Elysium Health Makes Strides in Cellular Health

Elysium Health was founded in by Leonard Guarente, Eric Marcotulli, and Dan Alminana in 2014. It is a private dietary supplement company, with the headquarters based in New York. The mission of the health firm is to conduct scientific research and translate it into revolutionary health products.

A New Discovery That Could Change Lives

Cellular health is the foundation of a longer and healthier life. Elysium Health partners with scientists from institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard Universities to conduct research on crucial topics, such as the ‘Golden Nucleotide.’ The golden nucleotide refers to the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Leonard Guarente discovered that sirtuins play a core role in longevity. He then realized that they require NAD+ molecule, which is present in every living cell.

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The researchers behind Elysium Health figured out the connection between NAD+ molecule, metabolism, and aging. The research was then translated into a product named Basis. Basis is a formulation consisting of two ingredients which maintain cellular health.

The level of NAD+ molecules is highest at a young age and declines as years go by. Fortunately, scientific study shows that the product sustainably increases the level of NAD+ at an average monthly rate of 40 percent. It is clinically validated and is intended for long term health. Consumers might not notice any improvement on the outer body although it’s working intensely inside.

Contents of Elysium’s Basis Dietary Supplement

One of the ingredients in Basis is Nicotinamide Riboside, which is a metabolism boosting NAD+ precursor. The second is a powerful polyphenol referred to as Pterostilbene. The Pterostilbene is biologically available since plants create it for protection against stress. Basis does not contain any artificial flavors or animal products.

Why Elysium’s Basis is Different

Basis was developed based on a research of more than 25 years. When you use it, your cell health is boosted, and by extension, the general well-being of your body. NAD+ is crucial in body functions such as energy production, the circadian rhythm, and cognitive function. As we age, and the level of NAD+ cells start reducing gradually, the NAD+ precursor in Basis guarantees increase and maintenance of their levels. Including Basis in your day to day routine will improve and maintain your health as years go by.

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Waiakea Water Adopts a Fully Degradable Bottle

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is looking forward to using a fully degradable and 100% recyclable bottle next year. As claimed by the brand, the company will be the first and only firm to use TimePlast: the only patented additive for plastic’s nano-degradation. TimePlast is believed to reduce plastics’ degradation lifespan from 1,500 to about 15 years.

Waiakea’s CEO and founder Ryan Emmons explained that the reason why the unique bottle wasn’t invented before is because over 70 years, researches focused on how to make plastics stronger and better. Additionally, companies focused on making bio-plastics using products such as corn and sugar cane which are not degradable.

As stated by Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s process of creating the bottle involved approaching the polymers differently. The normal plastic chemical bond is replaced with simple links weakening it. The polymers are converted into a carbon-based wax which is degradable. The process does not rely fully on nature to degrade the plastic as the TimePlast chemical is added to the plastic during the manufacturing process. This therefore speeds up the process.

TimePlast additive is a cost effective process to obtain the degradable bottle as the amount needed to make a thousands of bottles is negligible. Additionally, the bottles can be recycled together with regular PET bottles. The TimePlast is therefore a cost-effective technology having the potential to transform the CPG industry globally.

About Waiakea

Waiakea is an environmental mindful bottled water company established in 2012. This is after Emmons discovered that his family had access to the most natural, pure, healthy and sustainable source of water. The water has a unique mineral composition as it’s filtered through thousands of feet of porous lava rocks of the Mauna Loa Volcano.

As a way of giving back to the community, Waiakea has partnered with a charity program called Pump Aid to help supply water to those in need. Through this program, Waiakea has managed to donate 650 liters of clean water to people in Africa. More than 1.35 million people have also accessed safe and clean water through this program.

As a result of producing high quality water, great packaging, and observing sustainability, Waiakea water has received several awards including Best in Biz Awards, World Beverage Innovation Awards, Beverage World BevStar Awards among several others. Waiakea has also been featured by prominent editorials such as Forbes, Environmental Leader and Good Morning America.

The Notable Achievements of Fabletics Company in the Fashion Sector

Kate Hudson is an actress from America who has had several roles on different shows. These shows include Almost Famous, Raising Helen, The Skeleton Key, Deep Water Horizon and much more. She is also the initiator of a company known as the Fabletics. The shows she acted received favorable ratings from the viewers which helped her be nominated for the Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. The academy nomination helped Mrs. Kate Hudson to rise to fame and success. She received the recognition which also promoted her to play several roles in many various television dramas as well as movies. Following her victory, she secured the award for the Golden Globe and much more. She has also had a chance to work with top people in the entertainment industry.


