A Hero of Transportation

Recently in Austin, Texas the Williamson County Growth Summit opted to spotlight solutions to transportation troubles directly affecting the infrastructure of the city’s suburban areas. The shift of focus from urban transit to issues facing outer, regional neighborhoods was a change of pace. The Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center hosted a panel featuring the likes of Leandre Johns, the director of Texas External Affairs, Joseph Kopser of RideScout LLC, the enigmatic product designer Jared Ficklin who represented ArgoDesign, and of course Mike Heiligenstein, the celebrated executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. While the bulk of the discussion revolved around the ways in which technology is affecting transportation as a whole, in their city, and around the globe, Mike Heiligenstein managed to directly address the need for Austin to further expand overall transportation capabilities due to currently outward expanding population moving into the suburban outskirts. Said increase of people thus demands that the city further develop roads and means of transportation for those residing in Williamson County and areas similar to it. To understand the importance of such panels and their effect on locals, one must educate themselves on all the good work being done by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and it’s leader, Mike Heiligenstein, who continues to look out for all people in an ever shifting landscape.


In 2002, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed as a government agency focused on the enhancement of local transportation infrastructure, concentrating largely on the suburban regions of Austin. Their focus revolves around crafting solutions for counties such as Travis and Williamson, which both have rapidly increasing populations in need of solid transportation systems. The Mobility Authority is composed of the aforementioned Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, his staff and occasionally additional contractors to develop transportation solutions. Their work affects a multitude of systems from airports to transit service. They deal with bike lanes and with traffic congestion. In short, the Mobility Authority stands to improve and maintain infrastructure all around the city.


Finally, one must recognizes the efforts and leadership of Mike Heiligenstein. His experience is unparalleled. He has been a Williamson County public official for twenty-three years. He oversaw the Mobility Authority’s first project and is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. He is constantly innovative and dedicated to improving regional transportation concerns, and has dedicated himself wholly to Austin.

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NCAA football better than NFL for sports bettors

Betting on sports can add even more excitement to the already exciting spectator sports. It can be a fun way to spend a weekend and can even give bettors a good chance to walk away with a little more money than they started. Most sports bettors do so in the spirit of fun and view it only as a form of entertainment.

But there is a small subset of bettors who take things a bit more seriously. These bettors are professionals. They don’t approach the game as a source of recreation. Instead, they treat each bet as a stock trader would treat an investment. They carefully analyze all known factors and build models which help them predict what teams will win and by how many points. And they never, ever place a bet unless they’re relatively certain that they stand to make money on it over the long run.

NFL is tough competition

Just as the NFL attracts the best football players in the world, it also attracts the best sports handicappers. This is because the volume of money bet on any given NFL game is many times that of other football leagues. In fact, the NFL routinely posts some of the largest betting figures of any sport there is, on a per-game basis. While these games can be extremely exciting to place wagers on, the combination of smart money and intense interest conspire to make NFL games one of the worst options for newer sports bettors to make money. The reason is simply that there are far fewer pricing errors in the lines. And errors in football odds are where sports bettors make their money. For more on NFL and NCAA football odds please visit covers.com.

On the contrary, NCAA football odds provide many rich opportunities for profit. This is because there are so many more teams and such lower levels of betting volume that the big-time sports handicappers prefer not to spend their time analyzing those games. This leads to many more numerous and more serious pricing errors. These provide the meat of any sports bettor’s diet of fat profits.

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Covers.com was founded in 1995 with the help of sports handicapping legend Teddy Covers. It’s dedicated to providing the sharpest insights and most thorough analysis of any sports site online. For more information about NCAA football and NFL odds, please visit covers.com.

Steering Your Company Into Success With Reputation Management

There is a reason that companies will hire a public relations specialist to handle the media and Internet affairs. Public relations is integral to the future of the company. A public scandal or indecent affairs by one of the CEOs can lead to bankruptcy. If an entrepreneur is in the public spotlight for something that she did, whether having an affair, taking the wrong stance on a controversial political issue or cheating on her diet, there could be a lot of consequences, including even the loss of her business. But there are few measures that she can take to help to establish her reputation before some future, unknown incident does. In this article, Forbes offers a few guidelines.

