ClassDojo is In-Session at Stanford University

Are two fury monsters on YouTube the key to unlocking your child’s full potential at school using the “growth mindset”? According to ClassDojo and Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) that may be so.
Most of us accept the belief that if you just put in some hard work you get the result you are seeking. Not the “growth mindset”. It is an old concept creating new waves lately. Strategic planning and thought processes are at the forefront of the “growth mindset” theory. In other words, stop jamming the square peg in the round hole and find a better way.
ClassDojo is a San Francisco based company that offers an innovative app empowering teachers, parents, and students with the ability to get more involved. They also support the “growth mind” theory. Through their app teachers create a digital interactive classroom that both the parents and students take an active role in. Features like text and picture messaging, student report cards, event invitations make it easy to respond in real-time. Furthermore, ClassDojo’s app is compatible across a variety of devices including smart phones and tablets. This creation makes a positive impact by cultivating an engaging community for the parents, teachers, and students to collaborate.
How is an app like this useful to the members of PERTS? PERTS now has a massive test group to conduct their research thanks to their partnership ClassDuo. They also have material that easily distributed to large groups of people. Their collaboration gave birth of Mojo and Katie. Two cartoon monsters starring in a five-part series delivering the message of the “growth mind”. The goal is to study how effective these videos are at keeping students engaged in activities associated with the “growth mind” theory.
Class Dojo also implemented some more of their crafty innovations with these educational videos. They are now exploring their platform as a content distribution channel for the first time. Much like dipping our toes in a pool, this is their way of testing the waters of a new market with minimal risk.
The passion for improving the overall education experience by spreading the word of the “growth mindset” brought ClassDuo and PERTS together. The results of their research starring two cartoon monsters, Mojo and Katie, and handful of YouTube videos may lead to a ground-up change in the way we approach educating our youth.


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