An Anti-Aging Product Revolution

The battle against aging is a constant one that can feel as though it is being waged as a solitary thing. In fact, a lot of people get a lonely feeling in their quest to battle aging. It is almost as though they feel like they are the only ones going through the same thing. Of course, that is not really the truth, but it is understandable how a person can put themselves in that mindset. Fortunately, there are options for those who wish to combat their aging issues head on. They can use a variety of products produced by Jeunesse Global.

They have something for just about everyone as they cover a wide array of different ailments that people complain of. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.

One of the products they make is called “AM/PM Essentials”. These are two different dietary supplements. The first is to be used to help a person wake up and prepare for the day. The other is to help that person get a good night’s sleep every night. There are minerals in each that are specifically designed to do the job that they say they will do on the bottle.


If that doesn’t impress you, how about Nevo? This is the energy drink made by Jeunesse Global that has just fifty calories per can. Not only that, but it is made of natural juices, and does not have any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors in the can either. Therefore, the person who drinks this beverage knows that they are only putting substances in their body that are actually good for it.

This company puts special care into every product to make sure that the end user has what they want out of it and feels better about their life and their health choices. It really is as simple as that. This formula has helped them to grow into an incredibly impressive business over time, and there is no end in sight for that train. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest.

Sujit Choudhry Helps Bring Constitutional Law Around The World

Some things are easy to build such as a table or a chair. But imagine trying to build a working constitutional government in places such as Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, South Africa, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, and Ukraine. For one constitutional lawyer, Sujit Choudhry, bringing constitutional order is part of his everyday job.

As the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry helps nations bring order to chaos through a peaceful constitutional process. That includes building a framework of laws and perimeters that works for every citizen in a given nation.

During a recent meeting of constitutional experts in Kiev, Mr. Choudhry discussed the Ukraine government’s semi-Presidental system. In particular, they discussed the challenges facing Ukraine. Sujit Choudhry is adamant that the democratic situation in Ukraine is not stable and that the weak political party system is responsible for the current situation. Related article on

Sujit Choudhry was joined by experts Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University and Sumit Bisarya. Together the group discussed the Ukraine situation in particular and the concept of constitutional law building around the world. Sujit Choudhry stressed the importance of constitutional law as a foundation for any country going through a transitional process from instability to a working government.   Read the professor’s views on politically related issues, click

Holding a law degree from Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard, Sujit Choudhry is also a Rhodes Scholar and has served as law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of Canada’s Supreme Court. It goes without saying that Mr. Choudhry is the foremost authority in International Constitutional Law.

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In addition to working with dozens of nations, Mr. Choudhry has published over 90 articles and books on the subject of constitutional law. Some of Mr. Choudhry’s published works include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?, Constitution Making and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian ConstitutionCheck

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Experience Good Service from USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is an arm of the USHEALTH Group that is mandated with the role of marketing. All the unprecedented insurance coverage plans that the USHEALTH Group offer and underwrite are composed in the portfolio marketed by the arm.

USHEALTH Group is made up of many subsidiary companies that form part of a family of insurance companies. It has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Its life insurance cover stretches to all categories of individuals and companies, families and businesses and employees. USHEALTH Group provides extensive cover solutions in innovative life, accidents, and disabilities, specified diseases, and illnesses. It enjoys more than fifty years of existence and has been serving over fifteen million clients. Visit for more updates.

USHEALTH Advisors arm targets the entire community of people and companies ranging from small business owners to large businesses, from families to individuals and individuals and employees. The USHEALTH Advisors has been in operation for more than thirty-five years serving the different needs of individuals in the healthcare market. The product mix of the USHEALTH Advisor works to ensure that they meet the increasingly growing need for insurance of the clients in the rising expenses of the health costs.

USHEALTH Advisor also conducts an innovative compensation plan in every business year. The percentage of issued business first-year commission is conducted weekly. The total earnings by the agent come to a six-figure with all the commissions and vested renewals that accompany their payment plan every month.

USHEALTH Advisor has the philosophy of providing quick responses to matters arising based on policies and claims. Quality support is an assurance to the agents to their policyholders. The MyUSHG unveils more of its functions in the customer portal to enable customer self-service. This implies that more and more will the responses become fast and real time. Communication into and out of the company is facilitated by new and modern technology that has been applied. Ideas are encouraged into the company’s system.

