Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch advise Colleges to Uphold Principles of Free Speech

It is like a ritual for the speakers to advise the graduating class during the season of college commencement. Two men, who disagree on almost every issue penned down their word of advice on the Wall Street Journal. In the op-ed, both Michael Bloomberg, who is the City Mayor and Charles Koch, the top Republican financier called on all the colleges across the United States to respect the speech principles.

The two men advised colleges to uphold the principles of free speech. Some ideas that are considered controversial play an integral role in the improvement of college education and bettering the life of human beings. They noted that most colleges across America did not approve invitations from controversial speakers. They have sanctioned all the activities that are likely to trigger freethinking within the colleges. These sanctions are creating a climate that hinders true learning, openness, and debate.

The colleges have developed a habit of shielding students from ideas considered controversial or could cause discomfort within the school. Intolerance to controversial ideas threatens higher education’s future, which in turn hinders the efforts of establishing a democratic society.
Details on Charles Koch

Koch is an established businessperson, an active philanthropist, and well-known political donor. He serves as the CEO and Chairman of Koch Industries’ Board. Since assuming leadership in 1967, Koch has transformed Koch Industries into a powerful business empire employing over 100,000 people across the globe, with approximately 60,000 workers based in the United States. The company has an incredible global presence in approximately 60 countries.

Koch was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a general engineering degree in 1957. Later on, Koch graduated with Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He further earned Master of Science in chemical engineering back in 1960. Immediately after completing his college studies, Koch began working at Arthur D. Little, Inc. He relocated to Wichita and started working at Rock Island Oil & Refining Company (his Father’s Business) in 1961. He became the company’s president in 1967 and proceeded to rename it Koch Industry.

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