Glen Wakeman on Business, Success, and Mentoring

Presently, Glen Wakeman is the head cheerleader of a business firm called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company focuses on making successful business plans and intuitive strategies for startups. In addition to that, LaunchPad Holdings has the objective to reduce the failing chances of startups by assisting them to structure specific ideas. LaunchPad is all about venturing into new business ideas that separate average strategies from long-term strategies.

Education and Work

In his interviews, Glen Wakeman has always discussed his career story with the aim of empowering prospective business professionals. Before working for LaunchPad Holdings, he was a successful holder of multiple executive positions in various organizations like GE Capital and Nova Four. His education background also speaks much about his focus on advancing his career. The holder of a degree in economics and finance went to the Scranton University. He furthered his education by joining the University of Chicago and graduating with a degree in finance. For the past two decades of garnering experience, Glen Wakeman has gained multiple skills in business management, development, strategy generation, administration, and capital raising (

Mentoring Startups

Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur but also a focused mentor whose input and initiative in startups has worked for various companies. Through his wealth, knowledge, and talent, Wakeman has assisted startups to navigate through the murky challenges of business administration by concentrating on five major performance areas namely:

Risk management



Human capital


Glen’s experiences extend to his services in mentoring C-level executives throughout the business. He has assisted businesses startups to achieve exponential growth. This is one achievement that makes Glen an excellent and competent business advisor. Not only does Glen mentor business executives but also disseminates vital information and insights through regular blogging. The entire writing is based on business information, emerging markets, strategies, raising capital, and universal business affairs (News.Sky).


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