Eli Gershkovitch Explains Why Canadian Craft Beer Is One of the Rising Brands to Watch In 2017

It’s common knowledge that Canadians love beer irrespective of their location. As one of the most popular alcoholic drink, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that craft beer sales and consumption keep rising despite a steady drop in per capita growth.


In essence, breweries countrywide have been burning the midnight oil to produce thousands of barrels of refined beer to meet the ever-increasing demand. Initially, craft breweries unanimously adopted the title “microbreweries” but have eventually surpassed expectations to attain unprecedented success. For starters, Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery currently generates over $20 million in beer sales while Ontario Craft Brewers tops the industry by selling over 400,000 hecalitres of beer annually.

Types of Craft Beers on Offer


Red Racer Pale Ale


Brewed by Central City Brewing in the amazing city of Surrey, British Columbia, the widely popular ale incorporates extra bitter hops essential in preserving the beer’s freshness during transportation. The Red Racer Pale Ale recently gained prominence when Central City was awarded the “2012 Canadian Brewing Award” courtesy of its grapefruit and malt taste.


Glutenberg Belgian Double


Brewed in Montreal, Quebec under the insightful craftsmanship of Brasseurs Sans Gluten, the gluten-free beer gained popularity courtesy of its warm and spicy flavor arising from selected notes of clove and molasses.


Eli Gershkovitch in Brief


Eli Gershkovitch is widely considered to be a “jack-of-all-trades”. His impressive resume consists of professional practice as a lawyer, pilot and more notably, the CEO of Steamworks Brewery.


As the CEO of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch is credited with steering the company to unprecedented success since taking over the reins. For starters, he personally oversaw the development of the brewery into a 40,000-hectolitre money minting entity.


Eli Gershkovitch also ensured his boyhood dream of flying saw the light of day when he finally obtained his pilot’s license in 1993. However, his ultimate test came in 2009 when he made his maiden flight from Vancouver to Europe and back, a move widely considered to be bold by most pundits.


As a litigation expert, Eli Gershkovitch’s reputation remains unrivaled courtesy of his stellar legal representation skills. Based on the rising demand for legal representation, Eli Gershkovitch deemed it necessary to pursue the field while also venturing into the brewery business. Eli Gershkovitch is undeniably a rising entrepreneur to reckon with in Canada.

More about Eli Gershkovitch at https://www.wingsjournal.com/hes-pilot-lawyer-ceo-steamworks-brewery-eli-gershkovitch

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