The Fabletics Company which is initially owned by Ms. Kate Hudson, is among the top companies in America that deals with activewear, fashion, styling and much more. The company helps the women to live healthy and happy lives. This is because it produces clothes that help women when they are sweating be it at the studio, or their morning and evening runs, gym sessions and much more. These active wear are designer clothes which are also trendy and of high quality and more so women can’t help it but purchase them. Fabletics Company does not only deal with women wear but also accessories and footwear which help women to look good and be stylish while rocking their outfits. The Fabletics Company which is also referred to as the Athleisure has grown immensely and generated much profit. For instance, it has several stores located in different parts of America which have led to the increase in the number of customers and the general growth of the company.


The Fabletics Company headed by Kate Hudson, through the generated sales, makes a profit of more than two hundred and fifty million dollars. These gains have however prompted the Fabletics CEO to compete with Amazon which is the leading online retail shop that profoundly controls fashion. Mrs. Kate’s creativity and innovation are giving her a chance to compete with Amazon and many other fashion organizations. For Fabletics Company to compete with Amazon, there are different aspects put aside for healthy competition. For instance, the company not only focuses on the quality and quantity of the brands but also customer familiarity, the product recognition, high-class designs and much more. This has profoundly helped the Fabletics Company to grow and generate much money.

Louis Chenevert – How He Helped UTC Reach Great Heights

Having the right people as an investment and the right technology are two combinations of assets that can see a company progress well in the right direction. These are the driving principles of entrepreneur Louis Chenevert.  He rose to be an exceptional CEO, raising the companies he served to great heights. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. It was during his tenure as CEO in this Corporation that he put to use the above principles and left a legacy of achievements.

The principle of investing in the right personnel led to the launching of Employee Scholar Program which was meant at equipping the company’s employees with the necessary skills for better performance. The program catered for their higher learning fees in pursuing degrees in their field of choice. This saw the company is equipped with over 39,000 skilled personnel all who benefited from the launch of the program in 1996.

When it comes to caring for our surrounding, UTC remains committed to ensuring our environment is greener by coming up with designs that uphold this. Louis did not fail in this where he made a selling point for the items the corporation was manufacturing. They lowered emissions of greenhouse gases by about 26% among other things. All the company’s facilities had to adhere to same global standards.

While still as the head of UTC, he achieved one of his best accomplishments through pet project. This was an option for the Airbus made Pratt & Whitney as an influential group in making narrow-body jet engine. He oversaw the development of advanced materials which caused the engine burn hotter. This assisted the corporation in meeting their commitment to investing in top-quality innovation. This is what stills facilitates its development and creates job opportunities thereby boosting the Economy of United States.

Chenevert’s leadership skills have also been demonstrated in other areas where he has also served in various companies. Being trusted by several companies to hold top leadership positions shows that Louis possessed some attributes that facilitated their growth. His high-quality management skills can be attributed to her degree in production management which he obtained for the University of Montreal.

The OSI Group is a Leader in the Food Distribution Industry

The OSI Group (OSI) has become one of the leading food distribution companies in the world. Despite being a mover and shaker in the industry, the company is still driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that led Otto Kolschowsky to find a better way to market meat products years before. Employment opportunities found at OSI are just right for those who wish to make a difference in the workforce and the world. The management team recognizes the success of the future of OSI depends on their ability to always attract the best and brightest in the work place.

The employment climate at OSI is encouraging as each employee is seen as a significant part of the team and the team has to work together to always improve. The company offers each team member the support and encouragement to grow to their fullest potential. OSI is always willing to speak with anyone who has a passion for what they do no matter their level of experience. The goal is always to help team members develop their passion and help themselves, as well as the company succeed.

OSI is positioned to compete in a global market, thanks to dedicated company leadership and a strong focus. OSI has established a global network with offices and team members around the world. The strength of the company is they have the ability to provide specialized and personalized solutions rather than utilizing the “one size fits all” philosophy. The company is very sensitive to all cultures and the local’s tastes. The system in place allows all to work with efficiency and speed to provide timely solutions to problems and answers to questions and concerns.