In addition to these, company’s leadership time and time appreciates the efforts made by the sales representatives to make the company succeed. Each one of the Sales Leader has a long-term field experience, and therefore they are seasoned advisors that helpful advice and train the clients on the product of the company.

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Larkin and Lacey: Helping Migrants Everywhere

When one migrant-rights group succeeds, they all succeed. Every movement needs at least one victory to kick-start everything else into motion. For advocate groups fighting for civil, human, and migrant rights along the Mexican border, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin scored that first victory against federal abuse.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are college dropouts that started one of the more respected newspapers in Arizona. They also co-founded one of the most respected investigative reporting news conglomerates in the country. In 2012, they sold their media conglomerate and focused on continuing to buildup Phoenix New Times.

The biggest story New Times covered involved a corrupt sheriff who showed blatant disregard for the law and his badge. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is, in short, a racist bigot disguised as a man of the law. His corruption went beyond bigotry and included financial irregularities and mismanagement skills.

Most mainstream news providers either ignored or played off his obvious corruption and described him as a benign character in the Phoenix area. New Times reported on all of his horrible activities, which enraged him to a point that he instigated an all-out assault on Lacey and Larkin’s Constitutional rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Sheriff Arpaio’s actions ended in disaster for him. Lacey and Larkin came out of the tragedy unharmed and prouder than ever. Arpaio blatantly attacked their first amendment right, he tried to destroy their newspaper, he tried to harass their employees and their readers, and he even tried to violate the rights of anyone who might have been involved in any of New Time’s investigations.

For a few hours, it seemed like Arpaio had every right to do what he was doing. He’d done things like this numerous times before, but no one ever found out about it. When the nation found out he’d jailed two innocent reporters, he life was over.

The duo spent less than one night in jail. Arpaio claimed that he arrested them because they were writing fake stories about him and his good deputies. In truth, he used fake subpoenas to go after Lacey and Larkin.

During the court battle that followed, Lacey and Larkin were awarded a multimillion-dollar settlement. They didn’t keep any of the money for themselves. They created a charitable fund that supports numerous groups in Arizona and along the Mexican border.

Roofing Solutions by Aloha Construction Company

Aloha construction Company offers its services in Illions and southern Wisconsin. It has experienced field inspectors, supportive office staff, project supervisors, and installers. Through the commitment of the able team, the company has successfully implemented 18,000 projects in Peoria, Washington, and Champaign counties.

Despite the current economic instabilities, Aloha Construction company records essential market trends. It focuses on quality roofing solutions through which they offer job opportunities to a specialized team. The firm would not have realized success without the commitment of its qualified and friendly professionals.

It is a company that commits to complete its projects within the promised period while observing quality. Their contractors get covered a step that encourages retention of expertise. Besides installation services, their inspections are conducted at no cost to determine the extent of damage and services required to refurbish the homestead.

The family-owned firm has expanded over the years from a small entity to a thriving industry in general construction. The company is known for its outstanding roofing services in Illinois. The Midwest clients trust the company for their exceptional services. Aloha construction has offices in Bloomington and Lake Zurich. It enables the business to offer services to a wide range of clients.

Aloha Construction company provides specialized exterior services such as roofing review, commercial or resident roof installation, repairs, and gutters. It is wholly certified, bonded and indemnified. It also offers a warranty of ten years in Craftsmanship. With an experience of more than 84 years, Aloha Construction company prides on integrity, excellent services, and outstanding safety consciousness.

Aloha Construction company CEO Dave Farbaky focuses on making sure the company offers quality services to homeowners. Besides its construction services, the firm participates in community charity support through Dave Farbaky Foundation. The company prides its growth on the provision of care and secure homesteads for its people.

Aloha Builds network is a new branch which will offer interior restorations, bathroom renovations, kitchens, basements, water extraction, clean-up and natural disaster aid services. Its mother company was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for being the best in home repair, outstanding home restoration, and timely service delivery.


Jeff Yastine Examines The Crisis Of Deserted Malls

Jeff Yastine believes the death of the retail malls in 2017 may be at an end. Shopping districts remain empty, UPS freight vans fill the streets, Amazon continues to make deliveries, and airborne delivery drones are the expected wave of the future. According to rumor, Brookfield Property Partners offered GGP a $14.8 billion buyout causing their stock to increase eighteen percent. This was on the heels of the forty percent drop GGP suffered in July of last year.

