MB2 Dental: The Medicine-Corporate Breakthrough

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was born in Ohio, but spent some time in the continents of Asia and South America. He even wound up graduating high school in Venezuela. After high school, Villanueva went to the University of Florida where he received his bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. After he completed his undergraduate schooling, he went on to Nova Southeastern University. At this University he received his DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine). Dr. Villanueva is a compassionate physician, and truly values his work. Villanueva is also married to a woman by the name of Carol. Much like Dr. Villanueva, Carol is also a physician and has her own practice in North Texas. Together, they have four children. Dr. Villanueva has accomplished a great deal since receiving his degree. For years he worked as an associate dentist, associate dentist trainer and mentor, a Dental Director, Practice Owner, and CEO of MB2 Dental. Villanueva’s reason for founding MB2 Dental was because he knew that once he got out of dental school he could either join a practice or start his own. With that, he decided to mix the two, and it led him to success.

MB2 Dental is a dental service institution founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva that provides offices space to practice their specialty. The purpose of this company is to form a connection between the practicing and industry sides of medicine. Prior to forming this corporation, Villanueva has had experience of both the medical and corporate sides of his profession. Another significant aspect about MB2 is that, unlike many other medical facilities, it is owned by a medical professional. A lot of the times business owners or CEO’s and medical professionals bump heads. Some may say this is due to the amount of passion held by medical professionals and corporate rules being enforced on business owners. There are many regulations when it comes to the medical field, but when you are actually a part of it, it gives you a different view on how you proceed. For example, if there is a patient who you believe deserves a certain procedure but due to a number of things, they can’t or won’t go forth with it, you want to do everything you can to be able to help them. When you are on the business side of these situations you mainly only focus on the legal things, not necessarily what is needed for the patient. This is not an intended opposition, but it does happen. With someone who understands the aspects to both sides, it will result in better patient care.

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Dallas Based Bank Takes The Spotlight

Banks in Dallas, Texas are known for making headlines in the financial industry. This is because many of the top banks in the country are located in this beautiful city. Recently, the CEO of Nexbank made headlines in an article that was published on PR Newswire’s website.

The article was a short write up about CEO John Holt’s recent participation in the annual bankers convention. Mr. Holt sat as a panelist in a discussion on ways to compete with other banks using technology and innovation. The conference was held on November 7, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The article also briefly mentioned a brief summary about NexBank.

Nexbank is a full service bank located in Dallas, Texas. It offers its clients a wide variety of various savings, mortgage, and commercial banking tools. Savings and checking accounts offer higher interest rates and lower fees than many other banks in the nation. The bank’s mortgage lending products are second to none. The website also has a very comprehensive section for individuals preparing to start on the mortgage lending journey. The bank offers mortgage customers loans for purchasing homes and refinancing them too. There are also several commercial banking options available for businesses and other financial institutions.

NexBank Capital, Inc. has been a prominent entity in Dallas, Texas for almost 100 years. The corporate office and main banking branch is located on McKinney Ave. There is also a Preston Center Branch, also located in Dallas. The College Savings Bank Branch of NexBank is located in Princeton, New Jersey.


Sheldon Lavin – Implementing Strategic Measures to Ensure OSI Industries’ Success

Many companies are operating actively in the meat processing industry, but one of the leading names in this sector is OSI Industries. The company has grown exponentially under the leadership of famous business leader, who is popularly called the tycoon in the meat processing industry, Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin managed to make Otto and Sons, a family-run meat processing firm into a multinational conglomerate that continues to grow and expand till date. OSI Industries today has 70 manufacturing and distribution units in 17 countries and employs 20,000 employees. Millions of other people are dependent on the supply and distribution chain of the company for their livelihood.

The company has grown exponentially over the years also because Sheldon Lavin was able to manage the business affairs smoothly and helped make some very strategic internal changes that maximized output, and minimized the costs. It assisted in increasing the profits, and the growth that the company witnessed also helped it attract many new clients in the industry. Some of the biggest fast food chains source most of their raw food and meat requirements from OSI Industries. It is also because Sheldon Lavin has implemented some stringent hygiene and quality standards in the company, which ensures that the end product that reaches the customers is nothing less than perfect.

Sheldon Lavin originally started his career in the finance sector, but due to the nature of his job, he came across many middle market companies in the area he operated. He was responsible for approving finance and loans for the companies, and it is how he first came in contact with the Otto and Sons, previous name of the OSI Industries. For more info about us: https://www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824 click here.

The family that ran Otto and Sons were looking for business finance that could help them diversify their product portfolio and invest in marketing, business growth, and expansion. In the next few years, Sheldon Lavin was closely involved with the company and the owners, which eventually landed him in the position of CEO and Chairman of the company. Today, OSI Industries is one of the largest enterprises in the meat processing industry and supplies its products worldwide.

