Tony Petrello-Changing the oil and gas drilling industry

Tony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabors Industries. He was born in Newark, New Jersey. While he was growing up, he learned a lot about hard work and commitment in order to make it in life. Despite being born from a humble family, he never allowed such factors to interfere with whom he was. He went to a public school where he showed his quality by defeating even students who were in private schools. His brilliance in mathematics was exceptional. He would solve problems that no other students would even comprehend. By the time he was in high school, he was spotted by the Yale University who saw that he had great potential as a mathematician.

At the Yale University, Tony Petrello had an opportunity of working with people who had spent all their lives in the field. He was paled under the mentorship of Serge Lang, a mathematician, and professor at the university. He completed his bachelors and then went for his masters. After completing his masters and proofing various mathematics theories together with his mentor, he decided that it was time to move on to another career. He, however, did not move on before he met his wife,- Cynthia.

After leaving Yale University, he went to Harvard School of law. Here, he graduated with a law degree and immediately went to law practice. He joined a law firm in New York known as Baker & McKenzie. While working in the legal industry, he interacted with the management of Nabors Industries. They were impressed by his understanding of business matters, and they hired him as the COO of the company. Since he took over the management of the company, he has made sure that everything that is happening in the industry is done according to the short and long terms of the company.

Tony Petrello has made sure that everything that is happening in the industry right now is done according to the plan. His impact on the oil and gas drilling sector has revolutionized the manner in which the industry was going about its business. With the entry of Tony Petrello, the bar has been raised very high. Every other business is now focused on growing the industry to avoid elimination from the market. Nabors Industries has the best drilling technology that is being used in 25 countries. The growth of the drilling industry has a huge contribution of Tony Petrello.

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