Picture Perfect Photo

The company George Street Photography lives by one moto, “To Capture your personality, you love, on your perfect day.” They truly believe this. They are not like any other photography company. In fact, to call George street a “company” somewhat dilutes their passion and the close attention to detail they pour into every clients special photography day. George Street Photo and Video Locations are in over 40 cities, so one can be rest assure that a great photo expert is near by. One specific city George street loves to work in is Austin, Texas. This unique gem of a city is full of picture perfect backdrops for romantic poses or simple quick candid snaps. If your looking for a more “formal and elegant” wedding photography experience, another great city in the Lone Star state George Street shots in is Houston, Texas. The photos captured in this city are classic and classy! No matter what city you choose from over 40 locations, George Street Photography will not only capture the perfect moments from your special day, but inspire your for years to come.


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