Brookfield understands despite the lost traffic due to internet retail, many possibilities regarding revenue have been overlooked. GGP made a deal for one of their mall properties in Seattle with a national developer of real estate. According to the CEO on, part of the land will be redeveloped as apartment buildings. Many investors besides Brookfield feel the Amazon threat is done, and are now bargaining for low cost mall real estate.


According to Miller Value Partners is betting on the retail sector for malls. Bill Miller is the mutual fund manager, and recently purchased stakes in CBL Properties and Washington Prime Group. These are both mall-based REIT’s. Berkshire Hathaway has redeveloped dead Sear’s stores, and bought into Seritage Growth Properties and STORE Capital. The Elliott Management Corporation’s Paul Singer has a position regarding the Taubman Centers. Amazon is a large part of the reason so many malls have failed, but when mall prices fall low enough the bargain hunters will come.

Jeff Yastine received a nomination for a Business Emmy Award in 2007. This was due to his report concerning the underfunded bridges, roads and public transportation in America. In 2002, he was an important part of an NBR journalists team who won an award in Financial Journalism for excellence from the Society of Certified Public Accountants in New York State. The award was for a special report covering the bond market of the nation. Jeff Yastine is the head of the Total Wealth Insider featuring opportunities available under-the-radar. He provides a way to achieve a more prosperous, freer and richer life. This is an incredibly successful financial newsletter. Every month, Jess Yastine uncovers new stock information.

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USHEALTH Group, the People’s Choice Insurance Coverage Company

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company that headquarters in Fort Worth; Texas. The company focuses on providing innovative health coverage for both self-employed individuals and small business owners. The corporation concentrates on marketing health insurance plans amongst a wide variety of people. The primary aim of USHEALTH is to connect the abilities of its workforces and sales agents to market competing and profitable insurance products while offering excellent customer service in all viewpoints of the company’s operations.

The company markets private health insurance plans and additional commodities financed by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, an entirely-owned insurance subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. The specialties offered include Health Coverage, Innovative Fixed Indemnity Health Plans, Critical Illness Coverage, Accident Coverage, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Guarantee Issue Plans, health insurance agent, Health Insurance Agent Recruiting, and Health Insurance.

The corporate has gained experience of over thirty years in health insurance. USHEALTH Group offers flexible, affordable and secure plans. The corporate mission is to protect our customers from financial hardship due to unforeseen illness or injury. Through its insurance subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has assisted millions of customers with exclusively tailored plans for more than five decades. The corporate has a workforce of an approximate of five hundred employees.

Troy McQuagge heads the company as the president and chief executive officer. Troy is Accountable for significant growth and benefit of the organization’s affiliated subordinate’s insurance operations and distribution. In the preceding three continuous years, USHEALTH Group has delivered record-setting results for growth and profitability under Troy McQuagge administration.

In 2016, USHEALTH Group was awarded the gold award for the national sales team and company of the year. In earlier years, the company had garnered several silver Stevies awards of the organization of the year, and it also appeared the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies. Additionally, USHEALTH Group, customer service received an award for its exceptional claim processing. In 2013, the corporate call center ranked among the best top fifty companies. USHEALTH Group has formulated a stellar credit for customer interest, making the company an A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau.


Gregory Aziz is Beating the Odds

In a world where people rely primarily on-air freight, Gregory Aziz is doing his part to make the rail industry relevant again. He currently owns National Steel Car and is operating it, thru the Trans-Canadian Railways, in a way that has allowed him to show people about the success they can have with a company. Part of what he has done has created a change in the economic outlook of the steel industry. It has also helped to make things better for people who have worked in the industry for years. Those who are a part of the rail car industry are able to benefit from companies like National Steel Car since they can enjoy all the benefits that come from these companies. View More Information Here.


Gregory James Aziz does his best to show people the right way to use the steel car industry. He also does what he can to ensure everyone who is a part of the industry will be able to keep their job in the future. By creating a company that is relevant to the economic climate of the 21st century, Gregory Aziz is giving other companies to have the same level of success that he has had.