Become Known For Charitable Endeavors

People love the story of a hero. They want to hear about the person makes sacrifices for a cause that they believe in. Onlinereputationreviews.com  suggests to find something that you have always wanted to devote your time to and then do it. It does not have to be fake, as though you were putting a show for your audience. But find something that you really care about, is not controversial and can make an impact in the world. By doing that, you will [1] actually do some good and [2] begin to develop a positive reputation.

Google Yourself

This one can be a little scary. You never know what people on the Internet might be saying about you. But you will need to power through it. If there is something bad that is out there, you have to deal with it. If you do not, then that blogpost, comment or review could be detrimental to your reputation. It could define you. If it is a smear campaign initiated by a rival company, then you can take measures to either bury the story or have it removed (depending on whether it is actual libel against you). Googling yourself will provide insight into what people think of you. Include a few keywords such as “good”, “bad”, or “customer service.” When you see what people are saying about you, you will know what direction you need to go.



Brian Bonar Points Out Job Creation Good News If Companies Follow Through

Many economists are skeptical, but finance expert, Brian Bonar believes that the labor market may look healthy under the Trump administration. Unemployment claims remain low, and it looks like many companies plan on adding thousands of full-time jobs in the United States.

Donald Trump has been creating pressure on American companies, warning about impending penalties for companies moving jobs across our borders, and the threat appears to be working.

Tech company Amazon says it plans on creating an additional 100,000 full-time positions this year, and according to Forbes, Walmart announced they plan on adding 10,000 jobs to the American workforce. “If these large companies follow through with adding jobs the workforce could grow to over 200,000 by next year,” said Dalrada CEO Brian Bonar. Amazon has already increased a number of fulfillment centers in several states, however, many of those centers are being outfitted with robots.

“Companies are in a great position to reap the rewards of tax breaks, yet this could become a downfall if not careful, as what just happened to Warren Buffet’s company in Attleboro,” Bonar points out. Bonar is speaking of the Biz Journal story about the Buffet-owned Richline Group that must repay to the state $400,000 in economic tax breaks because they didn’t hire the number of employees they initially promised. Many states will award significant tax breaks because a company will pledge to hire and retain a specific number of jobs.

However, if the company fails to meet those numbers, they must repay the tax incentives. Historically, states give companies a bit of leeway and resist asking for tax repayments, however, under the Trump administration, it seems like a likely scenario. Thus, companies touting job creation plans should follow through.

For more than decade, Brian has championed business process outsourcing to his clients, and his finance and business expertise has motivated business owners to embrace the benefits. He’s been a strategic risk-taker with industry knowledge and is recognized for his talent.

Bonar hold a Master’s Degree from Stafford University and Bachelor’s from James Watt Technical College, and has 30+ combined years of experience in the finance and business industry. Embracing values of integrity and leadership, and growing valued business partnerships, Bonar was honored with the Executive of the Year award in Finance from Cambridge Who’s Who.

As a standout leader and businessman, Brian Bonar has a reputation for being a revenue-generating guru, with vision and this translates into programs that grow, sustain, and motivate.

Scottsdale Technologist Jason Hope Continues To Impact Change Through His Company

Jason Hope is a technologist and futurist whose projects and aspirations have helped several young entrepreneurs to overcome the many challenges that bar progress among upcoming investors. He has been building projects that are geared towards enhancing the growth of better structures and methods of resolving problems. Jason Hope is located in Scottsdale and has a company that offers young entrepreneurs a chance to present their projects for possible funding and support from investors who have been in the industry for many years.

Apart from being a prolific technologist and a professional who has helped to build structures for different companies, he is a philanthropist and a person who has maintained the need to work with different individuals and organizations to support programs in SENS Foundation that are meant to offer services and support to those in need and marginalized regions. As a result, Jason Hope is a member to several philanthropic foundations and his contributions have been tied to making the world a better place by helping the needy to access vital amenities and services that can make their lives better.

Without technology, the world would be a dull place and probably the many strides humans have made would be nowhere to be seen and appreciated. Jason Hope believes in the growth and development of technological systems that are made to offer humans better ways of resolving problems and dealing with challenges.