The OSI Group is based in Illinois and provides food supplies to leading food service establishments and retail brands. They currently operate more than 50 facilities in more than 15 countries around the world. Despite tremendous growth in the past, OSI is still experiencing tremendous growth with the construction of several new facilities that will make OSI one of the largest producers of poultry in the country.

OSI is placing a special focus on China as it continues to be a very large consumer market and OSI wants to keep up with that economic growth and vibrancy. The growth worldwide is topping a 30 percent increase in team members. OSI also added a new state of the art plant in Illinois that is attached to a facility that is owned by a distribution service.

OSI Group’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/

Early Life of Anthony Petrello

When it comes to mentioning big names like Anthony Petrello is the American business world, he happens to have been a recognized figure. The great Anthony is recognized Philanthropist, Mathematician, Lawyer and a great businessman. He has been recognized for his success at the Nabors Industries. Such names when mentioned in front of various people seem not to be familiar but Tony Petrello happens to have made a lot of impact in the business World and is also representing a group of achievers who are never thanked for their efforts.

Anthony Petrello happened to have been among the top paid CEOs in the United States. He was able to earn $68.2 million as salaries because of his great commitment to the industry. He worked with the oil and gas drilling industry in the United States. His success and the benchmark he has set has been of great impact and has been able to impact many generations in the world. He is also known to be a very honest CEO who have been able to bring cohesion and teamwork at Nabors Industries and therefore making the company the leader in the market. His great conduct is known to have changed the lives of so many people in the United States of America and he has also been known for his passion in changing fellow beings towards becoming great people in the society.

Anthony Petrello’s Humble Beginnings

Anthony Petrello was born from a humble family who struggled to take their son to school. He even attended public schools and did not get the privilege to be taught by the World’s great tutors. He grew up in a city called Newark a happened to have been a very hard-working city and also the neighboring New- Jersey. He used to admire the working class people from New Jersey and he just learned the art of being honest while staying in Newark. Petrello happened to have been a very bright student despite attending a public school and was recognized in his hometown because of the great mathematical and algebraic skills that he possessed.

Anthony was later admitted at the University of Yale through a scholarship. He was awarded because of his great analytical skills and has worked tirelessly for success of his business. He pursued a bachelors degree in Mathematics and he was known to have been working with a great mathematical scholar, Serge Lang. He later pursued a master’s degree from the same University. He later pursued a bachelor in Law degree from the Harvard School of law.

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Josh Smith: The Modular Greenhouse Founder

According to a recent study, a greenhouse with a special pink glass is the way to go if you want to maximize the effect of solar power in your greenhouse. This is good news to greenhouse company owners such as Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada.

Scientists have been able to prove that the pink glass can be able to harness sufficient solar electricity to manage the temperatures inside the greenhouse to facilitate the growth of plants. The scientists, who performed the project, confirmed that the new technology helps to lower gas emissions inside greenhouses. However, the pink glass actually panels which have been embedded with luminescent dye which is magenta in color. These pink panels are known as Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems.

This new research was published in the American Geophysical Union Journal Earth’s Future. By the researchers who are from the Santa Cruz’s University of California. The technology has been tested on the growth of 20 varieties of plants and it has been proven that 20 percent of the plants grew more. If it is adopted, then the greenhouse food industry is likely to experience a boom in growth. However, researchers say that there is still a lot of work to be done before it can be adopted.

Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada, is the founder and CEO of Modular Greenhouses. Through his company, he hopes to change the world for the better by providing better and nutritious food.

Joshua Smith of Reno, Nevada believes that children shouldn’t have to grow on junk food but healthy meals. He has 15 years of experience in start-ups and he is making the effort of ensuring many companies come on board.

Smith is self-driven, focused and has a lot of zeal and these qualities have helped him propel Modular Greenhouses towards success. He has also been able to recruit a powerful team that will ensure they dominate the market by 2020.

Igor Cornelsen: Investing Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman. Additionally, he is one of the country’s top finance and investment experts. He was interviewed by ThePerfectReporter.com.

He spoke with them about several different topics. They spoke of his career, the country, its economy, and numerous investment opportunities. Cornelsen reportedly has seen Brazil grow into a country with a healthy economy.

Cornelsen thinks Brazil is on the cusp of major growth. In fact, he has said as much in numerous articles and guides he has written on the topic of investments. He is happy to provide people with advice on investing in Brazil’s economy.

Nearly 25 percent of Brazil’s adult population are designated as business people of some sort. This is why Igor Cornelsen thinks it’s very easy to find people who ar willing to engage in entrepreneurial ventures. For the most part, Brazilians are quite open to working with foreigners who wish to invest funds in their burgeoning businesses.

