Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Healthy hair is not something that everyone is born with, but with the right products it is something that most people can have.

Healthy hair does indeed shine with or without the use of product on it. The shaft, or length of the hair will be smooth and soft to the touch. A brush test can help to determine the strength of the hair shaft. If the hair bounces back without breaking it is considered healthy. If the hair breaks it is unhealthy as hair is meant to be elastic. The loss of some hair is natural as people shed old hair to make way for new just like the skin does. If the hair comes out in massive amounts that is not normal and speaking to a family doctor may be needed. Vitamin deficiency is one of the largest culprits of early hair loss.

Oil in the hair may create a love/hate relationship to begin. Too much oil can cause problems from dull, lifeless hair to clogged pores on the scalp. Clogged pores lead to the hair not growing in that spot. As a person ages the skin even on the scalp can dry out quickly and this is when that natural oil will be beneficial. The best way to manage oily hair is in moderation so that some of the oil remains.

Chaz Dean, a leading Hollywood hairstylist, has created Wen hair by Chaz to help people obtain the healthy, beautiful hair that they desire. Most of these products contain a combination of herbs that work together to provide strength and shine.

When it comes to helping hair retain moisture Wen hair by Chaz has a product ( that is said to accomplish just that. Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is unlike any at home hot oil treatment on the market at this time. This product works as a leave in conditioner that works like a facial mask, but for the hair. It is filled with the herbal combinations that Wen products are known for to help give hair a strength boost as well as a gorgeous shine.

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