One of the ways he encourages this is by supporting young and talented entrepreneurs who come up with creative projects that are designed to offer better services and ways of dealing with challenges and problems. Jason Hope is also one creative professional and an individual who has been building new systems that can help the world to advance its technological landscape, hence the reason he regards himself a futurist.

Most importantly, his spirit for entrepreneurship has remained unshaken all through. Jason Hope is the brain behind several successful web and mobile applications and through his career he has narrowed down to offering clients a better and cheaper method of dealing with the different challenges they encounter during every day activities.

See: http://inspirery.com/jason-hope/

Brazilian CEO, Flavio Maluf References Country’s Slow Moving Construction Industry

Brazilian-based entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf says the Brazilian market for construction is suffering an unprecedented crisis, and recovery is predicted to be slow. According to a survey, the construction sector’s profitability fell from 11.2 percent in 2014 to 2.3 percent in 2015. Only three of the 23 construction companies ranked among the 500 largest in the country managed to grow in the last year. Profitability of the industry has never been so low.

The biggest problem with the construction industry is the companies’ excess inventory. There is approximately two years worth of sales currently ready or under construction. Last year, the principal mission of construction companies was to accumulate cash as quickly as possible to pay off debts and begin getting rid of the overflowing inventory. For this to occur quickly, they started giving discounts of up to 50% on the price of real estate. “Currently, there is excess supply and total lack of demand,” says Maluf. The speed with which the construction industry will emerge from the crisis depends on the mood of the economy.

The construction market, of course, is not the only one that suffers from the country’s economic downturn. Other sectors, such as the auto industry, had it worse, with a 15% decrease in sales. Manufacturers of consumer electronics also shrank by 9%. They all suffer from a nefarious combination of dangerously high inflation, rising unemployment, rising interest rates, and tight credit. According to IBGE, about 11.4 million Brazilians are unemployed, and high inflation combined with rising interest rates make consumers pinch those pennies.

The increase in unemployment means that less is sold to consumers, the industry reduces productivity and tax collection decreases. This loss accounts to the country losing about $12 billion Brazilian Real per month. Yet, with government reforms, President Michel Temer is trying to send a strong signal of political commitment.

Since 1951 Eucatex has been dedicated to producing eco-friendly sustainable products. Flavio Maluf, President and CEO has been a staunch supporter of environmentally friendly and responsible products that also go hand-in-hand with his ecological beliefs. After attending New York University, Maluf returned to Brazil to join the family business. He started in the trade before transferring to the industrial division. Flavio was voted to his current President position in 1997 where his initiatives for the company has led to successful growth and profit.

Flavio Muluf’s career includes a proven track record of success and he advocates for continuous improvement.

Morning Makeup Routine For Traveling


Wengie teaches us how to maintain a morning makeup routine while traveling. Begin by investing in a makeup travel bag that compartmentalizes your makeup and skincare products.

Wengie always travels with moisturizing masks because the air conditioning in planes and hotels dry out her skin. By applying the mask at night, she saves time and gets to enjoy a little pampering! Follow the mask with a light face massage to remove toxins.

In the morning, she wipes down her face with toner pads. She follows with SK-2 essence and a moisturizing cream for dry skin. Skip this step if your skin is oily. Apply a light textured sunscreen that you can wear underneath your makeup. As advised by Wengie, this step is a must in your skincare routine!

Begin applying makeup to the face by tapping in foundation with a cushion pad. Start from the interior of the face, tapping outward to the edges. Lighten the application as you apply the product. Next, apply a shine free blurring powder to the t-zone to avoid looking greasy later in the day.

Moving on to the eyes, fill in the brows with a color pencil and add a light coat of brow mascara. Using the Balm travel pallet, you can carry your lipgloss, blush, and eye color in one light cardboard pallet. Wengie rubs in her eye color with her finger, avoiding the need to pack brushes. Using a pen liner gives you control and doesn’t make a mess when it rubs away. An added tip is to get lash extensions before your trip to avoid needing to pack mascara.

Next, Wengie applies a lavender blush and flirty peach lip gloss. Peach is a natural color that is easy to maintain throughout the day. Amazingly, Wengie’s travel routine only takes her fifteen minutes in the morning and that is all it has to take you! So get some extra sleep or enjoy more of your time on new adventures!