Cornelsen also believes that the experience and information Brazilian entrepreneurs have is more valuable than perusing any business guide authored by anyone who hasn’t even been to Brazil for years.

Those interested in investing in a Brazilian business should know Brazil’s stock market is somewhat more regulated than that of some other countries. Taxes can also be significantly high. Brazil also has regulations regarding hiring practices as well. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Despite the growth in Brazil’s economy, the government there continues to impose several different regulations said to be for the nation’s protection.

Cornelsen tells potential investors to first do their homework concerning all the applicable regulations. He also advises them to study all the restrictions on any and all foreign currency transactions before they actually make investments there.

Cornelsen also told the press that although a few barriers still exist for willing foreign investors, those barriers can be surpassed by any investor who is dedicated and resourceful enough.

He also thinks that if an investor can keep track of local business news, he/she will find success stories about other investors who were able to boost the economy and make a profit too.

Troy Mcquagge Recognizes His Staff As He Receives The Gold Award From One Planet.

One Planet Awards is a highly revered awarding platform that honors top businesses from around the world in its annual celebrations. The platform considers entry from a wide pool of participants from public or private arenas as well as small or big enterprises. The international awarding platform recently held an annual recognition ceremony to honor top participants in marketing, corporate communications, new products and PR.

The chief executive officer of US Health Group Troy McQuagge received the coveted Gold award recognizing him as the leading CEO of the year. Troy remarked that the award was an honor to his firm’s staff, which inputs extensive effort towards achieving its targets. He added that US Health Group has a long-term vision to avail affordable and quality services to its customers. US Health Group is a vigorous health provider stationed in Texas that integrates innovative solutions to ease healthcare provision and meet the ever-changing demands of clients.

Troy Mcquagge’s Career Journey

Troy McQuagge joined the firm in 2010 with the sole purpose of contributing immensely towards rebuilding its operations and leveling up the services rendered. He began by restructuring the distribution scheme and eventually earned an appointment as the president and chief executive officer. Four years after his recruitment into the firm, US Health displays unquestionable success, increased revenues and a highly spirited competitiveness.

When Troy McQuagge joined US Health Group, he noted a need for improvement of services available to candidates under the age of 65. He directly handled the sales of products and services such as health insurance to drive up the revenue by satisfying the firm’s wide variation of clients. Troy’s unprecedented success mostly stemmed from his 30-years experience of working in various sales positions.

Troy began his career in the insurance industry and gained invaluable skills and experiences. He joined Allstate Insurance in 1983 and left in 1995 to work for UICI/Health market. Troy is also a seasoned entrepreneur with investments in health care and other fields. The corporate executive received his tertiary education from the University of Central Florida, a campus in his hometown. Troy is a Panama City native currently residing in Coppell, Texas. He has an unwavering commitment towards improving healthcare by working closely with the staff to understand the needs of customers. Know more: https://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/Troy-McQuagge-is-Slated-to-Head-USHEALTH-Group-Inc-a-489547


How Richard Mishaan is Changing Interior Design Sector

Richard Mishaan is one of the professionals who have been excelling in the interior design industry. The world-class artist has a lot of expertise when it comes to designing modern and traditional homes, and this has made him one of the most sought after designers in the world. Currently, the respected businessman is based in New York City. However, he travels to different parts of the world so that he can showcase some of his favorite designs. Mishaan was born and also raised in Columbia, and he went to some of the best learning institutions in the world so that he could sharpen his skills. Since childhood, the businessman was very passionate about designs, and this is why he has been performing so well in the complicated department.

Mishaan is currently the president and owner of a company known as Richard Mishaan Design. The Richard Mishaan design company is based in the United States, and it offers its services to consumers in all parts of the world. The designs from the company are inspired and designed by Richard. However,Richard Mishaan design gets assistance from a team of employees who are employed in the business. The breathtaking designs from the businessman have been showcased in several international platforms in the past.

When Richard Mishaan was born in Columbia, his parents did not know that their son was going to be one of the most reputable interior designers in the world. When he was growing older, his passion was evident, and this is why he chose to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in the prestigious Columbia University School of Architecture where he graduated with first class honors.Later on, he went for higher education at the New York University so that he could sharpen his skills in interior designs.The skills he acquired while studying at these learning institution have been instrumental in his career life.

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