The Academy of Art University: The Passion of a Dedicated Art Student

When people hear about someone getting an education in the arts there sometimes unclear about what all that entails. Many people picture a student standing in front of a canvas painting something spectacular, while others think about sculpting. While these are both mediums of expression for many people all over the world they’re not the only way that people find a way to express themselves. Architects and designers are considered artists in their field. They look at the aesthetics of life and create something beautiful. The same can be said for actors and other types of entertainers to find a way to portray beauty through their performance. Even animators are adding to the world of creativity in their own ways. There are countless other professionals that could be gone through to discuss the ways they contribute to the art world, but the biggest thing that many of these exceptional professionals have in common is their tenure at the Academy of Art University as a student.

Many exceptional individuals in the art world have gone through the Academy of Art University. One of the most recent successes is those of Jan Philip Cramer. Cramer is best known for his work that he did on Avengers: Infinity War. His animation designs in the movie are exceptional, but he also operated in a supervisory role for the other animators on the team. The article “Academy of Art University Grad Showcases Animation Expertise in Avengers: Infinity War” discusses some of the work that he did on the project as well as his overall excitement about the industry in general. He credits much of his success to his own personal hard work and his education that he received at the Academy of Art University. He expresses gratitude that he was able to study with this institution because it allowed him to become a more well-rounded professional. He believes that it gave him an opportunity to grow as an artist and learn more about.

Anyone interested in an amazing art education should look at the Academy of Art University. They cater to students with a variety of interests and focuses. The major thing that concerns them is that their students are sure to follow their own passions.


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