When rail companies are functioning better, they are able to retain employees for longer periods of time. They are also able to make things better for those employees. If people can hold jobs for a long time, the economy is better, and everyone wins because of it. Gregory James Aziz also helps businesses get what they need since they are not having to constantly retrain people to get the help they need. Everything Gregory Aziz is doing has added up and has given him the help he needs to make the company better. A better National Steel Car will mean a better rail industry overall which is what Gregory James Aziz really wants.


When Greg Aziz was working hard to make his company the best it could be, he was showing people what they would need to grow their own businesses. He was setting an example for Canadian business owners. He knew people would see that he was, essentially, bringing a company back from the dead. By doing that, Gregory Aziz was giving the company the life it needed. Greg Aziz tried his best to not only make National Steel Car more successful and profitable but also to give other people inspiration on their own businesses in Canada.



Gregory Aziz: Business Genius Responsible For National Steel Car’s Growth

Gregory James Aziz is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and business leader. He is the CEO of National Steel Car. He has been with National Steel Car for over 20 years. Greg Aziz has become known as a humble leader, who values every one of his employees at National Steel Car. James Aziz drives the company to success through trust and determination.


Upon graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Gregory James Aziz started working at his family’s wholesale food business. He eventually moved to New York and worked in investment banking for many years. Greg Aziz has driven National Steel Car to success and earned the company several TTX SECO awards over 13 consecutive years. National Steel Car is focused on developing top-quality products and prides itself on meeting deadlines. National Steel Car has become the only North American rail-car company to be ISO certified.

National Steel Car and Gregory James Aziz pride themselves on their philanthropy. The company believes in a better future through innovative solutions within the rail industry. National Steel Car has worked with the Hamilton community in Ontario and has participated in food drives and employed thousands of Hamilton residents. National Steel Car also sponsors several charities including the Hamilton Opera and the Theater Aquarius. Greg Aziz also sponsors the Salvation Army and United Way among others. While Greg Aziz is not working, he is spending quality time with his family in Canada.


National Steel Car has gained a reputation of being North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Through their innovative work, they continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of the customers and railroad industry. Greg Aziz has increased his staff from 500 to 3,000 and production capacity from 3,500 to 12,500 rail cars each year. Gregory James Aziz is a patron of the National Steel Car equestrian team and was a sponsor for the 2009 Anglestone Tournament. Greg Aziz is dedicated to making sure that his company delivers top quality products and services globally each and every year.

James Aziz arrived in America in the early 1980s and found work with several companies and was put in charge of planning and critical development for those companies. James Aziz turned his family’s business to a global business, providing services to Europe and the entire United States. James Aziz continues to grow National Steel Car and provided the tools to succeed as a company in the uncertain economy. See More Info Here.

Sujit Choudhry: An in depth look at Sujit Choudhry:

Sujit Choudhry is a highly respected Professor of Law at UC Berkeley School of Law. Prior to becoming the professor law at UC Berkeley, Sujit Choudhry served as Dean of Students for approximately two years. Choudhry is considered to be an expert within the field of Constitutional Law. Previously, Professor Choudhry was a Professor of Law at New York University School of Law.

Earlier in his career, Sujit Choudhry was also on staff at the University of Toronto School of Law. While on staff at University of Toronto, Professor Choudhry received the Trudeau Fellowship. Sujit Choudhry had a great deal of drive and ambition which was quite evident at the onset of his law career.

*Education Credentials:

Sujit Choudhry is a well educated man. He graduated from MC Gill University with a Science Degree. In addition, he also attended two very prestigious schools which include University of Oxford as well as Harvard Law School. Choudhry always took higher education very seriously.

Sujit Choudhry also was employed as a Law Clerk within the Supreme Court of Canada. This was basically an entry level position that helped Choudhry get some much needed experience within the area of law. The Law Clerk position gave Sujit Choudhry a strong foundation which led to his future success. Choudhry was also granted permission by Harvard University to become a visiting Researcher. He was granted full use of the Law Library to conduct his research projects.  Additional reading on

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Choudhry was previously a member of the Toronto Advisory Panel. This panel attempts to make changes within the Government system. In addition, he also held a position with the Board of Directors for the Ontario Legal Aid assistance program. The Legal Aid assistance program provides legal assistance at a reduced cost for those experiencing financial difficulty.   Related article on

Sujit Choudhry without a doubt is a success in every sense of the word. He is a modest man that has a great deal to offer. Professor Choudhry is highly respected within his profession as well as on a personal level.  Follow his tweets, visit his page.

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