Discover The Benefits Of Beautifully Transformed Hair

Nourish your hair with a beauty product that is guaranteed to enrich your hair from root to tip. Styling products don’t have to cost a fortune and managing your hair doesn’t have to be hard with the benefits of WEN by Chaz. They infuse your hair with all natural ingredients that don’t contain any harsh byproducts. Their hypoallergenic and cruelty-free products are chosen 10 to 1, over other big name competitors. They have created a one of a kind hair care revolution that is meant to work for all hair care types. Wen by Chaz has been committed to hair for over 10+ years.

The Benefits Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is packed with vitamin C and E, along with eleven essential amino acids. They work hard to infuse your hair throughout every strand. In fact, their goal is to remove the excess dirt and oil that enables your hair from breathing and growing properly. Your restored hair remains active in each product priced at under $40 for each bottle. Their popular cleansing conditioner works directly towards hydrating and removing dirt. Give your hair more bounce, shine, and resilience.

Wen By Chaz Products

– 5 day hair care treatment

– Styling products

– Styling creme

– Mousse

– Aromatherapy

and much more…

Rebuilding your hair is easy with Wen by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) giving you beautifully transformed locks with your first use. Pamper your hair with optimum fragrances that include sweet almond, winter cranberry, and Mendarin Italian fig. It neutralizes your hair from root to tip and gives you soft shiny hair. Wen by Chaz makes it easy to order their products online via the Wen.com website and get the transformed hair that gives them the confidence of a full mane. For more information, please go to the Wen Facebook page.


Helane Morrison And Being An Achiever

When it comes to careers, one must do more than her job in order to rise up the ladder. She has to go way beyond her duties and even take initiative. It is not the hardest working person that gets the promotion. It is the one that is more passionate about what she is doing. When the one takes initiative to solve some issues, then she is going to be recognized for her work and then promoted to the next level. This is something that Helane Morrison has managed. She has made a huge impact in her field as a compliance officer.


One thing that has taken Helane very far as a compliance officer is that she has a passion for making sure that people are getting the justice they need so that they can feel better about their lives. One thing that she has seen is that corporations and financial institutions have become aware of their power and have sought to abuse it in any way they can. As a result, the clients are left walking way being cheated. This is one thing that has frustrated Helane Morrison. Fortunately, she has not tolerated any of that. She has actually taken the time to do something about it.


Helane Morrison has earned her leadership position when working in SEC. She has climbed quickly up the ladder and has led people on plenty of cases. She has also took the lead when a lot of corporations were revealed to be involved in shady business practices. Compliance officers didn’t know where to start. However, Helane Morrison has decided to start somewhere. Her confidence and boldness has not only helped to put the industry back into more ethical forms, but has also gained her recognition as someone who is reliable when it comes to ethics and enforcement.


Scholar and Law Genius Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law currently teaching at Berkeley Law, University of California. He is renowned and recognized around the world for his knowledge and expertise in comparative constitutional law. Comparative law is the study of differences and similarities of laws between different countries. It is conducted to gain a deeper understanding of legal systems, to perfect the legal systems already there and to unify the legal systems from various countries. His knowledge and experience paved the way for him to advise countries such as Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine on their constitutional building processes. He is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has been a consulting for the World Bank Institute at the World Bank.

Mr. Choudhry started out his higher education at the McGill University and got a Bachelor of Science (1988–1992). Then, he proceeded to the University of Oxford (1992–1994) to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Law. In 1994 -1996, he was at the University of Toronto taking a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). He then completed his Masters (LL.M.) at the Harvard Law School from 1997 to 1998.

His vast experience in the field of comparative constitutional law is what has made Sujit Choudhry an authority in the field. The following includes some of his work.

Supreme Court of Canada as law clerk (1996-1997)

University of California, Berkeley – School of Law as Dean and I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law – July 2014-present

Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at the School of Law, New York University 2011-2014

Scholl Chair Faculty of Law, University of Toronto 2006-2011

University of Toronto Faculty of Law as a tenured associate professor of law 2004-2010

Global visiting professor of Law at School of Law, New York University September 2008- December 2008

Assistant Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto 1999-2005

Dean Choudhry is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is the world’s university-based center that breeds and rallies information in support of constitution building.

He has published over seventy articles, book chapters, working papers and reports, some of which are available on Amazon for purchase.