning and it has been such a huge success that many other U.S. cities are clamouring to get the service in their locations as well.

Chicago to St. Louis is now being targeted as the next line to be added to the Brightline train service. Other city combinations that are being considered are Atlanta to Charlotte and Houston to Dallas. These are all cities that face similar situations as far as commutes that were faced by the residents of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The success of this initial line is quickly causing the demand for this service to increase.

Wes Edes has also recently partnered with Nassef Sawiris to purchase Aston Villa Soccer Club. The new co-owners are confident that they can work together to rebuild Aston Villa and return it into the ranks as one of the top English soccer clubs, a position that it has traditionally held. A major part of the strategy behind this rebuilding project will include a major strengthening of the structures of the club as well as a rebuilding of the clubs various squads.

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