Netpicks Can Help you Implement a Lock and Walk Strategy

The stock market is still doing well, but the unbridled bullishness of the last couple seems to be tempered by the recent tech stock sell-off. Summer months tend to be a bit lower in volume and therefore choppier in terms of trading environment, but the current squeamishness on the market may serve to magnify this seasonal effect. A choppy market can be profitable, but it doesn’t take a genius to use technical analysis to make market in these conditions. Actually, the basics are fairly simple and anyone can apply them.

One great strategy is called “Lock and Walk.” Lock and walk refers to an approach to trading that minimizes risk and simultaneously exploits market volatility. An easy way to apply this technique on Nasdaq is simply to watch support and resistance levels in the overall market and then trade QID (ProShares Ultra QQQ) and QLD (ProShares Ultra Short QQQ). When support breaks, sell QLD, but when resistance breaks, sell QID.

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For traders seeking strategies they can use right out of the box, one option is to use a trading education service, such as Netpicks. Founded in 1996, as day trading was just coming on the scene, Netpicks has two decades of experience providing signals and systems for stocks, futures, foreign currency markets, and ETFs.

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Many of NetPick’s training options include live support from professional instructors and coaches. Netpick’s instructors are professional traders with at least five years experience in trading, while coaches are former students who have successfully applied the company’s systems. Read more info on this related link.

One advantage of using Netpicks is that the company doesn’t simply teach one approach or system, but has a variety of products that target different markets and time frames, whether you are more interested in day trading or swing trading. Check and learn from this clips on vimeo.com.  Netpicks is based in Lakeway, Texas, in the Austin area. Related article on netpicksetfinvestor.com

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The Double Edged Sword of Freedom According to Netpicks

Many entrepreneurs and traders would agree that freedom can be a double edged sword. While the freedom of being able to choose hours and the type of work that is going to be done can be quite alluring, it can also work against someone in that it takes a lot of focus in order to get work done. One thing that happens with people who gain freedom for the first time is that they wind up spacing out. One thing that people need to go with their freedom is the ability to manage time and find ways to be productive. Check netpicksllc.com for more helpful tips.

Netpicks understands the importance of focus and the ease of drifting when it comes to trading and other forms of earning money outside of regular employment. There are just some days when one just can’t focus or get anything done. Then there comes a point when one finally gets some kind of focus going only for it to be destroyed by some kind of distraction. These are the common frustrations of the self employed. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome these with the right strategies and really make a successful career out of being self employed as a trader.   Learn from this important interview on interview.net.

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With enough focus and diligence, one is going to speed up the process of success as a trader or working any other job that requires one to discipline himself. With the right amount of diligence, one is going to be able to find a really good trading strategy that is going to bring him to a higher level of success as a businessman. This is something that he can learn from Netpicks which has information on all the strategies that can be used in making winning trades for different markets. One will learn how to take the freedom he has and use it to his advantage.  For added info, click dailyforex.com.

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How To Succeed At Racquetball Like Sawyer Howitt

UPDATED August 7th, 2017 – Sawyer Howitt was recently featured on Hi Tech Chronicle. Click here to read his latest article “Sawyer Howitt Explains How Young Entrepreneurs Can Succeed in the Workplace” and learn more about being a young entrepreneur in today’s business world.

Sawyer Howitt is a senior at Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon. He is a very dedicated racquetball player who has committed himself to doing his very best in this sport. There are a number of tips to achieve success in this sport much as Sawyer Howitt has done.

If someone wants to become a professional at anything, including racquetball, it is important to put in the time to thoroughly research the field. You need to make sure this is something you will be motivated to do and what your reason is for playing the game. If one is just playing to stay fit and have fun they will have a very different view of what motivates them vs. someone who seeks to make money playing the game. Once you’ve determined your motivation you can put a plan in place in order to achieve your goals. If you plan to play the game professionally, you will need to develop a daily training program that you will stick to in order to see a long-term improvement in your game.

To become a professional racquetball player, you will need to have a successful and knowledgeable coach to partner with. Coaches can be found at racquetball clubs, including the Portland Racquetball Club which Sawyer Howitt is a part of. It’s also important to do the right workouts as the workouts that are good for one type of sport are not recommended for other sports. A good coach can guide a player’s workout routines.

In addition to his passion for racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is also a budding entrepreneur who envisions founding his own companies one day, much like his parents have. His father, David Howitt, found Meriwether Group while both his parents had founded and then successfully sold Oregon Chai, a popular brand of tea that is now available nationally.

In order to get the education necessary for his dreams, Sawyer Howitt plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley, starting in the 2017 fall quarter. He plans to graduate in 2022 with a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance