Perry Mandera and His Community Contributions.

When Perry Mandera started The Custom Company in 1986, he also created an organization of service. Working to create the Custom Company for a successful transportation company. Perry Madera has also been dedicated to supporting his community and encouraging the success of its youth.


A sports aficionado, Perry Mandera can be seen supporting and coaching local youth teams, including the famous Jesse White Tumblers, an organization targeted toward preventing inner-city youth from gangs, drugs, and alcohol and encouraging teamwork and education. Perry Mandera has also provided support and management for several boxers, including Olympians Donell “Doc” Nickleson and “Irish” Andy Lee.


Realizing the importance and beauty of gardening, Perry Mandera also supports Green Thumbs for a Greener World, a Youth Gardening Project, designed to teach at-risk youth the fun of gardening and the importance of sustainability.


A former Marine, Perry Mandera is a strong advocate for veterans services as well, actively encouraging veteran services and creating job opportunities for our returning veterans.


Always eager to assist, Perry Mandera has been known to use the strength of his transportation fleet to bring much-needed supplies to areas hit by a natural disaster ( By bringing in food, clothing, water, and medical supplies, he has been able to ease the burden of local emergency services and increase the comfort of those who have lost their homes.


Perry Mandera is also concerned with the environment. In addition to encouraging sustainability in the community, The Custom Company also uses the EPA’s SmartWay program, a voluntary energy savings tool designed to maximize efficiency and fuel economy while reducing emissions.


Whether it is coaching a team, delivering coats, or deploying his fleet service to provide food, clothing, and water for victims of natural disasters, Perry Madera will always look for new ways to contribute to his community.


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